Neato vs. Roomba 2019: A Ultimate Review of Two Best Brands

Neato vs Roomba

The only person who would consider cleaning to be fun is someone who has never handled a vacuum cleaner before. Cleaning is no fun. In reality, it can be such a killjoy sometimes. Not only do you have to put up with the noise and inconvenience, but you also have to endure the possibility of cleaning again in case the vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck all the dirt in.

Fortunately, in the place of manual cleaning, technological development has given rise to the use of robot vacuum cleaners. The introduction of these robot cleaners revolutionized cleaning with Neato and Roomba leading as two of its most common brand. Today, we are going to do Neato Vs. Roomba comparison!

What are Neato and Roomba?

A heated argument surrounds these two robotic vacuums as to which of the two brands is better. Surprisingly, users tend to confuse the two brands upon first glance. Such confusion is what we will attempt to clarify. Below is the Neato brand Vs. Roomba brand!

The Neato robotic vacuum cleaner was introduced in 2010, and although it’s smaller when compared to the prominence that the Roomba has enjoyed, it has held up well on its own.
The Neato makes use of SLAM algorithm for navigation and a laser range finder for scanning for dirt. Powered by battery, the robot is capable of cleaning a large floor area. Since its introduction in 2010, various modifications have been made to the Neato series. Some of these include larger filter and side brush, stronger battery life, and fewer screws. BOTVAC is the outstanding robotic vacuum cleaner series of Neato!
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The Roomba autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner is the earlier of the two brands of IRobot company. The vacuum cleaner made its way into the public eyes in September 2002. Fabricated with infrared sensors, the robot navigates and clean floors by identifying dirt particles, avoiding obstacles. The robot sits comfortably on 360 degrees rotating side wheels and a 3-forked spinner brush that rotates in all directions for sweeping out specks of dirt.

Since its introduction in 2002, Roomba series have increased from 400 to 900. Additionally, diverse characteristics like the navigation software, smartphone navigation app, camera, multiple sweep cannister, and tangle-free brushes have been introduced.

The vacuums are usually disc-shaped and rely on a NiMH battery for power.

roomba robot vacuum

Neato vs. Roomba, What are the critical differences between them?


Roomba vacuum cleaners are available in round shapes while the Neato vacuum cleaners are available in D shapes. The form and design of the vacuum cleaners affect their functionality in more ways than one. Since Neato cleaners are D-shaped, their movement is less smooth than their round counterpart. Round shaped Roomba cleaners have no corners, and as such, the likelihood of getting stuck is lesser than the Neato.  Compare to the design shape of Neato Vs. Roomba, Roomba would be good for cleaning!


Neato power Vs. Roomba power,  Neato cleaner has a higher powered motor and a dual power setting (high and low) while Roomba cleaners have just one power setting.


From the price of Neato Vs. Roomba, Roomba vacuum cleaners have been around longer than Neato has. As a result, Roomba cleaners are more expensive than Neato cleaners.

roomba vs neato

Cleaning pattern

Neato cleaners have an efficient cleaning pattern, unlike their counterpart. This is because of its intelligent laser mapping technology which it uses to scan and clean the room. Roomba vacuum cleaners take longer to clean a room.

Wall Marker

Roomba makes use of virtual walls and lighthouse to mark boundaries in the home. These functions ensure that it cleans rooms in sequence, and steer clear of restricted places. The Neato, on the other hand, makes use of boundary marker to set up limited areas within the home.

roomba vs neato

Neato vs. Roomba: Making the Choice

Before we made a comparison of Neato products: Neato d6 vs d7. Today, let’s make comparison between Neato and Roomba series!

Roomba 980 vs. Botvac D7

A trade-off between these two brands of vacuum cleaners became unavoidable when Botvac released the D7. From the overview above, it is clear that each product has its bragging right and each is a king in its own turf. But what happens when they are placed side by side?

roomba 980 vs neato D7

Corner Cleaning Range

Botvac D7 comes in a D shape while the Roomba is round. Because of this shape factor, Botvac D7 excels at cleaning corners than Roomba 980. Roomba 980 possesses two brushes, at its center and its sides. These brushes are useful for cleaning clear spaces but not corners. Botvac D7, on the other hand, has a brush that is almost as big as the vacuum in its center and another at the front. The positioning of a brush right at the front allows it to pick out dirt from corners.


Roomba 980 comes with a camera through which the bot can have a visual of the whole house. The downside of this is that it cannot work in the dark. Hence, the camera is useless without light. Botvac D7, on the other hand, does not have any optics. Navigation is solely dependent on a laser sensor. This seems to be preferable to a camera since darkness cannot affect the laser sensor.

Neato vs Roomba Design

Systematic cleaning procedure

Navigating the house without assistance proved somewhat tricky for the Roomba 980. As a result, they frequently bump into obstacles before they change their course. To improve on this defect, Botvac D7 includes a 360 degrees laser range sensor that helps the robot navigate through obstacles.


Roomba 980 costs are expensive than Botvac D7 costs.


As far as cleaning is concerned, Botvac D7 does it better than Roomba 980. Although camera-based mapping looks attractive, it cannot work in the dark, and we know for a fact that there will always be dark corners in the house. Also, Botvac D7 is less expensive than Roomba 980, and it offers a better return for your money.

neato d7

Roomba 960 vs. Botvac D6

Floor types: The Botvac D6 performs excellently on carpets and floor just like the Roomba 960. No matter the kind of stories you wish to use it on, both products are more than capable of cleaning them.

roomba 960 vs neato D6


The Botvac makes use of voice recognition, Google assistant, and IfTTT. You can tell it when (date and time) to start working and when you’ve had enough. The Roomba also makes use of camera sensors, mobile app, and cleaning schedules. It allows you to communicate with your vacuum cleaner without physical interaction.


Botvac D6 is currently the most aesthetic edition of the Neato vacuum cleaners. It has a battery life of about 120 minutes, and its resume functions allow it to continue where it left off. The Roomba 960 is available in a combination of black and silver color. Although it’s aesthetic and battery life may not be at par with the Botvac D6, it offers enough functionality to keep your home clean.


Both vacuum cleaners bring out the excellent result from any floors. The Botvac D6 however, exceeds Roomba 960 with flexible navigation, connectivity, and mapping.

neato d6

Roomba 890 vs. Botvac D5

Shape: Pretty much has been established about how the Roomba 890 is round and Botvac D5 is D shaped. However, While Roomba is higher, Botvac is thinner. As such, Botvac D5 is capable of sliding between small spaces better than Roomba 890.

Roomba 890 vs neato D5

Suction power:

Botvac D5 makes use of Gen 2 motor power while Roomba 890 makes use of Gen 3 motor power. The Gen 3 power has two modes (high and low) and works better on thick carpets and fabrics, but it is noisy. Roomba 890 offers better motor power performance than Botvac D5, but the D5 is less noisy during use.

Extractor system:

Roomba 890 makes use of a dual multi-surface brush system while the Botvac D5 makes use of a spiral combo brush and a combo brush (bristles and rubber blades). Both of these systems extracts dirt with care; however, the Botvac tend to bruise the floor due to their dominant hairs. The Botvac brush system is larger than that of its counterpart. However, the Roomba 890 is the best hardwood floor cleaners.


Although the Roomba cleaner is best suitable for hardwood cleaning, The Botvac D5 cleaner has access to more floor area in the home.

Roomba 690 vs. Botvac D80

One thing that distinctly sets these two products apart is the navigation system. The Botvac D80’s high-performance filter enhances quick and convenient cleaning. It makes use of laser Smart technology which conveniently guides the vacuum through obstacles. It also has a zone clearing feature which helps it to select particular areas for cleaning.

Roomba 690 vs Neato D80

Battery life:

Both Vacuum cleaners have about 120 minutes of battery life.


The Roomba 690 is fairly more expensive than the Botvac D80. Although it is the least expensive among the Roomba series, it cost more than the Botvac D80.


The Neato cleaner is more economical compared to the Roomba cleaner. It also enjoys better navigation than the Roomba cleaner.

What is the outstanding product of Neato and Roomba?

Since the introduction of both brands of robotic vacuum cleaners, different series and types have been developed, each surpassing the previous one.

Oustanding Neato products

Botvac D5

This Neato invention makes use of Laser Smart technology for navigation and performance filter for enhanced performance. Designed in a brilliant D shape, the cleaner is designed to accommodate three-floor plans and a boundary line to respect the user’s privacy. Its battery life is about 90 minutes, and its speed and power can be increased by making use of the turbo mode. The cleaner can be operated via the mobile phone and is currently one of the best Neato product for cleaning tiles, carpet, and hardwood.

Botvac D6

The Botvac D6 offers a slight improvement to the D5. This includes an extension of battery life by 30 minutes and a bigger core brush that detects allergen. Allergens are usually present in animal furs and are generally too small for detection by the naked eyes. This cleaner is designed to navigate in a cleaning pattern so that it can pick up allergens and specks of dirt.

neato d5 vs neato d6

Botvac D7

If you think D6 is good, D7 is fantastic. As should be expected, D7 can do what a D6 can do; it only improves on what the D6 is capable of. The cleaner has a runtime of about two hours, and more floors can be added to increase its cleaning range. D7 is popularly referred to as a super smart robot because of its software update features.

Botvac D80

The Botvac D80 is designed to allow clean, fast, and accurate cleaning. With a reach that can cover up to 3000 square feet, the D80 is designed to operate without producing too much noise, and it has an automatic recharge feature. It comes with an LED screen that can be used to schedule a cleaning routine.

neato d7 and neato d80

Oustanding Roomba products

Roomba 960

Roomba 960 edition among other editions has a better navigation sensor that allows the cleaner to generate a clean map report. It has a three-stage suction system and rubber brushes for getting debris off carpet and floors. The filter system of the Roomba 960 is rated as the best among all other editions, and a suction system is more powerful than the others. It comes with a battery life of 75 minutes and a wall boundary to limit the robot’s access.

Roomba 690

Roomba 690 may not be the best Roomba product, but it performs excellently. The bot has a mobile app feature which includes voice control and different surface brushes for better cleaning.

roomba 690 vs 960

Roomba 980

The performance of the Roomba 980 exceeds any of the Roomba bots we have mentioned earlier. The battery life span is about 120 minutes, and it has more durable battery power. It also features a voice detection software and mobile app control.

Roomba 890

The operation of Roomba 890 is similar to the other editions of Roomba. Few variations, however, exist in its battery life. The battery runs for about 90 minutes before recharging. It has a cliff detection sensor that ensures that the robot does not tumble over or fall down the stairs during operation.

roomba 890 vs 980


It is sufficient to say that the Neato and Roomba bragging right contest is well founded. Both innovations have tremendously improved the approach to cleaning in their way. The materials they are made of are of excellent quality, and both deliver high-end performance.

All of these aside of Neato Vs. Roomba, the Neato is superior to the Roomba. Roomba has a lot of faults, and Neato understood this. An example of this is the navigation system. What Neato has done is to identify the defects in Roomba and improved upon it.

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