How to Get Paint Out of Carpet: 3 Methods to Help You

how to get paint out of carpet

When you are renovating your house interiors with painting, the last thing that you left is spilled paint, especially on carpet. There is no need to fear about a stain on carpet because many solutions help you out. However, it is compulsory to have knowledge about which type of paint you are using.

For the reason, that different method is specified for removing different paint stains effectively. Additionally, the most important types of paint are oil paint, water-based paint, acrylic paint, and latex paint. You can remove paint spots by using many handfuls of household items.

latex paint on carpet

In this article, we will provide you systematic instruction of each method to remove paint spots from carpet. Moreover, all methods are different from each other due to the type of paints. Therefore, if you are planning to replace it with the new one carpet due to paint stains please hold down. Try below step-by-step methods to remove carpet stains.

Let us begin our article with a few paint cleaning methods and accessories that vary according to the type of paint.

Materials and tools to get paint out of carpet

Before knowing about different paint out methods, below are the list of those tools and materials, which are required for cleaning.

  • Laundry or dishwashing detergent
  • Paint thinner or hydrogen peroxide
  • Putty knife
  • Paper towel
  • White fabric
  • Clean rag
  • Wet vacuum
  • A white cloth
  • Carpet steamer
  • Iron
  • Water
  • Scissors

Some tools for cleaning the paint

Methods to get paint out of carpet

Spilled paint on your carpet always ruins its look. It is easier to remove wet paint whereas removing dried paint requires much cleaning effort. The major type and category of paints are latex, oil, and acrylic. However, latex paint is water-based paint and easier to remove spotted areas as compared to oil-based paint and acrylic.

Following are step-by-step instructions to get paint out of carpet according to the type of paints.

Method 1: Cleaning Acrylic Paints

Cleaning Acrylic Paints

Use laundry detergent

If you are working on paint based projects and accidentally dripped acrylic paint on carpet than no need to worry. Here we will tell you about cleaning the do-it-yourself method. Firstly, you need a wet rag for wetting the paint spot.

Always use any old rag for this purpose because it will need to wash repeatedly. You have to use a good quality laundry detergent not more than 15 ml or a tablespoon to blot area or your rag. There is no need to scrub, just bolt carpet away.

  • It will not clean the spotted area of carpet, except it will loosen up the spot from the fibers or carpets. You can make it an easy cleaning as well with an additional step
  • Always try to do a spot test before cleaning your carpet with any product. This spot testing tells you that it cleans spotted areas with any additional stains.

- Use laundry detergent to clean the paint

Add acetone to rag and wipe the spots

Contrary to detergents and soaps, acetone plays a very vital role to give you enhanced cleaning experience. Acetone is a chemical compound that is volatile, colorless, flammable liquid and used for cleaning purposes in the home, laboratories, and more.

Additionally, acetone performs a job to break down the paint and make it easy to lift off from your carpet. Nevertheless, keep one thing in your mind that does not use a large amount of acetone to rag and, use only enough quantity to wet it.

  • You can use nail polish remover, which has enough amount of acetone. Therefore, you can say that it is a great alternate of acetone.
  • You should choose a properly ventilated area for cleaning because acetone fumes are harmful to health.
  • When you are working with acetone, always remember to wear a mask.

Add acetone to clean the paint

Use a commercial cleaner for carpet

Though acetone did the perfect job of removing stubborn paint spills, using a good quality commercial cleaner will also clean the spotted areas properly. For using this cleaner, you can also use a toothbrush for lightly scrub without worrying about discoloration of carpet. The best thing about the cleaner is that you can directly apply it on your carpet.

  • After applying the cleaner and scrubbing with a toothbrush on the carpet and wait for five or six minutes.
  • Furthermore, many commercial cleaners are accessible in the market. However, all are varying in terms of safety precautions, usage instructions, and different ingredients. Therefore, you have to read the product label and important instruction before buying and using.

Use vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners also absorb a great portion of paint, so you use a vacuum cleaner as well. Nevertheless, remember that to choose a wet vacuum for this type of cleaning. The collector of vacuum should be waterproof as well as have electric sensitive parts, which works perfectly again water and additional liquids. Moreover, by using a dry vacuum to get paint out of carpet can be seriously damaged.

Use vacuum to clean the carpet

Repeat 2 to 4 steps for repeating cleaning

Acrylic paints are firm or persistent and required more time for proper cleaning. Before cleaning acrylic paint, prepare yourself to spend more than two hours for cleaning. Therefore, if the paint spot has not cleaned properly, you have to repeat from two to four steps. However, it is a time-consuming method but cleans your carpet from ugly stains.

Method 2:  Cleaning Latex Paints (Water-based paints)

Cleaning Latex Paints

Use a towel

Latex paints are not tenacious as compared to acrylic and oil paints. A towel can easily absorb the majority part of the spill. Try to use that towel, which you have planned to throw away. Remember, there is no need to scrub the stain with towel; it could drive deep into the carpet.

Use dishwashing detergent

There is a need to mix 15 ml (a tablespoon) of a detergent solution with 237 ml (a cup) of lukewarm water. Always use dishwashing detergent to clean white rag and colored rags may stain your carpet. Moreover, clean the spill from the outside and working on the way to the center.

  • You have to clean the spill gently with a towel to avoid for drive paint deeper into the carpet.
  • If the paint stain becomes dry, let the mixture of hot water and dishwashing detergent sit on it for almost 5 minutes.
  • In addition to that, if have to deal with a bigger paint stain, you must use a paint scraper or a knife to remove some part of the paint.
  • Add more washing detergent for the clean up the larger stain of latex paint.

clean with dishwashing material

Use a vacuum

After spill blotting, vacuum up the detergent solution and dislodge paint. The best thing about using a vacuum is that it will stop the liquid from creating mildew and mold in the carpet. Furthermore, use a wet vacuum for cleaning this kind of stuff. The collector of wet vacuum has specifically designed for cleaning liquids like water.

Repeat if necessary

Consequently, if not all of the paint has out at first try than there is a need to repeat the method until cleaning the stain properly.

  • Additionally, repeatedly cleaning has not cleaned, and then you can purchase a carpet steamer.
  • It will give you a great cleaning experience by removing stubborn paint stains.

Method 3:  Cleaning oil-based Paints

Clean oil paint on carpet

Use a putty knife to scrape off the paint

Putty knife has constructed by using plastic and metal materials. It is a flat and short tool is perfect for cleaning purposes. If the paint stain is fresh, you can use a putty knife to remove a big chunk of stain. Additionally, keep one thing in your mind that do not scrub the stain otherwise it goes down to the carpet deeper. Keep the knife under the paint after that push a knife away from carpet.

  • Before scraping off the paint from the carpet, you have a container next to you so you can dump the paint into it.
  • If you feel paint is dry already, then here you need to use a carpet steamer. It softens the paint and you can clean it with ease.

Use a white cloth

As above explained, there is no need to scrub or rub the paint, it will drive the paint more deep into the carpet.

  • A colored cloth may transfer their dyes onto the fabric or carpet.
  • For that reason, we recommend you to use a white cloth.

Use a white cloth to clean

Keep blotting by adding turpentine to a white cloth

Turpentine is a fluid that provides excellent cleaning to you. Additionally, it will also separate the paint from fibers carpet. The best thing about turpentine is that it makes cleaning easy for you and permits you to eliminate excess paint without any scrubbing. At least, you will remove the majority part of the paint, if not all areas.

Use dishwashing detergent

Blotting up the paint along with turpentine may remove the paint from the carpet without color discoloration. You have to create a mixture of 15 ml (a tablespoon) of the detergent solution with 473 ml (two cups) of cold water. Dip a white cloth into the solution as well as wipe the stained area. Keep cleaning with this solution until you got satisfied cleaning.

  • When you finished cleaning, use a towel or any other paper towel that absorb some leftover solution.

use paper to absorb the wet

Tips to get paint out of carpet

  1. Before applying the appropriate method to paint out of carpet, must perform a spot testing at the unseen side of the carpet.
  2. Using a white towel is a right selection for cleaning specific areas as compared to a colored towel. The biggest drawback to choose colored towel is that color transfers into the carpet while cleaning.
  3. Apart from a white towel, it is the best cleaning technique to clean paint with a paper towel because it absorbs the water quickly.
  4. Never use a regular vacuum cleaner for cleaning paint from carpet. Always use a wet vacuum because it has a waterproof collector. Additionally, parts of the cleaner are also electric sensitive.

water filtration vacuum to clean paint

  1. If you are dealing with a stubborn and dry paint stain, you should use a carpet steamer. It softens the stains by giving steams and makes cleaning easy for you.
  2. Different type of detergent has specified to remove stains of different types of paints. For example, if you find an acrylic paint spot on your carpet, go with laundry detergent (See Method 1). While if get a stain from latex or water-based paint then you need to use dishwashing detergent (See Method 2).
  3. It needs to take action as soon as possible if you got a fresh paint stain and try to use a putty knife. Putty knife comes with plastic or metal construction that makes this tool a short and flat. Moreover, you can directly pick up the stain with the knife and no need to choose hard cleaning.
  4. Keep in mind, do not scrub or rub the paint stains because it drives into the carpet and make the cleaning much harder.

cleaning the carpet with brush

Final words

Now, you are able to rescue your carpet from different types of paint stains without replacing it with the new ones. Make sure to take action as soon as possible for easy cleaning by choosing the appropriate method. Moreover, if you are doing any painting project, keep covered the floor or carpet with a plastic sheet, drop cloths, and dips.

The knowledge about the paint type that you are using, make it easy for choosing an appropriate method. In addition to that, always remember to do a spot removal test on a small side portion of carpet. If the selected method cleans the stain without any discoloration than apply it on affected areas.

get the paint out of carpet

In addition to that, you can also get easy cleaning experience by reading our above tips. Those tips also save your time or cost and help you to choose the right material and tool according to the type of paint stain.

Is your carpet still having paint blot? For more carpet cleaning advice and tips, please contact us by commenting on the below session.

Happy Cleaning!

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