Roborock S5 vs E20 vs E25: Which One is the Best?

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Best Overall: Roborock S5 Vacuum And Mop Cleaner At Amazon

“Best-in-class technology of smart navigation.”

Best Budget: Roborock E20 Vacuum Cleaner At Amazon

“Its washable design extends its life.”

Best Design: Roborock E25 Vacuum And Mopping Cleaner At Amazon

“Intense suction pulls up pet hairs, crumbs, and all lightweight debris.”


Robotic vacuums have taken the world by storm. For anyone who isn’t a chores person, a robotic vacuum seems a bit over the top. But for anyone who has to clean every day, a vacuum that works on its own is a relief. Robotic vacuums are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment that use high power sensors and lasers to detect and pick up debris. These can come in various shapes and sizes.

But finding the perfect robotic vacuum can be a challenging task. Vacuums from Roborock seem to be the best option. But even they have tons of different models. We set out to put each of their most favoured models to the test. We found that the Roborock S5, E20, and E25 were the three most prestigious vacuums the company had to offer.

Read on this  Roborock S5 Vs E20 Vs E25 article to find out more about these vacuums and their main features.

Features of Roborock S5 and  E20 and E25

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum And Mop Cleaner

The Roborock S5 is a one-of-a-kind robotic vacuum cleaner that defines magnificence and tenacity. This product is one of Roborock’s most famed and sought-after vacuum cleaner. Its performance helps it stand out from all the others. The unit is entirely automated and robotic. Which means you don’t have to set routes and schedules. The Roborock S5 maps your house for you and plans out the best route. It will even schedule itself, though we recommend doing that on your own.

The easy navigation system helps it cross right over anything under 2 cm in height. The smart vacuum stops itself from falling down the stairs and hitting furniture legs. No obstacle can stop this persistent machine. The Roborock S5 has a multitasking ability that allows it to sweep and mop at the same time. The sweeping feature makes sure all the dust goes into the dust pan. While the mop feature wipes clear any dirt and polishes the floor.

So how exactly do you control the Roborock? Simple. The vacuum and mop comes with its own app for remote control. You can use the Mi Home App to define your own routes, make smart schedules, control the robot, and much more. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, and works with Alexa as well. The suction is around 2,000 Pascals, enough to work on carpets and bare floors. The vacuum sucks up even the most deeply embedded dirt. The battery lasts for up to 150 minutes. This is expected from a 5,200 mAh battery.

If you’re confused and have never used a robot vacuum before, we suggest trying your hand at the S5. The Roborock S5 is a great beginner’s tool and will help you understand the full potential of these machines. We recommend this as the best vacuum for regular sweeping and for vacuuming on carpets.

Roborock E20 Vacuum Cleaner

The E20 from Roborock is another great vacuum to invest on. After hours of trying to find the right vacuum, we stumbled upon the Roborock. This vacuum is a two-in-one vacuum and mop. It has two modes: Mop and Carpet Boost. As the name suggests, Carpet Boost works best with carpets and rugs. This mode removes even the thickest clumps of dirt and tangles pet hair. This is a great vacuum if you have pets. The mapping system is extremely accurate. The most impressive part is that the Roborock E20 does not use layers to map the house. Even without that, the routes are clear and quite similar to the actual floor plan.

Power suction is tremendous in the Roborock E20, although not better than the other vacuums we’ve seen. The suction power is approximately 1,800 Pascals. This means that the product can definitely work on carpets and rugs. We love how it sucks up pet hair and food crumbs. The Roborock even has a mop feature which leaves zero water streaks behind. What’s more is that the Roborock is an automated vacuum. It automatically detects carpets and switches to its Carpet Boost mode.

Like its siblings, the E20 too comes with its own iOS and Android compatible app. The app allows you to remotely control the functioning of the product. It also features custom mapping and scheduling. You need a minimum 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. The app is a great tool, especially if you’re new to robot vacuuming. We recommend getting the E20 for its performance and outstanding charisma.

The Roborock E20 is recommended based on its functioning and automated performance. Making a robot that maps houses isn’t an easy task. But Roborock tends to make it simple and comprehensive.

Roborock E25 Vacuum And Mopping Cleaner

The Roborock E25 isn’t very distinct from the E20. However, there are a few features which stand out. For example, the E25 has a discrete mapping system that is not as arbitrary as other vacuums. This allows the E25 to accurate map the house and clean accordingly. This model has the Carpet Boost feature, which allows it to instantly detect carpets. Once detected, the E25 increases its suction power to suck up as much dirt as possible.

What’s more is that the Roborock E25 has a smart docking station. The station shoots an infrared laser that signals the Roborock to return to the dock for charging. In this way, you won’t have to manually monitor the battery life. Another great feature is the Cyclonic 3D cleaning system. Powerful winds generate a cyclone to suck up dirt and debris, while cleaning brushes sweep as they go.

Unfortunately, the Roborock E25 cannot work efficiently on thick carpets. However, its multiple sensors allow it to detect and pick up any small debris. The E25 can climb over obstacles which are as high as 0.8 inches. It features an E11 filter that cleans about 99.92% of all dust particles and allergens. Its high quality sensors allow it to detect even the tiniest specks, right down to 0.3 microns. The filter is washable, so you won’t have to replace it frequently. However, we recommend changing the filter every month or so.

When it comes to customer service, the Roborock E25 never fails to impress us. The company’s customer support is open 24/7, and the people on the other side are the friendliest. The Roborock E25 is a great investment for people who want more.

When To Use Roborock S5 and  E20 and E25 Vacuums

We have noted down the optimal surface and situations in which to use each vacuum. Take note and be careful when purchasing. Every vacuum has its own field of work, and some may suit your house better than the other.

Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 is best for mopping and sweeping. The suction power is extremely high, so it can work very well on carpets and rugs. It has remarkable navigation and mapping, and is the smartest device on our list. We recommend the Roborock for carpets and rugs. Its 2,000 Pascal high power suction will suck up even the toughest stains. However, it may have reduced capability on thicker carpets. And the power output may not be 100% efficient. Still, the Roborock S5 is the best product from our list.

Roborock E20

The Roborock E20 is best for carpeted and bare floors. However, it does not work well with stairs. We’ve had experiences of the Roborock E20 falling down the stairs and damaging itself tons of times. Its mapping system is great for level floors. But it might not detect the stairs. This is because it does not use lasers to navigate. You can overcome this by manually specifying the routes from the official app. The Roborock E20 is best used for removing dirt and mopping the floor.

Roborock E25

The E25 is a great choice if you have bare floors or very light carpets. The E25 is powerful enough to sweep on even the thickest carpets. But it might not be 100% efficient. So you don’t get the suction power you would expect. Because of this, we say that the Roborock E25 is best suited for bare level floors, and for tiled floors as well. This vacuum has been designed to tackles any floor texture and is pretty similar to the E20 in terms of functionality and performance.

How Do We Test Roborock S5 and  E20 and E25?

So exactly how do we know that these vacuums are as good as they claim? Simple. We perform a few different tests on them to keep track of their performance. We then check the results of each test and determine the best and most qualitative vacuum. Here are the tests we perform:

Navigation And Mapping Test

For a robotic vacuum, navigating and mapping the house is the first priority. We first setup the vacuum and let it do its job. The vacuum goes all around the house, and after cleaning, generates a map of all the rooms it has been to. We then match this map with the original floor plan of the house. The more accurate the map is, the better the vacuum will perform.

Obstacle Course Test

We allow the robotic vacuum to navigate through an obstacle course. This can be as simple as a few toys on the floor. Or as complicated as the upholstery in your living room. Vacuums have sensors that let them detect both obstacles and walls. Additionally, some have a cliff sensor that detects holes, pits, and the stairs. After checking the results of this test, we pick the vacuum with the least collisions. Of course, artificial intelligence is not perfect. So a few collisions here and there are allowed.

Runtime Test

The last and simplest test is the runtime and durability test. Most vacuums need to be waterproof, which can be tested with a simple tub of water. Other than that, we leave the vacuum on at full charge and note the time when it stops working. Good vacuums last for more than an hour. Most vacuums survive the water test, but a lot of them require a separate waterproof covering.

Roborock S5 Vs E20 Vs E25 Comparison Table

FeaturesRoborock S5Roborock E20Roborock E25
Suction Power2,000 Pa1,800 Pa1,800 Pa
Battery Life150 min100 min100min
Automatic RechargingYesYesYes
Works On CarpetsYesNoSomewhat
Warranty1 yr1 yr1 yr

Roborock S5 and  E20 and E25 Review Pros and Cons

Roborock S5 Review

What We Like
  • Has both sweeping and mopping mode.
  • Has a suction power of about 2,000 Pascals. Works best on carpets and rugs.
  • Does not die quickly. Uses a 5,200 mAh battery.
  • Lasts for 150 minutes on low power. A great choice for the durability and power.
What We Don't Like
  • The dust box is very small, which means you need to empty it frequently.


The Roborock S5 is an astounding robotic vacuum cleaner, which goes toe-to-toe with the popular names in the marketplace. While the mopping feature of this vacuum feels like an afterthought, the rest of the skills are sophisticated and makes your floor dust-free.

Roborock E20 Review

What We Like
  • Efficient and accurate. Thirteen sensors make it more capable and elastic.
  • Uses 1,800 Pascals of power. Energy efficient yet mighty strong.
  • Easy to clean and empty. Dust box is big enough.
  • Easy to navigate with the app.
What We Don't Like
  • Does not detect stairs well. Cliff sensors are a major drawback.


Best suited for mopping the floor and removing dirt. The mapping system is perfect for level floors. Nonetheless, it might not detect the stairs. That’s because it does not use lasers to navigate. However, you can overcome this by manually specifying the routes from the official app.

Roborock E25 Review

What We Like
  • Energy efficient and environment friendly.
  • Very versatile and accurate. Perfect at mapping the floor.
  • Automatically detects carpets and changed settings accordingly.
  • A great companion for everyday household cleaning.
What We Don't Like
  • Runtime is pretty low. Does not last long even on full charge.


Outstanding for vacuuming, light mopping, great navigation, and numerous cleaning modes make the reasonable Roborock E25 a compelling robot cleaner.

Wrap Up

We had a lot of great fun putting together this review. Testing out these vacuums had its own thrill to it. For our part, we have listed down the several Roborock products that we liked. While we loved all three, through Roborock S5 Vs E20 Vs E25, we felt that the E20 was the best. That’s because it has more functionality and accuracy than the others. The S5 scored just above the E25, with its classy design and handy performance.

However, it is up to you to decide which one is in your favour. Whether you need to clean the carpet or the tile, Roborock’s vacuums will clean them in the blink of an eye.

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Roborock product now! 

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