Samsung POWERbot R7065 vs. R7070

Welcome to our today’s comparison of Samsung POWERbot R7065 vs. R7070!

Robot vacuums, mops, and cleaners have taken the cleaning industry by storm. Consumers have largely bought into the exceptional convenience that these bots have to offer. When it comes to cleaning up the messes on those beautiful hard floors these mops are your ultimate go-to option.

As we have mentioned that this article features two of the best selling robot vacuums from Samsung. The company has a long history of providing its customers with top quality products and backs them with unmatched services.

R7065 and R7070 are two of the well-known products from Samsung’s POWERbot lineup and we are going to review each of them in detail.

So let’s get going with the Samsung POWERbot R7065 and R7070 reviews one by one.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 and R7070 Reviews

Samsung POWERbot R7065

The R7065 POWERbot robo-vac from Samsung is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and we have found that its intelligent mapping capabilities are outstanding. The good thing is that we have tested this vacuum both on carpets as well as hard floors and the results were more than satisfying.

The all-rounder that you have always wanted

The R7065 is an excellent option for those homes that have different types of flooring across different rooms. If you have carpeted floors as well as hard floors in your space then this robo-vac will work like a charm.

We were more than content with its performance on both types of flooring though we would definitely like to mention here is that the cleaning results on hard floors were far beyond our expectations. It can automatically detect different types of surfaces and make adjustments to the suction power. Therefore, we didn’t even have to bother selecting different controls for different surfaces.

Edge Clean & CycloneForce Technologies

The R7065 is the master of cleaning on the edges with its Edge Clean feature. Samsung has installed a rubber blade with a very innovative design in this robot vacuum. We thoroughly enjoyed this vacuum’s cleaning abilities in those hard to reach edges. A number of robot vacuums fail to do the cleaning job effectively in this area but not the R7065. We found that the vacuum is able to increase its suction power when it nears the edges, which is one of the best features of this vac.

In addition to that, the cleaner comes equipped with Samsung’s very own CycloneForce Technology which is one of a kind. With this technology, the vac is able to generate a consistent power without much clogging. This technology allows the vacuum to generate powerful centrifugal force for the purpose of separating the debris and dirt in its external chamber. Due to this, the cleaner is able to maintain its highly durable suction capabilities.

Wide brush & Easy Pass wheels

During our test, we instantly fell in love with the wide brush that this vacuum has in it. The motorized brush makes sure that the R7065 POWERbot is able to cover a larger area during cleaning jobs with much less movement. This feature also contributes to saving battery life per charge.

We also liked that the motorized brush of this vacuum has a very strong rotational motion that assists in loosening any trapped particles of dirt in any of the cervical areas within the floors. We would also like to highlight that the suction power stays true across its entire brush. This means that the vac will pick the particles up from one end of the brush to the other.

FullView 2.0 & Visionary Mapping

Apart from its suction power which is 40 times more powerful than any of the traditional circular robo-vacs, it also comes with Visionary Mapping feature. We really liked its onboard camera that coordinates with a host of other sensors in finding the best cleaning path in different rooms. Furthermore, the FullView 2.0 is able to generate a clear map of the entire room for the robot and helps it in location different obstacles throughout.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This robo-vac from Samsung also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and with it; you can remotely control your vac with your smartphone. We also used voice-enabled devices to test its connectivity and we found it very useful. The devices with which we tested it were Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby.

If you have a Samsung smartphone then you can use this vac with the help of Samsung SmartThings app. But you will have to buy Bixby and Amazon Alexa device separately to use this vacuum, which is a little bummer for us. But we understand that Samsung is supporting its own products and for this, you will enjoy full integration if you are a Samsung smartphone user.

Samsung POWERbot R7070

The R7070 POWERbot from Samsung is pretty close to its R7065 counterpart in terms of construction and features. It almost looks the same but with a bugger design as compared to R7065. However, it does come with a bigger battery and there is a self-cleaning brush which makes cleaning jobs and maintenance a lot more efficient.

Designed for larger spaces with pets

This big-sized dynamo is the best option for you to choose if you own large space. Good for both office and home use, this robo-vac from Samsung will work very well if you have pets. These both features take the R7070 ahead of R7065.

We were impressed by its large cleaning brush that can self clean itself frequently to effectively execute the cleaning jobs. We were equally impressed and stunned by the fact that this cleaner is highly impressive to clean out all pet hair very smoothly. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the brush every now and then because Samsung is installed a self-cleaning brush in it for total automated convenience.

Excellent battery time

As the R7070 is designed for larger spaces, Samsung has equipped it with a bigger battery as well. We were amazed that this bot was able to get the large rooms done in no time due to its larger cleaning brush. The bigger battery also means that the bot is able to go through different cleaning jobs for a longer period as well.

With a run time of 90 minutes, it can easily cover a good space. Now you can leave your home and enjoy your shopping or have fun at whatever you are planning to do. The POWERbot R7070 will take care of everything on the floor at home for you.

Excellent Suction Power

Just like R7065, this bot is also able to deliver 40 times more powerful suctions as compared to a number of other conventional circular models. Samsung has tested for quality assurance and we couldn’t agree more on this. If you compare the R7070 with R7065 in terms of suction power then there is not much difference apart from the wide motorized brush.

But a similar suction power can become very strong and effective if it is coupled with a large sized brush. We were highly impressed by the bot’s performance when tackling with trapped particles of dirt in the crevices and on the edges. The CycloneForce, Edge Clean and Intelligent Power Control technologies are far more productive on R7070 as compared to R7065.

Automatic Scheduling and Recharging

Apart from the exceptional suction power and big sized brush, this robot vacuum cleaner also allows you to schedule the cleaning tasks. The bot will easily follow the schedules that you set for it and will continue to perform the tasks even if you are not there to oversee it.

The best part is, like R7065 the R7070 can also return to the dock station and recharge itself. When the battery is fully charged it will resume on its cleaning duties as per the set schedule. The only difference is that you will be able to get even the larger rooms done with a similar amount of efficacy.

Wi-Fi enabled

Surely, if Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t there then there is no point in buying a robotic cleaner and spend so much money. Thankfully, the R7070 also comes with Wi-Fi and you can easily control it remotely without any issues. Again like the R7065, you can control the R7070 using your Samsung smartphone with the help of Samsung’s SmartThings hub.

But the same problem is there with R7070 as well that you cannot use Amazon Alexa and Bixby with it unless you buy the devices separately. We thought that this is very disappointing because you have already spent a lot on the vac. There is no point in buying those devices separately or buying a Smartphone from Samsung to operate this conveniently. Samsung should really look into these things!

How did we test them?

It is most important for us to provide valid information to our readers. For this reason, we test reach and everything that we review and similar is the case with these two robot vacuums from Samsung. We have used them for at least a couple of months and compared them through a variety of features. And that’s not it!

We also took a lot of insights from a variety of online review sites and have also discussed their attributes from a number of real users. Gathering this information allows us to provide you with authentic insights about the products and helps us to assist you in making a well-informed purchase decision.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 and R7070 Comparison Table

ProductsPriceRuntimeBrush typeAdditional features
Samsung POWERbot R7065$$60 minutesCombo brushSmart Home Connectivity, Visionary Mapping, FullView 2.0, Edge Clean, Voice Assistance, Point Cleaning, Intelligent Power Control, CycloneForce, EasyPass Wheels
Samsung POWERbot R7070$$$$$90 minutesSelf-cleaning brushSmart Home Connectivity, Visionary Mapping, FullView 2.0, Edge Clean, Voice Assistance, Point Cleaning, Intelligent Power Control, CycloneForce, EasyPass Wheels

Samsung POWERbot R7065 vs. R7070

Samsung POWERbot R7065


  • The R7065 POWERbot vacuum cleaner comes with a motorized, wide cleaning brush that can take less time and movement and will clean large areas.
  • The CycloneForce technology of this cleaner prevents clogging and generates 40 times better suction power as compared to its traditional circular designed counterparts.
  • With Edge Clean feature, this vac is able to effectively perform on the edges and wall sides.
  • The intelligent power controlling option allows the vacuum to increase its suction power on the edges and in cervical surfaces.
  • Its EasyPass wheels allow the cleaner to move across different types of carpeted and hard floors efficiently.
  • The robo-vac from Samsung can easily go back to its dock for recharging and will resume its cleaning job when its battery is full.
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control it using your smartphone and set schedules for it to follow.
  • The vacuum comes with a washable filter that significantly enhances its maintenance ease.


  • You have to separately buy Amazon Alexa and Bixby device to operate this vac.
  • The battery capacity tends to drop down after a couple of years.
  • The vac is slightly less capable to do cleaning jobs on carpeted floors.
  • It is not entirely effective for cleaning pet hair.

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Samsung POWERbot R7070


  • The bot is your trusty cleaning partner if you also happen to own pets in your home. It is very effective in cleaning pet hair and with a self-cleaning brush, the hair will not get clogged either.
  • The R7070 POWERbot cleaner has a motorized, wider cleaning brush as compared to R7065. It will take less movement and time and can significantly cover bigger rooms.
  • Its CycloneForce technology avoids clogging and with it, the vac is able to generate 40 times stronger suction power, better than a number of conventional circular models.
  • The EasyPass wheels of this vac allow it to travel smoothly across all types of hard and carpeted surfaces.
  • It can return to its dock and recharge then will return to the schedule that you have set for it to follow for the day.
  • This bot is very effective for cleaning pet hair.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to control it with the help of your smartphone and you can also set different schedules according to your needs and requirements.
  • The R7070’s Edge Clean technology works well on the wall sides as well as the cervical surfaces and edges.
  • Its intelligent power adjustability increases the suction power when the vac reaches the edged of the room or even going on crevices.
  • There is a washable filter as well to ease up your maintenance activities for this bot.


  • Again you have to buy Amazon Alexa and Bixby devices separately to remotely control this bot.
  • This bot is also slightly less functional over carpeted floors but is much better than R7065.

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To sum it all up, we would like to mention that choosing between the Samsung POWERbot R7065 and the R7070 is entirely your own preference. Both of these products are exceptional in terms of performance. But for us, R7070 is the clear winner here because it provides you with a lot more runtime as compared to R7065 (90 minutes vs. 60 minutes). It also comes with a self-cleaning brush that prevents clogging of pet hair. But of course, it also comes with a much bigger price tag as well.

We would suggest you R7065 if you don’t own many pets and also live in a normal sized house. R7070 is better for larger homes and it is far more effective on pet hair as well.

Have you used any of these robot vacuum cleaners? How’s your robot cleaner working for you? Do you have your own preferences when it comes to brands or features? Reach out to us with your side of the story and share your insights!

Enjoy cleaning!

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