How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool: The Complete Cleaning Guide

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool: The Complete Cleaning Guide

Above ground pools are among the easiest things to have if you want to have a pool in a small place in your house. They are cheaper to install, and you can get them off anytime you want. Additionally, they are very friendly for people that have children since the depths are more adjustable.

However, there are many things that come with the above ground pool. The biggest question is how to vacuum an above ground pool! Read on to find out in detail the maintenance of the above ground pool.

What should you prepare before vacuum an above ground pool?

There are plenty of different vacuums in the market ranging from the simplest features to the most extraordinary features. These vacuums are typically very reasonable if you want to go for the basic ones. These pool vacuums are easy and very handy. We highly recommend you invest in one vacuum and some pool cleaning accessories since they ensure that your pool is spotless and a hygienic place to swim for your family and friends.

Pool Vacuum Head

Vacuum heads are usually universal and of one kind. The quality may differ, but the function is the same. They are easy to attach to pool cleaning poles without any extra equipment.

The only factor to consider in this regard is the surface. Some heads are specifically for vinyl or other surfaces of the pool. The best bet is to get the ones that are entirely safe.

Telescoping pole

If you have a pool, you SHOULD have this pole. If not, it’s better to get one. These are usually used on pool rakes and skimmers. The best thing about these poles is that they have a universal connecting point. This feature allows them to connect to virtually anything that is pool related!

The only thing to consider when getting this is to ensure that it is long enough to reach all depths of your pool.

Vacuum hose

Pool vacuum hoses and regular vacuum hoses do not have much difference. However, when you purchase one, make sure to get the pool one because it might have slight differences.

Once again, the only considerable feature is to ensure that you get one long enough to reach all depths of the pool.

Vacuum plate

A vacuum plate is the most ignored piece of equipment among others. The reason is that people generally prefer a pump strainer basket. However, with the basket, you will have to flick the pump of the pool on and off. However, with this, you can use the skimmer basket.

How to vacuum an above ground pool?

The answer to how to vacuum an above ground pool is not singular. There are plenty of different ways to vacuum to keep it clean. These include plenty of different machines along with a few tips and tricks.

The following is the step by step guide to vacuum an above ground pool once you have all the right equipment pieces.

Step 1: Rake the first vacuum later

The first and foremost step is to ensure that you have a pool rake handy. The rake is the perfect partner to help you get rid of leaves and bigger particles. This probably will be the most laboring step since it requires you to manually get rid of all the bigger impurities from the pool.

Another option to this step is to use a skimmer. The skimmer is perfect for an easier approach to this step. Skimmers are little baskets that collect the bigger particles like leaves from the above ground pool. You usually only dunk it and it comes back with all the impurities and no water.

Step 2: Prepare your vacuum!

Your vacuum cleaner needs proper preparation. Start by pushing all the additional air out of your vacuum cleaner. Any remaining air will cause air pockets which will make the process difficult and will give off lose suction. This may also create differences in the results.

Just attach the vacuum head to the telescoping pole and let it touch the bottom of the pool. Next push the other end of the off the jet with the hose. This process will push all the excess air out. You can observe it with the air bubbles that you see in the water. When there is no air left, then your first step is complete.

Step 3: Pump it!

The next step to vacuuming your above ground pool is to pump it. Automatic Vacuum systems have an inlet skimmer. This skimmer gets power from the pool circulation pump. This is where all the impurities will gather to make your pool clean and tidy. To connect this, remove the basket of the skimmer. The open end of your hose will find a connection to the inlet. This process is once again easy, and you will be able to do it in no time.

Next, you plug the vacuum hose to the suction port. You may find this suction port at the bottom of the skimmer.

Step 4: All-ready!

That is it! You are all ready to clean your pool. Just run the vacuum back and forth as you would on a regular surface and watch it clean out all the impurities. Keep in mind that you need a steady hand otherwise you might lose the suction and start from the beginning.

Another way – the garden hose wonder

If you want to know how to vacuum an above ground pool, then you are in for another treat. With a few adjustments, your garden hose can also work as the perfect partner to your vacuum needs. The process might be slightly complicated, but we are sure you can do it with our help.

Check out the steps to vacuum an above ground pool with a garden hose.

Step 1: Connections!

The first step is to set up your equipment. The telescoping pole should be connected to the vacuum head. These are two pieces that you should have so go ahead, invest in them.

Another connection to make it to your hose. One end should be strongly connected to the tap. Connect the other end to the remaining end of the telescoping pole.

Finally, connect the vacuum bag to the opening of the vacuum. You are good to go now!

Step 2: Ready to Vacuum!

Now submerge this contraption into the pool. Start vacuuming like you would on a regular surface. Make sure to hit all spots multiple times so that your pool is clean and free from all debris.

Tips to vacuum an above ground pool

Reading this, you may think that there are plenty of complications to cleaning an above ground pool. However, once you get the hang of it, it is simple.

Check out a few tips and tricks that we have sorted to make it easier for you.


The first and foremost thing to remember is not to go for shortcuts. You need to ensure that you have all the equipment right in place. Additionally, your equipment should be in immaculate condition.

Keep in mind that you will have to work with air suction so none of your vacuum parts can have any damage in them.

Add weight!

Even though there is not much to look at when you get the vacuum head, the best bet is to get one that is heavy. Even though this factor is not very important, it can help you during the process. The suction will last and work only until your head is tightly pressed to the surface of the pool. The water pressure can make this process very difficult and tiring for your arm. Hence, the weight will help you keep the head in control.

Pool filter

Vacuuming an above ground pool takes a lot of effort. Hence, it is important to find the easiest way to hold out this process. Before you start it is best to turn on your pool filter for the designated time. This feature will ensure that all the particles that are easy to out will. However, make to turn it off when you vacuum the above ground pool.

Turn the filter back on when you finish so that in case you miss a spot, your pool filter has you covered.

Don’t rush!

You would want to finish the process as soon as possible but do not do that. Most of the time the debris will float around and take some time to settle down. Slowly cover the whole surface of the pool so that nothing leaves behind in the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Everything that you need to know about how to vacuum an above ground pool is in our article. However, for further convenience, take a look at these frequently asked questions that people ask after experiences this process.

Q1. What happens if the suction is lost during cleaning?

If the vacuum head goes off the surface for even a few short seconds, the suction finishes. Unfortunately, you must begin the whole process again in that case. Starting with priming the vacuum cleaner the process must restart.

Q2. I don’t want to vacuum manually, is there any other option?

Yes of course. There are plenty of robotic vacuum cleaners that will require almost little to no effort from you. They are relatively expensive but save on time and money.

Q3. Why is it important to rake before I start?

One of the reasons is that usually, pools have leaves and bigger particles that are easier to clean out by a pool rake. Hence, adding this step you will have to make an effort with your pool vacuum. However, this step is skippable since your pool will be doing the vacuuming.

Q4. How often do I need to clean the pool?

Ideally, it is important to clean your pool thoroughly at least once a month. However, if you use it often then fortnightly should be a good option for you. It all depends on the impurities from your pool.

Q5. How to vacuum the surface?

There is no proper way on how to move about the vacuum in the pool. However, it is ideal to start from the shallow end and move to the deeper. Keep in mind that you must make long repetitive strokes. Don’t just vacuum once in one area. Come back after you are done for another round.


There you go! Everything that you need to know about how to vacuum an above ground pool is all in our article. Keep in mind all your options before you begin and keep all the equipment ready before you start.

It is not an easy or a short process. In fact, take a separate day out to clean your pool out because it will take you a long time. As much as it is having a pool, it is not easy to maintain it. However, never ignore the maintenance as it may cause several different bacteria to make a home in your dwelling.

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