Braava Jet M6 vs. Jet 240 vs. 380T

There is no doubt that you need to keep your house looking a-okay before that party that you have scheduled for your friend and family. But you have a number of other arrangements to make as well. And you have your kids and pets to mess up things for good too. So what can you do to cope with all these things? Well, why don’t you get a robot mop to clean things up for you?

You can mark done on everything else on your to-do list while your robot-mop is taking care of the detailing of your floors. You can also use it for spills in case if you have children and pets at your home. Have something spilled on your floor! Don’t worry, just turn on this little bugger and let it handle all the mess for you.

Robot mops have gained quite a momentum in the market recently because of the convenience that they offer. One brand that has entirely revolutionized the robot cleaners industry is iRobot. There Roomba vacuums are selling like hot cakes. But they also have other robotic cleaners as well Like the Braava series! This series has a range of different robotic mops. Three of the best are iRobot Braava Jet M6, Jet 240 and 380T.

In this post, we have developed a comparative analysis of each of these robot-mops from iRobot. In the end, we’ll see which one of them come out to be the best. So let’s get started!

What’s the difference between the iRobot Braava Jet M6, Jet 240 and 380T?

There are some features that are common in all three of these robot mops. For example, all three of them have dry sweeping and wet mopping feature. Additionally, all three of them are best for finished hard floors. They can mop back and forth and they also come with a maximized-edge construction as well. Furthermore, all three of them are also compatible with Cleaning Solutions from Braava Jet too.

However, the Braava Jet M6 and the Braava Jet 240 come with a precision spray which is not there in the Braava Jet 380T. The 240 has a cleaning head that vibrates and this is not there in the other two models. On the other hand, the M6 also features smart hub integrations and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart mapping, recharging capabilities, and linking technology with Robot Braava Imprint. Apart from that, the M6 can easily handle multiple rooms as well as large spaces. The 260 specializes in bathrooms and kitchens while the 380T is good at handling large rooms only.

Braava Jet M6 vs. Jet 240 vs. 380T Comparison Table

ProductsBest forPriceRuntimeFeatures
Jet M6 Braava from iRobotMultiple-room cleaning$$$$90 minutesDry sweeping, wet mopping,
maximized-edge, precision sprayer,
Wi-Fi & Smart Hub, Imprint Link
Jet 240 Braava from iRobotBathroom and kitchen$$100 minutesVibrating head,
dry sweeping,
wet mopping,
precision sprayer
Jet 380T from iRobotLarge rooms$$$120 minutesDry sweeping, wet mopping, maximized-edge, precision sprayer

Product Review

iRobot Braava Jet M6 Review – Best for Multiple-Room Cleaning

This is your truly ultimate robo-mop from iRobot. This robot is an excellent option for you to consider if you have a large home or have multiple rooms to clean. It is equipped with all the features for automation and it doesn’t need you to oversee it as well. Just set the schedule and let it be.

Very precise jet spray

Te Jet M6 comes with a very precise jet spray that allows you to tackle all types of sticky messes, grease, and grime. If you have to deal with all these masses on a regular basis in your home then this is the robot vacuum that you need to consider.

Learning and adapting from maps

One of the most brilliant features of this model is its ability to learn different maps of your rooms and adapt to the next cleaning session. iRobot has equipped this Braava model with iAdapt 3.0 system for navigation and it is integrated with vSLAM too. Imagine a small Tesla working in your room, but this one doesn’t burn the rubber! You will be able to select different rooms and schedule the cleaning sessions for each of them.

Maximized-Edge Construction

Its construction with Maximized-Edge enables it to do the mopping effectively on the edges as well. This robo-mop can easily clean under your furniture and in those hard to reach places. We think that it is one of its competitive advantages as well because most of such robo-mops are not entirely effective on the edges. But we noticed that this robo-mop did the job very well.

Dynamic Duo

With the Imprint linking technology, this robot mop can work in sequence with Roomba i7. This means that both the robots will automatically clean in a sequence and that is first vacuuming and then mopping. We think that this little feature is very creative. Imagine robots working in your home. This might feel like you are experiencing a Star Wars episode.

What We Like
  • This robot-mop can take care of any grease, grime, and various other sticky messes
  • With iAdapt 3.0 this little gizmo will save the room maps and adapt accordingly
  • It is an excellent option for cleaning multiple large rooms.
  • The cleaner can recharge and then resume on its set schedule.
  • You can use it with a smart home hub as well as using Wi-Fi connectivity.
What We Don't Like
  • This is the most expensive cleaner of all three.


We think that this is the best option for large homes where cleaning needs to be done in multiple rooms and on a frequent basis.

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iRobot  Braava Jet 240 Review – Best for Bathroom and Kitchen

Just like the above, this robot mop also comes with a variety of modes. This is the best robo-mop for kitchens and bathrooms. We loved it because it had most of the features from the M6 and is available in half the price.

Vibrating head for cleaning

This feature is unique to the 260 model from Braava and it can gently scrub the stains and dirt with the help of it. This means that it is going to be a very useful option for kitchens and bathrooms. We really found its vibrating head very useful because it could conveniently handle tough stains as well.

Works well on all hard floors

Another excellent feature of this cleaner is that despite the price it can work well on all types of hard floors. No matter which type of floor you have stone, tile or hardwood, your 260 Braava will work like a charm and get the job done in no time.

Navigates tight corners

Okay, this feature is far better in the M6 but it still works pretty well the 260 as well. Might be not that effective on the edges but it still can navigate pretty close to those tight corners, leaving nothing behind. It also means that if you have a lot of furniture in your home then you need to bring this in for your next cleaning.

Automatic mode selection

The feature that got our attention was the automatic mode shifting based on the job at hand. This cleaner can automatically choose a cleaning mode for itself depending on the surface it’s on. No that is really some smart stuff here!

What We Like
  • The vibrating head of this robo-mop can work on tough stains and dirt very easily.
  • It can automatically choose the cleaning mode for itself based on the surface under it.
  • It is best for bathrooms and kitchens because it has a very efficient cleaning head.
  • This cleaner comes at a pretty decent price.
  • This cleaner also comes with a maximized-edge design which allows it to clean in hard to reach areas.
What We Don't Like
  • It doesn’t support W-Fi-connectivity.
  • Its edge cleaning is not entirely effective.


This is a good choice for you if you want to take care of some business in your bathrooms and kitchens. We also loved its inbuilt mode for virtual limits.

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 iRobot Braava Jet 380T Review – Best for Large Rooms

This mid-priced option is excellent on all types of hardwood floors, tiles, and stones. You can either use the sweep mode or the mop mode. This cleaner is also able to navigate as well. This means that it will work fine even if you have a lot of furniture in your rooms.


When it comes to usability this is probably the best of all three apart from the smartphone integration. You just need to attach a piece of cloth with it. After that, you just need to set the schedule and let it do the work.

Can utilize different fabrics

It is compatible with a variety of fabric. The most effective and useful to work with is microfiber (reusable). The mop can be used with different fabrics. So, finding the right piece of fabric is not an issue at all.

iAdapt 2.0 Mapping

The robo-mop is able to use to adapt the mapping services and generate information this technology is not as good as the first model on our list. It will easily clean different rooms according to the schedule that you have set. We think technology iAdapt 3.0 is much more feasible then iAdapt 2.0.

Turbo charging cradle

This cleaner is able to charge itself fast enough to take off the tasks that are pending. The cleaner can turbo-charge itself as well in types of desperate measures when you know that your guests will be here very soon.

What We Like
  • It can easily sweep or mop and you just have to choose the mode for it.
  • The cleaner can easily clean large spaces and multiple rooms as well.
  • It can conveniently map itself under the furniture
  • This cleaner also comes with maximized edge constriction.
What We Don't Like
  • It is equipped with iAdapt 2.0
  • The cleaner doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The cleaner tends to loose dirt on the edges.


Overall, we think that this is an excellent choice for you if you have large homes. The cleaner easily go under the furniture very easy because of its low.

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How do they meet our needs?

During the test, we noticed that all three of them fulfilled a particular purpose pretty effectively. The M6 is good for multiple large rooms and you don’t have to be at you’re your home to monitor it. This is the best option if you want to complete other tasks in your to-do list. The 260 model comes with a vibrating head and that is excellent for the purpose of cleaning stains or grease.

The 380T works well if you have large homes and spilling is norm because of the kids and pets. All of them are pretty neat products. However, if you look for power-packed performance then go for the M6 model because it is all about performance. On the other hand, the 260 model is more of a less-pried M6 with a vibrating head. If you are looking for the value of your investment then go for the 380T.


All these products from Braava series are exceptional in their own regard. However, if you want to decide which one are you going to buy then you need to have to look at the price and feature combination.

The M6 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity which doesn’t need your overseeing. But there is a drawback because this cleaner is for large homes with a variety of rooms. On the other hand, the 260 is a good price based favorite for those who have tight budgets. But we think that the 380T is the best of them because you will get some more with a bit of saving as well. Yes, there are some features missing when you compare M6 with 380T but they both match also in some areas.

Hope you have found this article very useful. Have you tried any one of these robot-mops? What was your experience? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Happy mopping!

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