Shark P50 vs. Dyson V11

Cordless vacuums have made things quite simple for us. It allows you to have tangled free smooth cleaning for your home. There are many remarkable models available for these vacuums in the market. So, everyone can reach them effortlessly. However, the actual issue comes when you have to opt for one most appropriate option for yourself. Many people stuck at this point. This forced us to proceed with Shark p50 vs. Dyson v11 comparison post. So, here we are.

Shark p50 vs. Dyson v11

Before proceeding to the main comparison of models, let’s discuss a bit about brands.

Shark and Dyson are two renowned brands in the Vacuum industry. The good thing is they both offer wide varieties of appliances. You can find their stick, upright, handheld, canister, and robotic vacuums.

Customers love their vacuums for giving a remarkable performance with strong suction. Additionally, these vacuums also give you an opportunity to use them on a variety of surfaces. Thus, you can do the cleaning without getting in the chaos of selecting the right floor type. They offer specific modes for different cleaning surface.

Another distinguishing attribute that we can see in Shark and Dyson vacuums is their dirt collection mechanism. They have bagless containers that collect debris and dust. Besides, there are many differences as well.

We will highlight few in our comparison of their top-notch p50 and v11 vacuums.

Shark p50 vs. Dyson v11 – Which one is better

In order to summarize the whole thing, we can say Dyson v11 is something worth considering for. Dyson has its major role in manufacturing cordless vacuum.  With no doubt, we can say, v11 is truly their gem.

The Dyson v11 is basically an intelligent system. It senses the change of surface and adjusts motor power accordingly. The second most important trait is its LCD display. It informs users about battery life, mode, and other vitals.

Dyson v11 LCD display

The v11 with its intelligent system and powerful working has taken vacuum cleaning to the next level. With all these high-class features, the price of Dyson v11 is also far above the ground. However, we can say, v11 genuinely worth this amount for all its sophisticated attributes.

Talking about Shark p50, it also is one of the finest cordless vacuums available in the market. Yes, it is not as intelligent as v11 is, but its cleaning properties are still competitive. Its DuoCleaning technology provides effective cleaning. Moreover, triple cleaning mode makes this vacuum truly a versatile product.

Shark p50 Models

The thing that goes in the favor of this stand-alone p50 is its price range. It is way less as compared to its opponent v11. Thus, it is an appropriate option for those who bother less about the intelligence of their cleaning device, and more about money.

Shark p50 Cleaner – Best for versatile cleaning options

Shark p50 Cleaner

The p50 is one of the Shark’s incredible cleaner. It is the first cordless powered vacuum. The most distinguishing attribute that we can see in this device is its versatility.

Shark p50 Cleaner

First of all, this lift-away vacuum offers three modes of cleaning. The first one is the simplest upright vacuum mode. It is like many other common vacuums. However, it helps in picking up dust and debris from hard floors while doing deep cleaning for your carpet.

This first mode is to perform straight and simple cleaning. What about critical areas like the one under your furniture? Shark gives Stick mode to help with this problem. You can remove the canister. It will extend the length of the motorized brush. This can help you to access tricky places conveniently.

The third one is a handheld mode. You can hold the canister on your hand. On taking its wand out, it will turn into your hand vacuum. It will then help you in cleaning your curtains, cars, cupboards, and what not. These three modes make this vacuum a super convenient for your whole home.

The dust holding capacity of p50 is also very good. It can hold twice as must dust as Shark’s other model i-e ION F80. With this large capacity, you can clean your entire home in a go. You won’t need to stop repeatedly in order to empty the vacuum container.

Shark p50 Cleaner Dust

Another worth mentioning attribute of this vacuum is its run time. It can do cleaning for up to 50 minutes. Additionally, its batteries are removable. Thus recharging your vacuum battery won’t prove a hurdle in your cleaning mission.

Its single battery is enough to accommodate you for almost 50 minutes. Moreover, you can also insert the new battery while continuing your task.

  • Three cleaning modes allow you to clean each and every part of your home conveniently.
  • With it’s up to 50 minutes runtime, you can perform whole cleaning chore in a single attempt.
  • Have large dust cup capacity.
  • Its HEPA filter and anti-allergen technology prevent you from possible allergies.
  • It might feel heavier.
  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories.

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Dyson v11 Cleaner – Best for convenience/automatic functions

Dyson v11

The v11 is Dyson latest vacuum model that we can actually call it an advance. It comes with a number of significant features. Let’s have a look:

The topmost unique feature of Dyson v11 is its built-in LED screen. This feature though sounds alien to the vacuum industry, it is actually very practical. We all know, in a cordless vacuum, batteries supply power, and that is limited.

It can run out anytime during your cleaning. Here, the LED-screen plays its role. In v11, this screen displays remaining running time along with the mode of the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it also gives notification about filter and your device’s condition. Thus, you can take action accordingly.

The Dyson v11 also gives you an opportunity to easily switch between its modes. What these modes are? Well, they are Eco, Auto, and Boost.

Dyson v11 Models

The Eco mode as its name says is a normal cleaning style. It consumes less power and provides less powerful suction. You can opt for this method when you don’t need a hi-fi cleaning but a long battery life.

The Boost mode, just like the turbo one, is the strongest. It gives powerful suction and consumes more battery. Thus, you will get intense cleaning with very small battery life.

The third Auto mode is what makes this v11 an efficient device. It has a sensor that identifies the type of floor. It then switches the mode to either eco or boosts accordingly. In this way, you can keep cleaning on different floors without manually switching the mode. Such automation can add great ease to your daily cleaning.

Dyson v11

  • With its automatic mode changing feature, it saves battery life and power.
  • Vital information displaying on its LCD can make cleaning more effective.
  • Have a great battery life.
  • With its point and shoot attribute, you can empty its dust container in a clean manner.
  • It allows simple storage and charging.
  • You can’t charge it while cleaning.

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ParametersShark ION p50Dyson V11
Price $$$$$$
Best forCovering versatile floor type & long running timeAutomatic features and convenience
Technology and FeaturesDuoClean Technology, anti-allergen complete seal technology, HEPA filter, three cleaning modes, powerful suction Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS), three cleaning modes, point and shoot hygienic bin emptying, LED display, drop-in Docking, advanced powerful battery, whole-machine filtration, acoustically engineered design, completely sealed filtration system, in-line configuration.
Schedule Cleaning No No
Compatible WithNone None
Dimension10.2” x 12.4” x 44.8”50.6” x 9.8” x 10.3”
Wi-Fi ConnectivityNo No
Price Check Price Check Price

Shark p50 vs. Dyson v11 – The Verdict

We have highlighted detailed features of both rivals in the above sections. In this part, we will bring to light major differentiating traits of p50 and v11.

As we all know vacuums’ major purpose is cleaning, so we will start from this feature. Regarding this phase, we have a view that both products provide effective cleaning. The Shark p50 comes equipped with DuoClean technology along with considerably powerful suction. Both these features work together to provide up to the mark results.

Shark P50

In order to ensure adequate cleaning and hygiene, p50 comes with a HEPA filter. It assists in capturing almost 99.99% of dust, allergens, and dander. Not only this, but it also stops them from going back into the atmosphere. With this filter, p50 possesses the ability to capture particles with the size as small as 0.3 microns.

It comes equipped with DuoClean Technology. It also contains two brush rolls to perform extensive cleaning. With these traits, this vacuum becomes able to clean tiny dirt particles as well as large debris from both hard floor and carpet.

HEPA Filter and Pre-Motor Filter

Dyson v11

The battery life of v11 is it’s another boon. It comes with powerful 7-Cell Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have more running time. The digital motor of v11 is also stronger as compared to the previous v10 model. It can deliver 20% more suction power.

If you purchase Dyson v11, you will also get multiple additional tools. They will further assist you in thorough cleaning. Besides cleaning, it is also super convenient to empty its dust can. All you need to do is point the vacuum towards bin and pull the lever. All dirt will go directly inside the bin.

Dyson v11 clean to bin

Additionally, storing this appliance is also a breeze. It comes with docking station that you need to mount on the wall. After done with cleaning, you can just drop it in the wall-mounted dock. It will also get its charging there besides being stored.

Dyson v11 wall-mounted dock

On the other hand, Dyson v11 also with its powerful suction, strong battery and stiff nylon bristles do its job well. With its 14 cyclones, it has an ability to remove microscopic particles like pollens and other bacteria.

Both have their strengths & weaknesses

Regarding versatility, where p50 offers three modes for cleaning different areas, v11 changes suction power accordingly. However, v11 does this job automatically with its Auto mode and offers huge expediency.

Talking about the battery running time, the p50 gives it up to 50 minutes and v11 for around 60 minutes. So, here again, Dyson v11 is a clear winner. However, the battery running time can vary depending upon the mode of cleaning in both vacuums.

Few incredible features that we can see in v11 are the following: LCD screen display, intelligent mode switching, point, and shoot bin emptying, drop-in docking, acoustically engineered design, an in-line configuration. All these attributes offer great ease to its users while adding efficiency to its cleaning.

With all its amazing features, v11 lacks clearly in one aspect. It is the price range where p50 definitely wins. But wait, don’t you think all its brilliant features worth the extra money?

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider while buying a vacuum for pet cleaning?

The cleaning of pet animals with the vacuum means you would need to clean their hair, dander, and other ailments as well. Thus, you would need to consider the following features in order to handle them adequately:

  • You vacuum must have HEPA filtration technology
  • It should have dust containers with a larger capacity.
  • Its brush rolls or other attachments should be tangle-free.
  • It should provide rotating steering to help to access critical areas.
  • It should come with upholstery items in order to clean pet residue from couch etc.

What are the alternatives of Shark p50?

If you are looking for some good alternatives for shark p50 lift-away vacuum, then here are few suggestions:

  • Shark Rocket Deluxe Vacuum- this one like p50 also offers the versatility of cleaning different surfaces. It also keeps you safe from allergens. This alternative is way more affordable.
  • Dyson V10 Absolute- this tool is very effective in cleaning. Its cyclone technology along with stiff nylon bristles does the job perfectly. With its thorough cleaning and long battery life, it can be a good alternative to p50.
  • Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum- if ease of use is your priority, then this appliance can serve as a good alternative.

How to look for quietest vacuum in the market?

Checking the noise producing ability of a vacuum is a thing that tricks many buyers. Things go majorly wrong if you are making an online purchase. Therefore, you should carefully look for this feature. Otherwise, you shouldn’t mind hearing the thundering sound of your vacuum often.

The noise attribute for vacuums is specified in terms of decibels (dB). Here one thing is worth mentioning. A logarithmic scale is used to measure decibels. Thus, if you see the slight change in the values, you shouldn’t ignore them. They are going to make a huge difference.

Basically, you should go for the vacuum with the noise levels less than 72 dB. The common vacuums come with dB of 78-80.


Shark p50 vs. Dyson v11- we have discussed multiple points on this comparison in our post. Both these vacuums are the superior products of their manufacturers. The both offer incredible cleaning results with their advanced features. Moreover, they also allow cleaning of multiple floor types.

However, the features that separate both are the advanced features of v11. It offers some automatic features and convenience to its users. These things go in their favor. On the other hand, the factor that makes the p50 side heavier is its price range. It is quite affordable as compared to v11.

Thus, shortly we can say, if the fancy cordless vacuum is what you looking for, go for v11. Otherwise, if effective cleaning with the affordable price range is your priority, then p50 is meant for you.

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