Shark vs. Dyson: Which Brand’ s Vacuum is Best 2019

Shark vs. Dyson

You may call me a vacuum addict but I am a staunch believer in an easy life. If the vacuum makes cleaning easier, why not use them? So for over twelve years, I have used various vacuum types and models from upright to canister to handheld to robotic vacuum, and they’ve all been wonderful with some differences in their operations here and there. If like me, you believe in excellent cleaning outcome with relatively little stress and you would like to know which brand vacuum is best for you, you’re welcome to this review.

The vacuum is wonderful! The question is, which ones? There are tons of vacuum types out there in the market, available in diverse shapes, colors, operations, and for specific uses. I understand how confusing it could be for you to select a brand and a specific model because I’ve been there before. Today, I will tell you about two of the best brands that I’ve come across so far: Shark vs. Dyson, and afterward review the specific models that I believe will do your cleaning just as effectively as they did mine — or even better!

Shark vs. Dyson

Although Dyson and Shark share a lot in common, Dyson offers greater suction power and run time while Shark products are relatively more lightweight and cheaper. More so, Dyson Animal models are more effective for pet hairs. However, one particular thing that endears me to these two vacuum brands is that they never rest on their laurels. From time to time, they churn out newer improved models that beat the previous ones. From my hands-on experience with these and comparing them, I have selected my top three Shark  (Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away, Shark Rotator NV752, and the Shark Rocket Ultralight) and my top three Dyson  (Dyson V7, Dyson V10 and the Dyson Ball Animal 2). I believe that irrespective of your kind of cleaning (dry or wet) or your cleaning surfaces (thick carpet, hardwood, tiles, vinyl or rugs) after I tell you how each of these wonderful work, you will find the one(s) that work(s) well for you. So, grab a bottle of chilled drink and let’s get down to business: Shark Vs. Dyson!

Shark Vs. Dyson: Outstanding Products Specification Table


Shark Vs. Dyson: Outstanding Products Comparison and Verdict


Nobody wants to get sprained wrists for dragging a heavy vacuum about. While Dyson full-size Vacuum weighs 17.35 pounds, the Shark counterpart weighs only 15pounds. Even the cordless Dyson products weigh close to 6pounds, and that’s pretty much for a small-size vacuum.



As far as a safe air cleansing is concerned, I give it to Shark because they come with a sealed technology and HEPA filter together.



Have you ever tried using the Dyson Ball Animal 2 at night? Oh mine! You would literally be waking up the whole apartment! It produces noise as much as 79.1dB but on the other hand, most Shark has a quieter system that suppresses the noise a bit.


Shark vacuums


Now here is another important area where the Shark products beat Dyson. Shark have tanks as large as almost 1 liter while the highest you can get from Dyson is 0.7. Nobody wants to keep emptying the tank repeatedly while cleaning. That’s exactly why I don’t use Dyson products for extensive cleanup.



Again, Shark takes the lead for impressive warranty of about 5 to 7 years even though it is limited. For Dyson, you don’t get more than 2 to 5.



Dyson products are generally more expensive than their Shark counterparts even though they come with a little more extra components. If you want to save cost, Shark is your choice.


Shark vacuum working

Suction Power

Talk of strong suction power, I’ll give it to the Dyson Products. No full-size Shark Vacuum cleaner reaches 306 AW. Although the V7 and V10 are stick , they give enough suction as high as over 100AW, quite better than some Shark light products.



For this very feature, I’d rather say it depends on the mode. When I use the Shark products in its Max suction mode, I don’t get more than 7 to 12 minutes. But for the Dyson products, you can get as high as 20 to 30 minutes in the suction level 1.


Dyson vacuum


This feature actually depends on what you want. For me, I prefer the cordless  a lot, and Dyson gives me that. It is really annoying to have the cord tangling around my feet. On the other hand, ‘cordless’ means you have to wait for the vacuum while it charges before you resume cleaning. It all depends on your choice.



For pet hairs and very tiny fibers, the Dyson suction does a really efficient job with the pet motorized tool. So if you’re a keeper of pets, the Dyson products are your best choice.


dyson handle pet hair

Shark Outstanding Vacuum Review

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

At first, I thought this vacuum would be difficult to assemble because of its design but I was wrong. It turned out to be easier than I expected. Plus, it was the first vacuum with a  lift-away mechanism that I used and for about eight weeks, I literally forgot that I had other because it did the job very effectively with fewer hiccups.

Key Features

Lift-away Mechanism

With its lift-away design, this Shark Vacuum allows you to use it with a roller caddy. This means you don’t have to bear the weight of the vacuum as it easily rolls over your floor just with a light push or pulls especially for prolonged cleaning. Also, you can use it for corners where the caddy cannot reach.

Impressive LED Lights

You need to have witnessed the smiles on my face when I saw the bright lights on the brush bar! It was wow! Why does this matter? You can clean the dark corners of your apartment or even use at night in case of a blackout.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

HEPA system plus a complete Seal Technology

From my experience with previous, I’ve learned that a HEPA filter isn’t enough to keep allergens away because most already let out the air even before it is purified, but with the Seal Technology on my Shark Pro Lift-away, the air is trapped in and completely purified before it is released.

Extra Cleaning Accessories

This vacuum comes with several cleaning tools for different purposes. A wide brush bar, 12″ crevice tool, pet brushes, a pet tool. upholstery tool, a canister caddy, etc.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

  • Its canister caddy makes it convenient to use
  • A good suction power at 270AW gives you about 16 to 20 minutes runtime.
  • Very impressive performance on pet hairs
  • With an XL dirt cup, you don’t have to frequently pause cleaning to empty it.
  • Perfect for all surface types
  • Might be difficult to assemble if it’s your first use.
  • The wand is rather too short.

Shark Rotator NV 752

Shark Rotator NV 752

You want convenience and efficiency? This is your vacuum! The ease at which this lift-away vacuum works is what makes me love it. Besides the fact that you can choose to use the caddy or carry it yourself, the NV 752 gives you three suction levels that you control with a single button. This means you can adjust the suction power from low to max depending on your floor surface.

Key Features

Triple Filter System

With the three filter system comprising Felt, Foam, and HEPA, dust and allergens have no chance when you clean.

Suction Regulation

I have experienced with too powerful suction that picks up your carpets and small mats,  and that could be so annoying. With the NV752, you can regulate the suction. So smart! In fact, the control is located right at the top of the wand where your fingertip can reach so that you easily switch suction modes when you move from hard to soft surfaces.

Shark Rotator NV 752

Swivel Steering plus LED lights

The swivel steering between the brush bar and the wand can turn 180° to make your cleaning fast. More so, it comes with beaming lights that make sure that you never miss the tiniest of dirt!

Suction Power

The NV752 has an improved suction power of 280AW and 1200amp motor which provides enough pressure to run for about 9 minutes if maintained at Max suction mode and about 20 minutes if in the Low mode.

Shark Rotator NV 752

  • Its suction button located close to your finger helps you control the suction level.
  • With a 30-ft power cord, the NV752 can reach virtually anywhere!
  • Its HEPA filter makes it suitable for individuals with breathing difficulties.
  • With an indicator light, you know when your vacuum is safe to use or in need of a recharge.
  • Its wide nozzle helps you to do a lot of cleaning at a glide.
  • At 15.5 pounds, the NV752 could cause you wrist strain as a result of dragging it around.
  • It fails to pick large debris especially when used from the back, which means you have to rerun the same spot repeatedly.
  • Too noisy at 78.6dB.

Shark Rocket Ultralight

Shark Rocket Ultralight

I’ve got a small funny confession here. After unpacking this vacuum, my first impression was, “This vacuum isn’t complete! Where is the motor?” but I was later to find out that with its 500W battery and 4.2 amps, its cleaning ability is topnotch running for over ten minutes. It is a simple lightweight handheld vacuum that can be used for floor-to-ceiling vacuuming with its 25ft cord.

Key Features

Designed to be handheld

True to its description, this vacuum is extremely lightweight at 7.6 pounds and can be operated with just one hand! It doesn’t come with all the hassles of a canister, a big dust tank, etc.

Three suction levels

Small as it looks, you’ll be amazed at the ability of this vacuum to shift suction without losing pressure from surface to surface to give you efficient cleaning.

Shark Rocket Ultralight


All there is to the physical outlook of this vacuum comprises just the motor unit, the brush bar, the a long wand, a 180° swivel handle, the dirt tank and filter unit which make it compact and easy to use. Highly recommendable for quick cleanups.

  • One of the cheapest Shark out there.
  • Easy to operate for all classes of people including students.
  • Easy to store
  • Very lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • The dirt cup is too small, and I personally don’t like that because I do a lot cleaning
  • The dirt tank is not detachable. To empty, you have to go with the entire vacuum! That’s not so cool.
  • Not suitable for hard surfaces

Shark Rocket Ultralight

Dyson Outstanding Vacuums Review

Dyson V7

Dyson V7

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum, and you don’t have anyone with a breathing difficulty around, this could be your vacuum of choice. It is cordless and operates solely on a rechargeable battey that lasts about six minutes at the Max mode.

Key Features

Double Suction Mode

The Dyson V7 animal is impressive for its double suction. It is rare to get a stick vacuum with such a fabulous feature. With the low mode meant for soft surfaces and the Max mode for hard surfaces such as thick carpets and hardwood, the V7 gives you all round cleaning.

  • Lightweight at only 5.28 pounds
  • Simple to assemble
  • Cordless, so the cord doesn’t come in your way while cleaning
  • Lasts as long as 20 to 30 minutes on the low suction mode
  • Easy to maneuver around tight spaces
  • Not suitable for prolonged cleaning. Only quick cleanups.
  • Absence of a HEPA filter makes it impossible to keep down dust and allergens.

Dyson V10

Dyson V10

I was impressed by the quick smart performance of the V7 animal and the subsequent models after it, but when I first used the V10 absolute I was like “Aha! Here is the real deal!”. It is specially built with a cyclone technology that spins very quickly to give you a powerful suction.

Key Features

Doubles as a handheld vacuum

Here is one feature we must admit that all Dyson V products have. The V10 can as well be used as a normal stick vacuum and as a handheld vacuum. All you have to do is detach the wand and attach a brush head. Voila! You’re good to clean.

Dyson V10

Triple Suction Modes

An added feature here is that this smart vacuum allows you to switch modes from low to normal to Max depending on your cleaning surface at a particular time.

Special Control Trigger

To an extent, I find this feature appealing. Even though the vacuum is on, it doesn’t consume power until you’re ready to clean. This means you have to press down the trigger all through the cleaning.

Smart docking system

You don’t have to charge the V10 absolute before storing. The same dock system doubles as the storage point and is attached to a wall. This means storing the V10 practically takes up no space.

  • Versatile and easy to store
  • Has enough suction power for pet hairs and small fibers
  • At 5.8 pounds, it is as well lightweight
  • Suitable for picking fine dust and small-sized particles
  • Excellent runtime when used with a non motorized tool
  • There’s no room to swap batteries. This means you have to wait for a complete recharge before resuming cleaning.
  • Its lifespan is not really encouraging
  • Finds it difficult to pick large debris especially from the back

Dyson V10

Dyson Ball Animal 2

Dyson Ball Animal 2

I like to recommend the upright Dyson Ball Animal 2 to people with large apartments who have reason to do prolonged cleaning because of its maneuverability. Although it is slightly weighty at 17.5 pounds, the ball mechanism compensates for the weight and makes it easy to roll around the apartment. With its Radial Cyclone Technology, you can trust the Ball animal 2 to suction ANY floor surface whatsoever.

Key Features

Automatic Adjustment system

With this vacuum, you don’t have to worry about having to switch modes when you glide from carpet to hardwood. You know why? The vacuum is designed to detect the change in surface and it automatically switches modes just when you want it to.

Amazing suction

You don’t regularly come across full-sized with suction pressure as much as 306AW! With such pressure, you can pick the tiniest of pet hairs and the finest of dust.

Dyson Ball Animal 2

HEPA Filter System

Although you have to regularly replace the filters when they burn out, the HEPA system sure makes it safe to use for families. You just might not know who is allergic to dust, you know.

Multiple Cleaning Accessories for Wider Reach

You just can’t beat the number of cleaning tools that come with the Ball animal 2. A 35-ft power cord, a long wand, Turbine tool, Pet tool, crevice tool, upholstery tool and several more. Safe to say these accessories compensate for its cost!

  • Best for large apartments
  • Highly recommendable for pet hairs
  • Safe to use for those with breathing challenges
  • Your best choice of suction for hard floors.
  • Effortlessly cleans hard stains that are difficult for other
  • Suction is so hard that it picks up carpets and rugs instead of vacuum them.
  • Extremely noisy with an operation sound of 79.1dB
  • One of the costliest too!


Over the years, while reading other people’s reviews and contributing mine in turn, I’ve realized that the following are the frequently asked questions. Perhaps you have any of these questions on your mind,  I’ll tell you briefly what I think.

Is a Dyson vacuum worth it?

Yes, admitted that Dyson products are quite expensive. Notwithstanding, we must own up to the fact that the brand constantly improves their models, giving it more battery life, suction, and attachments. All of these compensate for the cost, and sure Dyson gives you efficient cleaning at the end of the day! So, yes. Dyson is worth it!

Which Shark vacuum is the best?

There are many Shark vacuum on the market and they are available for different purposes. However, if you’re considering getting a vacuum that is highly efficient for both dry and wet cleaning, and can be used on different surfaces, I’d personally recommend the Shark Rotator NV 752. You’ll love it!

Which vacuum has the best suction?

Obviously, it is the Dyson. Its special Cyclone Technology gives a lot of cleaning suction.

Is the Shark vacuum any good?

Absolutely yes! They are awesome for cleaning edges and crevices where your Dyson products may fail to clean. Plus, they serve multiple cleaning purposes.

Final Note

On a final note of Shark Vs. Dyson, I’d love to add that from my long experience with vacuum, Shark and Dyson are my favorites because they suit me just perfectly, and I’ve recommended them to people many times. So if you’ll like some free advice, I’d say go for the Shark NV 752 if you want to do a deep thorough cleaning all around your apartment but if you’re looking for something smart and easy to maneuver, you can do with the Dyson V10. Haooy cleaning! If you want to know more Shark vacuums review, check Shark ion robot vacuum review, shark steam mop review!

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