How to Make Hands Sanitizer: Several Simple Methods for You

Paying more attention to our hands’ cleaning is a good way to protect safe. Because protecting your hands is the best way to prevent the virus and germ to your mouth.

So how do you wash your hands? With soap or just water or hand sanitizer? The doctor said flushing your hands with water in several seconds is not working. If you are outside, you’d better have hand sanitizer all the time.

But It is a pity that so many supermarkets the hand sanitizer sold out because of the world health issue. How can you do?

Today, I’m going to share with you how to make disposable hands sanitizer by yourself. Actually, the World Health Organization pointed out the making way and other quick methods, you can make hand sanitizer anytime at home.

Firstly, let’s go to see those method in detail.

The method one required material:Ethanol 96% • Hydrogen peroxide 3% • Glycerol 98% • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water

The method two required material:Isopropyl alcohol 99.8% • Hydrogen peroxide 3% • Glycerol 98% • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water

But it is not easy to find the Isopropyl alcohol, so let’s choose the second method to make hand sanitizer with specific steps.

Material Required for Making Hand Sanitizer

1. 80ml (=64g) 95% medical alcohol for disinfection

2. 4ml (= 4g) 3% hydrogen peroxide

3. 1.5ml (=1.9g) Glycerin

4. 100ml (=14.5g) Distilled water or boiled cold water

5. Some tools such as mixing bowl, spoon, funnel

6. Small spray bottle / small bottle

Recipes for Making Hand Sanitizer

Step 1: Put the alcohol into the container and add the Glycerin

Because of the thick of Glycerin, go to stir them quickly.

Step 2: Add the hydrogen peroxide and Distilled water

After your adding, stirring them quickly.

Step 3: Use this hand sanitizer after 72 hours.

There is one thing you need to know that 75% alcohol is the best concentration to anti-virus. Because the high concentration of alcohol tends to dilute the water on your hands and becomes very dry, even burn something easily. So do not use the 95% alcohol directly. In order to get 75% alcohol, you need to add some distilled water. For example: 100ml 95% alcohol with 26.6ml water. It would be better if you have the 75% alcohol. You do not need to add water.

Here is Still a Quick Method

Material required

  • 30g aloe vera gel (preferably without additives)
  • 10g glycerin
  • 60g alcohol (91% -99% medical alcohol)
  • Any essential oil
  • Mixing bowl, spoon, funnel
  • Hand Sanitizer Bottle
  • Step 1: Add alcohol, aloe and glycerin together

    The ratio of Alcohol and Aloe, you’d better arrange 2:1. That means if you have a 100ml bottle and you want to make 100ml hand sanitizer, you can need to add 75ml alcohol and 25ml aloe. Then, add some glycerin, stir them quickly. If you feel dry, you can adding more aloe can keep your hands wet if necessary.

    Step 2: Add 10-20 drops of essential oil

    There is no any strict requirement about the oil. You can choose what you like, such as tea tree oil, rowan sand leaf oil, pomelo Gary oil, bergamot oil, clove oil, etc. What’s more, you also can choose the lemon oil, grapefruit or passion fruit oil. Every time, you add one drop of oil in the bowl and stir it. During this processing, a good smell comes out with stirring. If you like heavier scent, you can add 10-20 drops of oil based on your own needs.

    Step 3: Put hand sanitizer in the small bottle


    How to Clean Yourself with Hand Sanitizer?

    Though this issue, it seems like that everyone is like a baby to learn how to wash hands in the right way. The WHT pointed out that the washing time does not less than 20 seconds. 20-30 seconds would be better. Below is the right washing processing. Please do not miss one of them.

    Is Hand Sanitizer Better than Soap?

    Washing hands with soap is also an effective way for protecting yourself. But you have to use water to make the bubble. After that, using water to flush your hands clean. Sometimes, it’s not convenient to use soap. Hand sanitizer will replace the soap. It has the alcohol and kills virus efficiency. If you are at home, I think you usually use soap. But when you are outside, please bring one bottle of hand sanitizer.

    Tips for protect yourself in those effective ways

  • Stay at home and do not go outside and talk with others if necessary.
  • Wear the mask when you are outside no matter the KN95 or Medical Mask.
  • Try to keep at least 1m distance away from people.
  • Do not touch other stuff, or you can wear the disposable gloves or bring the hand sanitizer.
  • When you are back home from outside, the first thing is to take off your mask and wash your hands more than 20 seconds with soap.
  • Please use the alcohol to spray your whole body even your shoes. The best way is to change your clothes to wash with disinfectant.
  • Clean your floor even toilet with disinfectant per day.
  • Conclusion

    Do not have to feel so anxiety if you do above protect measures well. Listening to some music and doing some excise to improve your physical immunity in your daily life. The best important thing is to believe that the beautiful thing will be come as expected, just like bright morning.

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