Eufy vs. Roomba: Which One to Get?

Cleaning took an entirely new dimension with the introduction of robotic vacuums. Prior to this, my family and I were used to the manual vacuums. Although the traditional manual vacuums are effective in their own way, they require a lot of energy and time. You need to have seen the drama in my home during the weekends back then when my wife, my teenage daughter and I used to argue over whose turn it was to do the vacuuming. Truth is, we all grew weary of dragging those bulky vacuums around the apartment. But it all changed the moment we discovered the robotic vacuums about seven years ago. Ever since cleaning has become miraculously stress-free and fun!

eufy vs roomba

Over time, we have purchased a number of robot vacuums, especially Eufy and Roomba products. After Eufy vs. Roomba, although they are both efficient brands, one key thing we love Roomba robot vacuums for is the WiFi connectivity. Plus, they come with more technological features than the Eufy products, and that makes them much more convenient to use. On the other hand, the Eufy robot vacuums have a higher tendency to last longer than the Roomba. Since you’re reading this piece Eufy vs. Roomba, you will know their more different features overall. At the same time, it definitely means you’re looking for the best Eufy and/or Roomba robot vacuums to buy. You’re welcome home. From my experience, I’ll recommend my top picks: the Eufy 11S, Eufy Robot vacuums 30, Roomba 690 and the Roomba 980. Before you make your choice, I’ll tell you all you need to know about these vacuums, and why I vouch for them so much. Let’s go over to the specification table so we can compare them easily.

Eufy 11S Eufy 30 Roomba 690 Roomba 980

Specification Table

SUCTION POWER1300Pa1500Pa5x extra air power10x extra air power
PRICECheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Comparison and Verdict

Filter System

The Eufy 3-stage foam filter is very much effective, but to put those allergic to dust, dander and pathogens into consideration, the Roomba HEPA filter is more suitable.


Roomba HEPA filter


Most Eufy products have the constant time advantage of close to two hours of operation. The Roomba products however differ based on models, ranging from 60 to 120.


Suction Power

Although the manufacturers claim that the Roomba 690 and 980  come with 5x and 10x extra air power, the overall performance of the Roomba vacuums still does not significantly differ from the Eufy robot vacuumsuums. Notwithstanding, we’ll give this feature to Roomba because of its ability to add extra suction especially to carpets and thick rugs when necessary.


Control System

Obviously, the Roomba vacuums beat the Eufy vacuums to this one. With a WIFI connectivity, Alexa compatibility, smartphone app and all, the Roomba products are the true robots!

WINNER: ROOMBAirobot-roomba-690-wifi-connected

Cleaning Accessories

Again, we would consider this a tie because the two brands attach a number of tools and accessories necessary for basic cleaning.


Low Profile

This time, Eufy has the lead. With slim and super slim vacuums of only 2.85″, your Eufy products will reach where the Roomba can’t get to.


Eufy height size

Eufy Robot Vacuum

Eufy Robovac 11S

Eufy Robovac 11S

Here are my first Eufy robot vacuums, and it will amaze you to learn that I’ve been using it for over five years! Yet, it still functions almost as efficiently as it did when I first bought it back then. Although it is not WiFi connected, it sure comes with remote control and other components for your convenience.

Key Features

A Slim Profile

At a height of only 2.85″, the Eufy 11S is special for its small-sized size and shape that allows it to go underneath unbelievable places such as your shelf, cushion chairs, TV stand and several other tight spaces around the home.

Automatic Suction Switch

For large apartments with several floor surfaces, the Eufy 11S is highly recommendable. This is because the robot vacuums are designed to adjust its suction mode by itself to suit every kind of floor surface.

Triple Filter System

I understand that many people are always on the lookout for vacuums with the HEPA filter, but the interesting thing about the filtration system of the Eufy 11S is that its triple foam filter works quite efficiently as the HEPA. It ensures that the air sent back into your home is safe for breathing.

Strong Suction Motor

What else could I have asked of this robot vacuums? Its Suction power is super amazing. All thanks to its motor with a suction capacity of 1300Pa and capable of running for over two hours after a full charge.

Eufy Robovac 11S

  • Its slim profile makes it easy to go through furniture. It hardly gets stuck around the house.
  • Produces relatively little noise at 55dB.
  • Its sensor system does not only help it to avoid obstacles. It also keeps it from falling off edges and stairs.
  • Very durable. Can last about five years and more, depending on use.
  • Gives you ample cleaning time. A single cleaning session lasts about 100 minutes so you can have so much cleaned at a go.
  • Highly efficient on different floor surfaces.
  • Not very suitable for individuals who are allergic to dust.
  • For some, the absence of WiFi connectivity could be a turnoff.
  • Has some difficulty picking up large debris.

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Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30

Eufy Robot vacuums 30

My family and I thought we had seen the best of Eufy robot vacuums with the 11S but we were more than impressed when we learned of the upgrade which resulted in the robot vacuums 30. This one betters the 11S in a lot of ways including a stronger suction (1500Pa) for more efficient cleaning. Highly recommendable for cleaning pet messes.

Key Features

Stronger Suction for Detailed Cleaning

If you want a robot vacuums that gives you a combined excellent cleaning of hard floors, light rugs and thick carpets, the Eufy robot vacuums 30 is definitely what you’re looking for. With an improved suction power, you can satisfactorily use it for hard cleaning and soft cleaning alike.

Cleaning Schedules

An added impressive feature of the Eufy robot vacuums 30 is that despite the absence of a WiFi connectivity, you could schedule your robot to clean up your apartment even when you’re not home. The vac is smart enough to avoid running into obstacles and getting entangled. How I love this feature!

A Reliable Quiter System

The Eufy robot vacuums 30 shares this amazing feature with the Eufy 11s. Here is a vac you can use anytime of the day. The noise is checked and does not cause any  disturbance whatsoever.

Sound Signals

You don’t necessarily have to supervise this vac, but they sound signals can help to keep you informed of its operations. It emits different sounds when the battery is low, when it is docking, etc and the sound is loud enough for you to hear if you’re in the same room. That way, you can be sure what your robot vacuums is doing while you’re at other things.

Eufy Robot vacuums 30

  • Very suitable for homes with pets that shed lots of hair.
  • Easy to use with its signals and control system.
  • Gives you a more efficient cleaning for about two hours or more.
  • With a large dust bin, you don’t have to empty in the middle of cleaning.
  • Produces very little noise.
  • Less expensive than the Eufy robot vacuums 11S.
  • Like the 11S, it does not come with a HEPA filter, and this makes it risky to use for people allergic to dust and pathogens.
  • Its Max suction power mode makes it too hard for light carpets and small mats. Rather than clean them, it sucks them up.
  • Has to go over the same spot again and again to be very efficient.

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Roomba Robot Vacuums

Roomba 690

roomba 690

If there is anything we love Roomba vacuums for, it is their sophisticated technologies at very low costs. Roomba continues to churn out robot vacuums with high-tech features, and the 690 testifies to this. With the Roomba 690, you have a number of methods to operate your vac. Talk of the smartphone app that works with both WiFi connectivity and the internet connection as well as its ability to work with Alexa voice control technology. The implication of these amazing features is that irrespective of where you are, you can get your Roomba 690 working.

Key Features

Very Strong Sensors

It is common to find robot vacuums losing their sensor system and begin to fall off edges of the stairs or other surfaces. With the Roomba 690, there are no such fears because the sensors have been strongly doubled to keep your vacuum from falling and getting mixed up with cables around your home.

A Triple-stage Cleaning System

When we have a lot hardcore cleaning to do, perhaps after a long stay away from home, my family and I prefer to use the Roomba 690 because of it is specially built with sensors that concentrate on stubborn dirts such as grease that require extra vacuuming. This means that where other vacuums would have run through once or twice and left half-clean, the Roomba 690 concentrates on such spots till they are clean. So much efficiency!

Multiple Control Systems

I seriously can’t remember when last we used the remote control to operate our Roomba 690. We prefer to use Alexa, or sometimes schedule cleaning with the smartphone app. The options are quite varied. Just select whichever one suits you each time, and your cleaning is done!

Extra Components for Deep Cleaning and Pet Hairs

My family can’t seem to get over the fact that this robot vacuums is excellent for  pet messes and sticky cleanups too. The brushes are wide and strong enough to loosen and collect stubborn diets, as well as it gathers pet hairs.

roomba 690

  • Works superbly on rugs, thick carpets and hardwood.
  • The cleaning schedule is made easier!
  • The irobot app helps you to monitor the operations of the vacuum whether or not you’re at home.
  • Provides verbal responses when necessary.
  • Its 3-stage cleaning system gives a more efficient leaning of both large and small dirt particles.
  • After some months, it begins to move randomly and cleans less.
  • Lacks a direct charging port.

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Roomba 980

roomba 980

With a height of 3.6″, the Roomba 980 does not go into low places as much as the previous series but it has a lot of wide coverage that gives you enough cleanup within its runtime. Plus, its navigation system is so strong that if it runs out of battery in the middle of cleanup, it automatically returns to the dock, charges and resumes cleaning.

Key Features

Wide Coverage

One of the reasons I love this vacuum quite much is that it is built to master the layout of the apartment however wide of goes. This means, after about three cleanups, you don’t have to manually remove obstacles. It already knows where they are!

WiFi and Smartphone activated

True to its Roomba family feature, the Roomba 980 is quite easy to use via several methods including the Alexa voice control, Google Home Assistant, and the Smartphone apps. All you have to do is order it to clean or press ‘clean’ on the app, and you’re all set!

A Dirt Detect Technology

The Roomba 980 as well as a special tech design that helps it to notice areas of your apartment with stubborn dirt and as a result pays close attention to such places.

Regulation of Suction Power

Especially on thick carpets where dust and small particles of dirt hide easily, the Roomba 980 is designed to power up its suction as high as 10 times more. This is to ensure that no debris or hair is left unpicked. The extra power also gives it additional operation time.


  • Very efficient on thick rugs and carpets.
  • Requires very little or no supervision.
  • Very suitable for pet keepers.
  • Has a lot of cleaning accessories to make vacuuming more effective.
  • Has a greater runtime of over 120 minutes.
  • Very costly.
  • Quite heavy at 8.7 pounds, and this stalls its cleaning speed.

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Tips and Considerations for Choosing Eufy and Roomba Robot Vacuums

Well, now that you’ve known so much about my recommended Eufy and Roomba robot vacuums. What’s more, you know much difference through Eufy vs. Roomba.  Here  are a few tips you should keep at the back of your mind before buying one. I have presented them in form of questions to make it easy for you to remember.

Are you on a low or high budget?

If you have to manage the limited funds you have at hand or you need some inexpensive robot vacuums, I’d recommend that you opt for the Eufy products. They are both effective and cheap to procure.

How large is your apartment?

Here is another important factor to consider. The truth is, whether you live in a condominium, large flat or a dormitory, the Eufy and Roomba robot vacuums will serve you well. However, you might want to select one with a long runtime and a large dirt tank so you don’t have to frequently pause your cleaning.

Are you a keeper of pets?

For pet lovers, it is highly recommendable that you opt for Roomba products with high suction. This is because fine pet hairs can hardly escape high suction.

What are the major floor surfaces around your home?

For those with large apartments especially, you will definitely have different floor surfaces. To be able to cater for all surfaces across the home, you should select a robot vacuum that can automatically switch suction mode to suit the surfaces. The Roomba 980 is highly recommendable for this.

How frequently do you like to vacuum?

For me and my family, it is once in a week, and that’s fair enough. If you have a reason to vacuum more, it is important to select a durable robot vacuums such as the Eufy robot vacuums 30.

Do you have a secure WiFi system in your home?

If you like robot vacuums that come with a lot of accessories, you had better have secure WiFI connectivity. This is not to say your robot vacuums won’t work without the WiFI, but if you want to enjoy all of its features, make sure your WiFi is strong and secure.


In summary, understand that your ultimate choice of robot vacuums depends on the answers you provide to the questions above, because what works for my home might not exactly work for yours, but I believe that you will find our Eufy vs. Roomba comparison, review and recommendations helpful. My final tips for you are that you might want to consider the Roomba 980 for its efficiency if you will overlook the heavy cost. On the other hand, you could stick to the Eufy robot vacuums 30 for its basic smooth cleaning. With robot vacuums, cleaning is made super easy!

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