Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690: A Complete Comparison and Review

Now more than ever before, there is a massive of different smart vacuum cleaners options on the market. It makes people feel so confused to choose the preferring model. For example, Deebot N79 vs Roomba 690, Roomba 690 is much standing out. But why do I select it?

Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690

Below is my DETAILED analysis, let’s go started:

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Developing History

robotic vacuum cleaners versus

Have you wondered if you have a robot at your home and do everything for you? You just need to eat and have fun. Yes, that is a big dream. From now on, one small dream has come true that someone can help you finish sweeping, mopping and vacuuming quickly.

Thanks to well-established and advanced robotic vacuum technology and multiple robot vacuum cleaning brands such as ECOVACS, iRobot, Proscenic from which to choose and use, these smart-home appliances are now affordable to the masses. Deebot N79 vs Roomba 690 vacuum products are from famous brands ECOVACS and iRobot;

Deebot N79S vs Roomba 690 Brands Review

In this robotic vacuum cleaners industry, the major player brands are iRobot and Ecovacs which are so popular in household marketing.

iRobot company has been developing automatic vacuum cleaners since 2002 and has one of the best reputations on the market. iRobot is a globally recognized household name, particularly for its Roomba robot vacuums. Roomba 690 from iRobot company.

iRobot company

EcoVac company has been developing automatic vacuums cleaners since 2006. The company sales their product around 27 countries around the world such as China, Germany, Japan, and the United States etc. Deebot N79S from Ecovacs company.

Ecovacs company

But both companies produce excellent robotic vacuums cleaners so here Let’s go on our article them and take a look at two compatible robotic vacuum accessories models-Deebot N79S vs Roomba 690.

Let’s go on grubbing in….

Deebot N79S vs Roomba 690 review

Hardware Display

Deebot N79s Package :

EvoVacs Deebot N79s in the box


Roomba 690 Package:

Roomba 690 in the box

Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690, according to the hardware comparison, you may find some small difference. From here, which one do you like best via your feeling? Roomba 690?

Let’s go to more specification comparison…

Deebot N79 vs Roomba 690 Specification Review:

SPECIFICATIONDeebot N79s from EvoVacs Brand Roomba 690 from IRobot brand
Dimensions (diameter x height)13 x 3.1 inches13 x 3.7 inches
Weight6.7 lbs7.8 lbs
Charging BaseYesYes
Remote ControlYesNo
Automatic returnYesYes
Invisible Wall BarrierNoYes
1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall
Barrier with batteries
Multi-surface brushesYesYes
Edge Sweeping BrushYes -TwinYes - Singular
Extra Side brushes41
Cleaning toolNoYes
Filter typeHigh-efficiency filterAeroVac™ filter
Extra filtersYesYes
BatteryHigh-capacity Li-IonHigh-capacity Li-Ion
Battery Life100 minutes60 minutes
Drop sensorsYesYes
Turbo ModeNoNo
NavigationSmart MotionIAdapt 1.0
Alexa and Google CompatibleNoYes
Warranty12 months12 Months
Price Check Price
Check Price

The different parts are the key factor in our focus.

Remote Control

Deebot N79s from EvoVacs Brand can be operated to work through remote control;

Compared to Deebot N79s, iRobot Roomba 690 without this function would more hard to operate.

Verdict Remote control is a special feature of smart vacuum robotic cleaners. It shows the convenient of technology life. It would be a consideration of yours.

Deebot N79s

Smart orientation

Deebot N79s from EvoVacs Brand without Invisible Wall Barrier setting, so it just would work for some visible parts.

iRobot Roomba 690 with 1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall, it would help Roomba 690 turn around and clean much more space and rooms. It’s a good hand of household!

Verdict:  Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690, this Invisible Wall Barrier setting of robotic vacuum cleaners is much important for sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. Obviously, iRobot Roomba 690 comes with an external wall barrier that lets you tell the robot where it can and cannot roam.

roomba 690 working

roomba 690 working

Edge Sweeping Brush & brush & Cleaning Tool

Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690, on the other hand, N79s has more brushes. Its dual side brushes and four cleaning modes let it clean in places the 690 cannot. The robot has it’s default auto mode, single-room operation, spot clean, and a dedicated edge cleaning mode. The 690 does have auto dirt detection that will switch it back and forth into spot clean mode automatically as needed.

Verdict: From the chart, you will find Deebot N79s with many brushes but without the cleaning tool. So, you should do the cleaning work frequently. Roomba 690 would be more efficient.

Roomba Sweeps corners and along walls


You are not going to find a greater difference between the two robots outside their filters. The Roomba comes with a proprietary AeroVac filter that reduces dust and debris, while the Deebot comes with an industry standard high-efficiency filter for reducing airborne contamination.

Industry standard high-efficiency filter of Deebot N79s

Industry standard high-efficiency filter of Deebot N79s

AeroVac filter

Roomba 690 AeroVac filter

Verdict: When I see this part, I search the difference between those two different filters set. After checking, I find AeroVac filter would be better for house cleaning.

Alexa and Google Compatible

Beyond these ecosystem differences, both robots are Wi-Fi-enabled. That is a huge bonus for vacuuming robots. You can control and schedule either robot remotely from your Android or iOS smartphone. However, you can only use the app with the N79s. The 690 lets you control it using your Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices as well.

Verdict: It is based on your phone operation preferring.

apple google amazon device

Motor Power and Noisy:

Because the 690 picks up more dirt and debris more often, it is noisy. It is best to have it run while you are not home unless you do not mind the extra sounds. The Deebot is quieter but is also less efficient at cleaning your floors, though you can include its suction power by 50% by selecting “Max Mode”.

Verdict: Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690, Roomba 690 would be efficient but much noisy.

roomba 690 working

Considerations of the Deebot N79s Versus Roomba 690

So, which robot cleaner is right for you? Like with most consumer purchases, your choice in a vacuum system comes down to personal preference.

The Roomba 690 is an upgrade from earlier models of the Roomba, making it your choice if you love the iRobot ecosystem. It comes with the same brush and filter system you love. On the other hand, the Deebot N79s feels like a downgrade from the other Deebot models. For instance, the N79s lacks the built-in mopping system.

deebot n79s working

Deebot N79 vs Roomba 690, Which is Reasonable for You?


Both robot vacuum systems offer great value for their prices. Each one will clean your whole home without any issues just like the people’s reviews and recommendation. There are still a few differences between them that sway your purchasing decisions either way. Deebot N79 vs Roomba 690, the Deebot N79s is less expensive overall, but it lacks the features of the Roomba 690. Roomba 690 has many cleaning abilities. You deserved it for your household!

Deebot N79s vs Roomba 690, Roomba 690 win

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