How to Clean Carpet on Stairs (With Material and Steps)

Cleaning is an essential part of chores in order to maintain the house in a good and presentable way. Cleaning is not so hard nowadays with so many products to help you clean even the hardest of stains. It is easier to clean tiles instead of carpets as the dust and dirt seep into the carpet and makes it harder to clean.

Especially the carpet on the stairs due to the continuous movement of people up and down the stairs with shoes will make the carpet dirty again. How to clean the carpet on the stairs? There are various different ways to clean the carpet on the stairs, some are easy and others are hard.

It depends on which things are easily available to you and which are not to decide how you want to clean those dirt patches. You can do it with the help of a machine or without the machine depending on ease and accessibility. Each process has different steps but they both yield results in their own way and they both require effort and time.

So make sure you do the cleaning of your carpet on the stairs on your free day or when you have plenty of time. Moreover, the carpet on the stairs gets dirty pretty quickly. So, you need to clean it quite often to give a clean look to your house.

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs?

There are two different types of methods to clean the carpet on the stairs. The first method is the process of cleaning the carpet with the help of a machine. The other process of cleaning is without the help of a machine.

Both these methods are useful and yield results in the form of a clean and fresh looking carpet for your stairs. Each method has different steps, requirements, and materials to clean the hardest of stains. Both these cleaning methods are effective in removing stains, dirt, grimes, molds, mildews, germs, and debris.

1. With Machine to Clean the Carpet on Stairs

First of all, we will discuss the method of cleaning the carpet with the help of a machine. With the help of a machine doesn’t just mean that we will use a vacuum cleaner and finish cleaning with it.

We will be performing other steps too to ensure that the carpet on the stairs is properly cleaned. This wouldn’t be possible with just a vacuum cleaner. There are 5 steps that you need to follow to get the desired results. These steps are as follows:

Use a Firm Brush

The first step in cleaning the carpet on the stairs is to use a brush that has stiff bristles. So that it can remove any deep-seated dirt and debris from the carpet. With the help of its hard bristles, it becomes easy to remove the dirt.

This wouldn’t normally come out with just a vacuum cleaner. So it is very important to use a brush with hard bristles or if you don’t have a brush like that. You can
use your vacuum cleaner which comes with a special attachment
. It will remove the dirt instilled into the carpet because of continuous walking on the carpet with shoes.

Always keep in mind to start cleaning stairs from the top and then clean the downward stairs step by step. After cleaning the first step gather all the dirt and debris onto the second step and so on.

This will make it easy to gather all the dirt at the end of the stairs without gathering any on your shoes. But if you clean from down to top that will result in you carrying along with yourself the dirt upwards. When you move up the stairs, this will make the stairs dirty again.

Use a strong cleaner

Once all the deep-rooted dirt on the carpet of stairs has come to the surface using the brush with hard bristles. It is now time to clean all the dirt with the help of a strong vacuum cleaner. A normal vacuum cleaner would do the job as well but it is better if it’s strong so that no dirt or debris remains.

It is also important for your vacuum cleaner to be lightweight. So that it doesn’t drag you down the stairs while you are trying to clean. Otherwise, it will become very hard to clean the carpet with a heavyweight vacuum cleaner. This could very well result in causing you to back pain or hurt your arms and hands. That’s why it is important for your vacuum cleaner to be strong and lightweight to get the job done easily, quickly, and without causing any undue pain.

Shampoo/steam each stair

This step takes the longest time as it’s labor-intensive. You have two choices either use shampoo or steam clean to get the dirt, grimes, and stains out of your carpet. Both of these methods are effective but they have several differences. For steam cleaning, you need just a steam mop and hot water to disintegrate the dirt whereas for shampooing you need detergent.

The high temperature of the steam not only cleans but also sanitizes your carpet by killing 99% of germs. Whereas using shampoo only removes the dirt but doesn’t kill the germs. Furthermore, steam cleaning doesn’t leave any chemical remnants whereas cleaning with shampoo does. Plus carpets dry much faster when you mop with steam as compared to when you clean using a shampoo.


As they have been shampooed or steam cleaned, the stairs would be soaked in water. And for them to dry naturally will take a lot of time and at times bacteria or mold could grow on your carpet so it is better to dry it. The best way to dry it out is by using a wet or dry vacuum or a carpet cleaner.

This will save a lot of time as opposed to using towels or cloths to soak the excess water which is labor-intensive. If you don’t have a vacuum at home than you have no choice but to use towels! You should make sure and don’t let the carpet dry in its natural time because that will cause problems.

Final Cleaning

Once all the excess water removes from the carpet of the stairs, let them dry naturally on their own for over a night. Turn on the fans of the rooms close to the stairs so they can easily dry. When the stairs are completely dry, give the carpet a final vacuum. So that it can have a fresh and clean look without any dirt, debris, grimes, or stains. It will be as good as new after performing all these steps.

2. Without Machine – By Hands to Clean the Carpet on Stairs

First, we saw how to clean the carpet on the stairs with the help of a machine. Now we will discuss the method of cleaning the carpet on the stairs without any machine. You can complete this process through the cheer work.

Put in by a person to ensure that there are no stains or dirt or any sort of debris. This would make the carpet look old and rugged even when it is new. There are 6 steps that you need to follow to give your carpet on stairs a clean and fresh look. These steps are as follows:

Spot patches

The first thing that you need to do before you start cleaning the carpet is to spot the area of dry patches. This will make sure that they are your priority because these areas will be the one which will require the most effort and force to clean them up.

So it is very important to know which spots need more cleaning and which need less. After you have identified the places on the carpet of stairs that have dry patches, try to focus on them more. Apply the most mixture to those patches and spots and leave it there for some time. So the carpet absorbs the mixture and the patches can be easily removed.

Mixture Application

The next step in cleaning the carpet of stairs is to apply a homemade mixture. This will remove all stains, dirt, and patches from the carpet. This mixture should consist of two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dishwashing soap. It can be any liquid soap you use at home.

The reason most people choose this mixture to clean their carpets is that hydrogen peroxide is environment-friendly. It is a healthy alternative to use from the other chemicals to clean the carpets. You can use Hydrogen peroxide for multiple purposes like cleaning spots and patches, disinfecting and bleaching.

It is better to put this mixture in a spray bottle and apply it to the carpet. But first, test it on a small area of the carpet to ensure nothing goes wrong. This mixture is good at cleaning carpet stains but it is particularly good at removing and cleaning molds and mildews from your carpets. Another purpose of hydrogen peroxide is that it also acts as a disinfectant.

The reason that you should add dish wash soap in hydrogen peroxide is that these soaps are designed to remove grease stains from pots and pans. If it can remove grease stains that are pretty hard to remove than they can definitely remove dry patches on the carpet. So it has many advantages, which is why this mixture can be applied to the carpet. This will remove hard to remove stains and patches.


The next step after applying the mixture from the spray bottle onto the carpet on the stairs is to brush with the help of a brush consisting of hard bristles. So, they can effectively remove difficult and deep-rooted stains and spots, and dirt. Always start brushing from the top of the stairs and then move downwards. This process will keep the mixture falling down along with all the dirt and debris instead of staying on that step.

Another reason is that if you start from the end and then move upwards. The chances are that you will take that dirt with you onto the other steps. When you move up and once you are at the top there will be a problem of removing all the dirt and debris. So always start cleaning and brushing from the top and then move downwards.


After you are done brushing the carpet, now is the time for scrubbing the carpet on the stairs. You have to put force and pressure to clean the carpet of all the stains. After you feel it is enough to clean the stains and dirt, pour water down on the carpet.

You will get rid of the mixture and stop once you feel that all the mixture is washed off. This step requires hard work and force in order to remove the stains from the carpet. That’s why this step is the most time-consuming.


After the scrubbing of the carpet on the stairs, check to see if there are any stains or patches left on the carpet. If there are still stains left then you will have to repeat the process of scrubbing to get rid of the hard stains.

And you will also have to apply the mixture of the spray bottle again and scrub the carpet more vigorously. But if there aren’t any stains left than you can proceed to the next step without repeating the previous step.


The last step in cleaning the carpet is drying it. This method is without any machine so you may not use a vacuum cleaner. Instead, you can use dry towels and cloths to dry the carpet and turn on the fans of the halls and rooms.

Close to the stairs so they can dry in due time, otherwise, it will take a long time for them to dry naturally. It could result in the growth of mold or bacteria. Make sure that the carpet on the stairs dries within a day or two maximum to avoid any more problems. Once the carpet is dry, you will see that it looks clean and as good as new.


Both these methods of cleaning carpet of stairs are effective and yield results in the form of clean and stain-free carpets. But both have their own steps and their own needs. The method that requires the help of machines is more efficient because it requires less time when you are cleaning up all the dirt using a vacuum cleaner compared to if you are doing it all by yourself.

Furthermore, it is easier to dry the carpet using a dry vacuum cleaner instead of using towels or clothes like in the case of cleaning without the help of a machine. If it doesn’t dry properly then it could cause the growth of mold or bacteria on the carpet which would create a brand new problem right after you finished cleaning.

So it’s better if you use the method of cleaning using a machine rather than without one as it is in your benefit and ease. But you will have to bear the cost of it, as vacuum cleaners are expensive. But other than that there are no problems with using this method of cleaning and besides there is always a cost associated with ease.

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