Quiet Robot Vacuum: The Most Silent Robotic Cleaners


Most Quiet: EUFY ROBOBAC 30

Produces Sound of only 55dB during operation

First Runner Up: Eufy 11S

Ranges from 55dB to 57dB especially on hardwood and ceramics

Second Runner Up: Roomba 780

Noise Level is only 55 – 58dB. The most quiet of all Roomba 700 and 800 series.

Third Runner Up: Roomba 980

Noise level ranges from 60 to 70dB depending on floor surface. Quite efficient too!

Manual cleaning is definitely not one of the things we all love to do. So we are very much grateful for the robot vacuums. However, a major hitch common to many robot vacs out there is the fact that they produce too much noise especially after prolonged use. This is the major setback that keeps you from vacuuming as often as you would love to, and at anytime of the day if you love to keep your apartment and office sparkling like me. Because of the noise factor, I choose to schedule my home cleaning for periods when my family and I are away. This of course isn’t the best option because of the need for supervision. How do I go about this? I had to get a robot that produces as little noise as possible, after all, nobody wants a robot humming loudly into their ears.

Why do you Need a Quiet Robot Vacuum?

Depending on your apartment, the following occasions often require a noiseless vacuum

While you are taking a nap at noon

Coming back home at noon from a stressful job, you naturally think of having a good shower and a quick nap. If coincidentally you have scheduled your vacuuming for that same hour, would you have to cancel the schedule? Maybe not! With a very silent robot vacuum, you could do your vacuuming while you’re taking a blissful nap. To achieve this, a quiet Eufy or Roomba robot is all you need.

During TV or family fun time

Of course, we don’t want a robot intruding the family time for fun and bonding, or when your family is seated before the TV catching up with Sports or entertainment updates. A noiseless robot comes in handy here. Our selected quiet robot produces less noise than the sound from your TV, so you hardly hear the sound of the robot even if it’s vacuuming the same room where you are.

If you work from home or you are studying

For individuals who work from home and as well for students, nothing beats a noiseless robot vacuum. While you’re busy at work or preparing for an exam as a student, you need not bother about cleaning your apartment manually, and, sure, the noise isn’t even a factor because your robot vacuum understands that you don’t want to be disturbed.

So, I’ve had to switch from one robot vacuum to another over time solely because of the noise factor. Among the vacs I’ve used over time, here are my top quietest robot vacuums

Top quietest robot vacuums

Roomba 980

Special Features

Advanced Navigation Technology

During operation, I discovered that the Roomba 980 glides much better around objects and hardly bumps against them. Thanks to the iAdapt 2.0 navigation system. It also comes with more tech features including Dirt Detect Technology, an iAdapt 2.0 navigation technology, cliff sensors, mobile app and compatibility with Alexa. You can’t get enough of this robot.

10 x Extra Suction Power

With the Roomba 980, dirts around your home and pet hair stand no chance. The robot is designed with sufficient suction power to pick up the toughest of stains and tiniest of hair

Roomba 780

Special Features

Long Battery Lifespan

Talk of a robot vac that gives you enough lifespan for your cleaning exercise. It is durable, powerful, efficient and of course inexpensive. Roomba has improved on their robot vacs in the more recent series, but the 780 is unique for its cleaning efficiency and it serves you for a pretty long time. Although time is beginning to tell on its suction level, my Roomba 780 still does a perfect job especially with fine particles, dust and small debris.

Self-adjustment System

So what happens if you’ve got multiple floor surfaces in your apartment? The Roomba 780 got your back. It is the perfect definition of old is gold. One of the earliest Roomba series yet it knows just when to increase or decrease the suction.

Extra Cleaning Components

The Roomba 780 lacks the modern WiFi and advanced tech features but it compensates with sufficient cleaning components ranging from virtual walls to the HEPA filter, brush tools, etc.

Eufy BoostIQ Robot 11S

Special Features

A Slim Profile

The Eufy 11S is only 2.85″ tall and one of the very few slim and smart robots out there that give you a perfect cleaning efficiency. It weighs only 5.73 pounds, which makes it convenient for you to pick up if you have to take it to another floor.

Multiple Suction Modes

This impressive quiet robot has a number of suction modes that it automatically switches to. The self adjustment system makes it change its suction mode from spot cleaning to carpet cleaning to hardwood to tiles, and so on.

Suction Power

Although the battery power of 1300Pa isn’t as strong as the Eufy 30, this vac sure gives you an efficient spotless cleaning.

Eufy BoostIQ Robot 30

Special Features

Stronger Battery Power

In addition to the noiseless design, the Eufy Robot 30 sure has a stronger battery power than the Eufy 11S with a power of 1500Pa.

BoostIQ Technology

The Eufy 30 is an improvement on the Eufy 11S. It is also built on the Boost IQ technology that makes it navigate between rooms effortlessly, giving your apartment an efficient all-round deep cleaning.

Edge Cleaning

This robot operates on strong sure wheels that enables it to reach corners, edges of stairs and furniture as well as crevices around your home. This way, your Eufy 30S never misses a spec of dirt particles however small.

How I Tested and Judged the Noise Degree

The selected vacs were tested their noise during operation on different floor surfaces using the Sound Meter and measured in decibels (dB). Each of the selected vacs was tested for noise both during the day and at night to check their noise levels during operation. I also ran them on debris of different nature including fine grains, powdery substances, large particles, etc to ascertain their cleaning efficiency. If you’re looking for robot vacs with the least noise levels, you can trust the list above. In the subsequent parts of this review, I will reveal more interesting features about these amazing vacs.

Quiet Robot Vacuum Specifications Comparison Table

NOISE LEVELS (dB)60 – 7060 – 7055 – 585555

iRobot Roomba 980- Best Overall and Best for Pet Hair

In terms of sound level, the Roomba 980 produces a sound of about 60 to 70dB depending on the floor surface. The difference between these two vacuums lies in the greater functioning of the 980. In addition to its noiselessness, the Roomba 980 is highly efficient for cleaning pet hair. I got this vac exclusively for taking care of the pet hair lying around my sofas, room corners and edges. More so, it is a very sophisticated robot. Thanks to its advanced technology features.

What We Like
  • It can automatically recharge and resume cleaning.
  • Very powerful suction ability
  • Quite smart and adapts quickly to your home pattern.
  • Has a lot of cleaning tech features that make it very efficient.
  • Produces very little noise.
  • Highly sophisticated
What We Don't Like
  • A little expensive


If you will forgive the cost of the Roomba 980, you will definitely enjoy its amazing features. It gave me more spotless cleaning and was quite easy to use. Of course it produced less noise than the Roomba 880, so I’ll rate its noise control system 95% and its cleaning efficiency 98% because it is able to vacuum even large debris. With the WiFi connectivity and app, scheduling cleaning without the need for supervision is very much easier with this robot.

iRobot Roomba 780- Strongest Roomba 780 Series

Here is the prize winner for the most quiet Roomba Robot, with a sound level of 55 to 58dB. Notwithstanding the fact that it still does not match up with the Eufy products, it produces very little noise that you can hardly notice even if you are in the same room with it. I noticed that the noise level doesn’t increase that much even when it is on hardwood. The highest it has ever reached since my measurements is a commendable 58dB.

More so, for a 700 series, the Roomba 780 is quite an intelligent quiet robot vac. Plus, it has a high durability level owing to its strong design. I have been using this very robot vac for about six years, and it has endured the test of time. It is one of the earliest vacs I got some years ago in the Roomba 600 and 700 series, and one of the very few that are still in operation till date.

What We Like
  • Quite smart enough for cliff cleaning and stairs
  • Has a very long-lasting Li-ion battery
  • Very powerful with a long lifespan
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces such as carpets and linoleum
  • Capable of doing persistent cleaning. That is, it runs repeatedly over a spot by itself until every dirt is picked.
  • Comes with edge brushes for edge and stairs cleaning
What We Don't Like
  • Uses only an infrared remote control. No WiFi connectivity
  • Loses suction power over time.
  • Not enough suction for crevices and cracks.


For as many as can’t afford a very fancy and sophisticated robot vac, the Roomba 780 is a trustworthy alternative. It is quite simple to use, noiseless, safe for asthmatic victims and individuals prone to allergies, long-lasting and powerful enough for your carpets. Noise control level rating is 97% while its cleaning efficiency rate is a dependable 94%.

Eufy BoostIQ Robot 11S- Best for Hard floor

If you have ever used this Eufy robot, you would naturally expect it to be on my list of quiet and efficient robot vacs, and yes you’re right! It produces very insignificant noise. This Eufy product is one of the most silent robot available, producing a noise of only 55dB during operation. It’s a vacuum to love. Talk of a robot that goes into literally anywhere. Another interesting thing is that for all these beautiful features, the Eufy 11S comes at a very low price, one of the lowest you can get. It is even cheaper if you buy from known online stores like Amazon,  or during promos. I absolutely love it, and I recommend it for people who have apartments with hardwood and ceramics.

What We Like
  • Sufficient battery runtime of about 100 minutes
  • Highly recommendable for hardwood
  • Capable of adjusting itself to your floor surface depending on suction mode
  • Has a fairly large dirt bin of 0.6L
  • Smart enough to avoid falling off steeps and stairs.
  • Very cheap
What We Don't Like
  • No WiFi connectivity, and is not compatible with Alexa Voice Control
  • Requires too much space to put the dock otherwise the robot won’t dock.
  • Does not come with an app for control


A noiseless vac, I’d rate this vac 98% for noise control and 96% for cleaning efficiency. Produces only 55dB of noise which means you might not hear the sound when you’re in a separate room from the robot. You can use it at any time of the day, and can schedule cleaning for your convenience whether of not you are at home. Its suction power is strong enough to switch from room to room at various suction modes, and it gives you enough runtime. Enjoy your Eufy 11S! It is perhaps the cheapest and most effective of its series.

Eufy BoostIQ Robot 30- Best Design Plus Highest Suction Power

The Eufy Robot 30 is definitely an improvement on Eufy 11S. They share a lot of similarities in design and function. The Eufy Robot 30 also produces only a sound 55dB while it vacuums around your home. You know why I specifically love it? When I got this vac, I was skeptical that there wouldn’t be much of a difference between it and the previous Eufy robot, especially the Eufy 11S. But Eufy proved me wrong! Apart from the higher battery capacity, it also has an improved cleaning system, better navigation, triple filtration system and more cleaning components. If you won’t settle for less, this is the vac you want. It will interest you to know that it is also cheaper than the Eufy 11S. It comes at a very ridiculous price that you can only get from Eufy. The only bane with it is that it isn’t WiFi activate and doesn’t come with an app.

What We Like
  • One of the cheapest robot ever!
  • Great suction power
  • Enough runtime for your whole apartment
  • Its BoostIQ design helps it to glide safely from carpet to wood without losing suction.
  • Very easy to set up
  • Suitable for pet cleaning
  • Navigates better around obstacles
What We Don't Like
  • The remote batteries burn up too quickly.
  • Does not come with an app for control, and is not compatible with Alexa.


If only the Eufy 30 had WiFi connectivity and came with an app, it would have been my most favorite quiet robot. Notwithstanding, I’d rate its cleaning efficiency as 98% and noise control as 98% too since it produces only 55dB of sound. More so, the pocket-friendly price compensates for the absence of an app. It is a robot for everybody and for every floor surface!

These Roomba and Eufy robots top the list of the very quiet robot vacuums I’ve ever used, and they come in very beautiful designs and other amazing cleaning features. But if you cannot procure any of the above for one reason or the other, the runner-up quiet robots for your consideration are the Roomba 960, Roomba 690 and the Eufy Robot 11. These are robots that can be used anytime of the day or at night and with near 100% assurance of excellent cleaning for multiple surfaces in your home.

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