How to Clean Basement Floor: Handy Guidance

how to clean the basement floor

There is no doubt in saying that every home cleaning task asks for your time, effort and advance strategy. In this regard, cleaning a basement turns out to be an arduous task for most the homeowners. Usually, most of the basement often goes unnoticed and catches dirt over time unlike other areas of the home.

Does your basement receive no attention and remain dusty and moldy? If your answer is yes then we have got bad news for you. The neglected basement contains rodents that bring pathogens and bacteria along with it. Therefore, if you will not clean your basement floor then there are high chances of catching a lot of diseases.

This write-up will explain the different ways to clean the basement floor. Let’s find out what these are!

Clean basement floor

Why Do You Need to Know the Type of Basement Floor before Cleaning it?

It is important to know the type of basement floor before cleaning it. It is due to the reason the cleaning method differs according to the basement floor. There are various options available for basement flooring which include wood, vinyl, and carpet. However, often the homeowners prefer to have concrete flooring.

As the concrete basement flooring proves to be beneficial and does not require special protection. The concrete floor is used for both indoor and outdoor flooring and quite resistant to muddy spots. In addition, the concrete basement flooring does not damage cleaners because of being less absorbent.

concrete basement flooring

Types of Concrete Floor Finishes

The concrete floor finishes have gain popularity because of its subtle and durable nature. Not just this, the material of the concrete floor helps in the provision of even walking surface. Despite all this, the concrete floor can also experience wear and tear so getting the right one is also necessary.

Sealed concrete floor

The sealed concrete flooring has the coating of penetrating silicates, resins, urethanes, and epoxies. The concrete sealed floor is to make your floor stain-resistant and non-porous. It is also done to beautify the concrete floor by upgrading the color and providing the luster.

For protecting your basement floor from dust and stains soft acrylic sealers work well, requiring low-maintenance.

Stained concrete floor

It is one of the famous floor finish for adding beauty and appeal to the concrete floor. The specialty of this concrete floor finish is giving stone look to your basement. It also renders you the option of using either acid or water-based concrete finish.

stained concrete basement flooring

If you want to give the diversified appearance to your basement floor then you must opt acid-based finish. On the other hand, the water-based concrete finish will provide a uniform and polished look while keeping its elegance.

Unsealed concrete floor

Unlike treated concrete floor finish, this type is untreated and often called a porous concrete floor. You can use this concrete floor finish not just in your basement but also in other areas like the garage.

Besides its durable nature, the porous concrete finish keeps the floor safe from physical damage. However, it does not have the ability to prevent absorbing liquid or remain stain free.

Stamped concrete floor

With a wide range of patterns and designs, stamped is another concrete floor finish. It gives you a variety of choices by combining it with other finishes which includes salt and color.  Another benefit you get from this type of concrete floor finish is being maintenance-free.

On the contrary, the stamped concrete floor does not create easily and requires accuracy and precision.

stamped concrete basement flooring

Broom concrete floor

In order to make texture on your basement floor, you can choose a broom concrete floor finish. The technique of creating this floor finish is quite easy by using a distinct broom to make an anti-slip pattern.

In this method, exceptional designs can be generated by changing the direction of the strokes. Also, by brooming along with the colors and dyes it evolves superior designs.

How to Clean Basement Floor?

As mentioned above, the cleaning of a different concrete floor is dependent upon whether it has sealed or unsealed finish. Likewise, the treatment you should use to get rid of the dirty basement based on the kind of stain on the floor.

Cleaning unsealed concrete floor

For cleaning the unsealed concrete floor of your basement the first step involves sweeping the dust with vacuum cleaner or broom. The second step is to treat the stains on the unsealed concrete floor of your basement. There are several ways to get rid of muddy stains from the basement floor.

You can use dry kitty litter or layer of cornstarch over the unsealed concrete floor. This will remain on the floor for up to 3-4 days to help in the absorption of the oil. The process is quite long for the reason it has the porous unsealed concrete finish.

sweep floor

Another way is using dishwashing soap while mixing it with water. You can apply this mixture with the help of a rigid brush and scrub it to remove the stain. However, if you notice the spot is oily then apply the dishwashing soap directly on to the stain. Afterward, scrub it off and clean it with water thoroughly.

brush and scrub it

You can also clean the unsealed concrete basement floor by applying degreaser over the stain. In this regard, making the area wet and let the degreaser comes in contact with the stain. Allow the mixture to remain on the spot for a couple of hours and brush it off rigorously.

If the stains are not dark then pouring distilled vinegar for half or one hour is not a bad idea. However, if your unsealed basement floor has dark spots then you should get a commercial rust separator with oxalic acid.

Cleaning sealed concrete floor

This concrete flooring for the basement is non-porous. It means that cleaning of the stains over this type of floor is not as difficult as a sealed concrete floor. The regular maintenance of the sealed concrete floor is enough to remove grit and dirt. If you own a vacuum cleaner of high power then cleaning the porous floor becomes quite easy. As it will catch the unnecessary dirt and debris from the floor within no time.

Two-stage Motor Suction

After vacuuming, you need to use a dust mop in case the vacuum has not removed all of the dirt particles. The most important step in cleaning up the non-porous concrete basement floor is pouring detergent over the stains. For achieving better results you can also scrub it with the help of scrub pad or brush that have soft-bristled.

For the removal of stubborn stains experts also recommend ammonia solution. It can be used by mixing one part of ammonia and three parts of water in your mop bucket. In the end, wash it with the water and for drying you can place towels on the concrete sealed floor of your basement.

How to Make Basement Floor Dirt Free Before Painting It?

It is true that painting the floor of the basement makes it new again and also enhances the overall look. You can also mask the flaws of your basement floor by applying the paint over it.

clean floor before painting

One important thing to keep in mind before painting your basement floor is its cleaning. As painting it without cleaning the surface will not give the precise look and your time and effort go wasted.  In this regard, you have to follow certain steps for cleaning your basement floor.

Step 1

First off, if your basement is full of stuff that you do not use anymore then plan to remove it. In this way clearing up the basement floor makes every corner accessible.

There are chances that you may find clutter like coins, toys and other things behind the furniture. Therefore, you have to remove it first using broom before proceeding further.

Remove furniture

Step 2

The next step includes scrubbing the stains from the floor surface of your basement. For this task, you can get a stiff brush or scrub pad to get rid of those stubborn stains completely.

You have to make sure not to neglect the corners of the basement floor. It is for the reason the corners have more amount of dirt and stains than the middle of the basement floor.

Using brush to clean floor

Step 3

If you do not want those stains to get worsen after a painting then you need an effective method for the dirt removal. The trisodium phosphate (TSP) is known for its potential effect on the stubborn stains on the basement floor. However, you do not have to worry about its availability since you can get it easily from the hardware store.

Afterward, mix one ounce of trisodium phosphate with one cup of water to make the thick paste. Then leave the paste over the muddy spot for 1 day until it gets hard. Next, pour water over the hardened trisodium phosphate and scrub it for the removal of grit from the basement floor.

trisodium phosphate

What Are The Natural Methods To Clean Mold From Basement Floor ­­?

Have you ever noticed black or grey spots on your basement floor and do not pay attention to it? If your answer is yes then we want you to know that the presence of mold on your basement floor. It is also true that mildews and molds can grow at any other place in your house.

But basement floor most likely to get it because of the favorable conditions for the fungus to grow there. It creates problems for you later because these molds are unlike any other stains on the basement floor.

How to clean mold on basement floor

There are several techniques to make your basement floor free from molds. Unfortunately, the use of harsh chemicals can ruin the basement floor therefore, using natural methods is the key.

Remove molds with vinegar

You must have used the vinegar while making your food but it can be used for the removal of mold too. Unlike other types of vinegar, the most effective is the white vinegar for getting rid of mildew and molds.

Wash off the mold with tea tree oil

There is no surprise that tea tree oil is known to be the organic fungicide that use to kill the molds. The application process is also not difficult as you only have to mix tea tree oil with water. Once the solution is ready to spray it over the molds and scrub the stains afterward.

Eliminate mold with hydrogen peroxide

Another non-toxic technique that helps in the removal of molds from your basement floor is the hydrogen peroxide solution. However, using hydrogen peroxide directly on the basement floor can be harmful. It is recommended to mix it with water then spray over the stains to get the best outcome.

Eliminate mold with hydrogen peroxide

How to Wash the Basement Floor after a Storm?

Whenever there is stagnant water on any surface it becomes stinky and source of producing bacteria and fungus.  Just like that if you also face the flooded basement problem then cleaning it up may seem an arduous task. You can make the job easy by following the instructions mentioned here.

Remove the water out of the basement

For pumping out the stagnant water from your basement floor you have two options. You can look for the water removal services and hire them to get rid of the flooded basement.

On the other hand, if you find it expensive then you can perform this job on your own as well. If the flood has come due to the rain or storm then you have to deal it with the sump pump. For the small amount of water in the basement, any vacuum can work.

Sanitize and clean

After removal of the water, the main task is to stop the mold and another fungus to grow on the basement floor. You must sanitize the basement surface and remove all the possible items lying on the basement floor.

Make your basement dry

The last step involves the evaporation of remaining water from your basement floor with the help of a fan. In this process, the heater in the basement can also work in drying up the surface quickly.

Make basement dry


It does not go without saying that the basement floor has chances of being flooded due to either outside or inside the source. In turn, the whole cleaning procedure becomes a hectic and risky job for most of the homeowners. Therefore, we try to convey the best possible ways to clean your basement floor.

During all this, you should follow the safety precautions that make you safe from catching any disease. It will also allow you and your family to use the basement area without being worried about getting sick. If you will not be able to take the precautionary measures then it’s convenient to call utility service provider.


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