5 Truths of Dental Implant (Dentists Will Never Tell You)

truth of dental implant

If your teeth lost, you have to go to the hospital soon. Sometimes, your dentist will suggest you doing dental implants if it is necessary. What’s more, I believe you have seen many advertisements for dental implants in shopping malls, elevators, and bus stops, even on your mobile when you are browsing TV or news.

Are dental implants really that good?

Today, I will give you the “inside story” about the truth of dental implants. By the way, we need to know what’s the dental implant firstly.

What’s the Dental Implant?

A dental implant is to implant artificial roots of a tooth into the gums of the missing teeth. When the root of the tooth and the gum combined tightly, the dentist will add a realistic porcelain tooth to the root of the tooth. In this way, the implanted artificial teeth are strong and beautiful, and durable. Implanted teeth can be regarded as the third teeth for humans.

What is the dental implant

Before we add the dental implant, what should we know?

What’s the Truth of Dental Implant

Truth 1: Dental implants ≠ natural teeth

The dental implant is the closest way to the restoration of natural teeth. It is not an exaggeration. But dental implants are not natural teeth.


I think you do not need to ask why. One natural tooth, one artificial tooth.

The biggest difference between dental implants and natural teeth is the periodontal ligament.

There is a layer of the periodontal ligament with 0.15-0.38mm thickness around the natural tooth. It connects the tooth root and the alveolar bone that is able to fix the root of the tooth and relieve the pressure generated during chewing.

Dental implants ≠ natural teeth

However, the dental implants are indirectly contacting with the alveolar bone, and there is no periodontal ligament around it, which does not relieve the pressure generated during chewing.

So take care of your teeth. After all, a dental implant does not have some function of the natural teeth.

Truth 2: After dental implants, you also should notice.

Many people think that after the dental implants, you can eat whatever you want. Is it really?

You wake up!

Dental implants are indeed very strong, and the strength of the titanium alloy at the root of the tooth can reach 800-900Mpa. Even a crown made of glass-ceramic with lower strength can reach the strength of more than 300Mpa. As the hardest substance in the human body, tooth enamel has a strength of about 300Mpa.


However, there is another weakness of dental implants: you cannot feel pain.

So you’d better not eat too hard food, or engage in the act of breaking your teeth. There is no pain of dental implants to warning you that are not good. What’s more, those kinds of actions will make your dental implant teeth do not work early. Here are about how long do teeth implant last information for you notice.

What you should notice after dental implant


Truth 3: There may be some “accidents” after implanting teeth

This “accident” is stuffy teeth.

In fact, stuffing your teeth is not a big deal, after all, your own teeth will get stuffed, so dental implant teeth as. As long as you maintain good oral cleaning habits, use dental floss or a dental flusher to clean the gaps between your teeth after a meal, and you won’t get any more stuffy teeth.

Dental implant stuffer

Truth 4: Dental implants will not be decayed, but you still need to brush your teeth.

Although dental implants will not suffer from caries like natural teeth, it does not mean that you do not need to do a good job of cleaning.

If you do not pay attention to oral hygiene, you may get peri-implantitis, similar to periodontitis). It accelerates the absorption of bone around the implant and finally causes the implant to loosen and fall off.

So according to my own experience, don’t think that you can be lazy after you do dental implants. Brush your teeth well and maintain oral hygiene is king.

Brush Dental Implant

Truth 5: Go to check your dental implant teeth regularly

After the dental implant teeth are installed, you need to check it three times in the first year, that is, the first, fourth, and tenth month after installation. You need to go to the doctor to check it and make adjustments if necessary. Check once a year from now on.

If you did the first two very well, the cost of each inspection and maintenance is very low, almost negligible. Besides, you can check your other teeth regularly, and treat problems early, so why not do it?

Dental implant check

Here is a Story about Dental Implant

The world record for the service life of dental implants is still held by Sven Johansson from Sweden. He is 92 years old this year and received a full-mouth dental implant at the age of 42. The dental implants in his mouth have been used for nearly 50 years. An extremely important reason is that he did not bite hard objects, and followed the doctor’s instructions for regular review, and never missed any follow-up.


A dental implant is a good way to make up your lost teeth. According to our 5 truth of dental implant, after wearing the teeth, it is not completely over. A regular review is needed! Also, you need to do routine maintenance (carefully brushing teeth, using a flusher, regular teeth cleaning, etc.).

Only by doing a good job of daily maintenance, can the dental implant be used for a long time.

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