Bobsweep vs. Roomba 2019

Bobsweep Vs. Roomba

Welcome to our post on Bobsweep vs. Roomba comparison! These two brands have one of the best lines of robot cleaners on the market. They come with a number of features that can assist in cleaning quick time. But our post focuses on a much bigger question, which one of these two brands is better.

Robot cleaners first came on the scene a couple of decades ago. In the beginning, it was a great idea but it didn’t live up to the expectations. These cleaners were not very efficient and were more of a headache than a convenience. But since the time of their inception robot cleaners have improved a lot in technology.

Bobsweep robot vacuum

Here is a quick fact for you. More than 20% of the homes now feature robotic cleaners. Establishing their popularity most of the people know that Bobsweep and Roomba are two of the best in this category. But all cleaners of this type look very same and it is very hard to distinguish which of them has what to offer.

Therefore, in this Bobsweep vs. Roomba post, we’ll breakdown and assess some of the best selling products from both these brands. It will enable you to understand what to expect from which robotic cleaner and invest accordingly.

So let’s dig right in!

Bobsweep vs. Roomba

Bobsweep vs. Roomba – Which one is better

To put it in simple words Roomba is a major player in the market when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners. It has a wide range of cleaners that vary in price and specifications. For instance, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option then you need to go for the 600 series. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerhouse then you can always choose from the i7 or 900 series.

Bobsweep on the other side is a minor player but it has its own place in the market as well. They focus on low priced robotic cleaners and are more common of a budget-friendly option. Of course, you’ll also have to compromise on some specifications as well. But there are some specific features that Bobsweep has and Roomba doesn’t. For instance, Bobsweep can clean as a vacuum and a mop. But it doesn’t come with navigation like Roomba. Hence, both of the brands have their pros and cons.

If budget is your primary concern then you need to go for Bobsweep. It is pretty efficient in the cleaning process as well. However, if you are looking for those automated, Wi-Fi controlled features then you need to go for Roomba. It will enable you to control your cleaner remotely and you don’t have to be at your home while your robot vacuum cleans for you.

Roomba Cleaners

Roomba 690 – Best for pet hairs

Roomba 690

If you have a pet and want powerful cleaning for a smart living then iRobot presents the best Roomba 690 vacuum for you. The robot Roomba 690 vacuum comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that uses the combination of Dirt-Detect technology with multi-surface brushes and 3-stage cleaning system. They help to clean your floor from smaller to larger debris and other particles.

Additionally, you can alert the robot to work hard on intense areas of dust because it comes with dirt detect sensors. A virtual wall-barrier has a dual mode for extra control over everywhere your robot cleans. It has high efficient multi-brushes that clean all kind of debris and especially pet hairs. On the other hand, it can also clean hard floor and carpets easily and quickly because it automatically adjusts the height of brushes according to surfaces.

Roomba 690

If you want to schedule the cleaning anytime and from anywhere, you can use its app. The iRobot Home App is the best way to access your cleaner for customizing cleaning from anywhere. You can use your smartphones to access the app. Furthermore, you are also able to see the reports of cleaning map. The innovative design of the vacuum robot offers a better way to clean your home.

  • The intelligent sensors automatically adjust the brushes according to surfaces such as cleaning carpet or hard floor.
  • It has dirt detect technology that cleaning all kind of largest to small debris along with pet hairs.
  • The system works on three cleaning stages that clean the particular areas with powerful cleaning.
  • You can schedule the cleaning from anywhere or anytime by using the iRobot Home app from your smartphones.
  • It is not suitable to clean the hard floor because it made scratches on it.

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Roomba 980 – Best for carpet

Roomba 980

Do you want a robot that cleans your entire home clean in a better way? If yes, then Roomba 980 is ideal for you. The Wi-Fi connected Roomba 980 robot vacuum has a powerful cleaning system that automatically enhances the air power more than 10 percent on specific areas such as carpet. You can use it on any type of surfaces such as floors or carpet. It automatically adjusts the height of brushes according to surfaces.

Moreover, it has AeroForce three stages cleaning system that works with powerlifting suction and many surfaces brushes to pick up the debris, pet hair, and dirt. In the dirt-hidden places, it automatically turns on the power boost mode that enhances the air power for cleaning those places. If you have a pet and you think, cleaning your home a very tough work then must purchase the effective robot vacuum.

The visual localization with navigation iAdapt 2.0 assists Roomba 960 efficiently and seamlessly navigates you home. Furthermore, it has a low 3.6-inch profile design and smart intelligent sensors that pull in the hidden dirt and dust. The best thing is … it automatically recharges and starts again, from where it left its works for completing the job.

Roomba 980

  • An AeroForce 03 stages cleaning system works with the powerlifting suction and multi-surface brushes for delivering effective cleaning.
  • The power boost mode robotically improves the air power more than 10 percent where the dirt and dust hides.
  • It automatically re-charges and resumes cleaning for fulfilling the whole job.
  • You can schedule and operate it from anywhere by using advance iRobot Home App that also shows the mapping areas of cleaning and other information.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Purchasing Roomba is an expensive option for you.

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Bobsweep Cleaners

Bobsweep Pethair – Best for hardwood

Bobsweep Pethair

Bobsweep manufactured the greatest robotic vacuum that is full-featured cleaner. This is the most powerful cleaner that is an essential floor care product from dust, debris, and per hairs. The best thing is … it acts as a mop, sweeps, and vacuums. It has filters that filter the hidden dust and debris from the hard floor or carpet. Your purchase comes with CR2 batteries that help you to control the vacuum.

Moreover, it has a 110ml dustbin that holds the pet hairs, dirt, and dust. It delivers effective cleaning on the tiles, carpet, and hardwoods. But there is a catch … it automatically recharges and resumes its working from where it left the job. You can also program the cleaning schedule of 7-days.

The Bobsweep cleaner has TurboLift suction that gives you better cleaning experience while you have dogs and cats in your home. It has powerful filters that easily pull in the fur and hairs of the pet as well as largest to smaller dust particles. Additionally, you can also append a microfiber mop for giving the floor extra polish.

Bobsweep Pethair

  • The manufacturer uses the premium quality material in construction for delivering durable and flexible robotic cleaner.
  • You can also append the soft microfiber for enhances the floor polish and getting great cleaning experience.
  • It has 60 minutes runtime and it automatically recharges and resumes for completing the cleaning job.
  • It has 1100ml dustbin that can easily hold dust, dirt, and pet hairs.
  • It is able to sweep, vacuum and mop the floor at the same time.
  • It does not have a durable battery.
  • This is the super noisy product for cleaning your home.

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Bobsweep Pethair plus – Best for effective cleaning

Bobsweep Pethair plus

If you are looking for the multi-tasking and durable vacuum for your home then the Bobsweep Pethair plus is ideal to purchase. This product is most popular on the market because offers 5-in-1 cleaning technologies. These are consisting of the large dustbin, UV-C filter and light, long brush, and a strong vacuum.

Additionally, the TurboLift suction uses 4 percent more power to pull-in the dust from carpets, laminates, rugs, and much more. It has large 1100ml dustbin that can hold a great number of pet hairs and fur. A UV-C shine on the floor from the bottom side as well as the advance filters eliminates tiny particles.

The Bobsweep plus cleaner has an extra-long cleaning brush that rotates itself to delivers you an enhanced cleaning experience. It has a display screen that allows you to see the cleaning modes, checkup test and much more. Moreover, you can also schedule the cleaning of 7-days. It automatically recharges itself in case of low battery.

Bobsweep Pethair plus

  • It has a full-command remote that allows you to navigate and customizes other cleaning functions.
  • It is equipped with a microfiber mop that gives the floor an enhanced cleaning look.
  • You can also schedule 7-days cleaning according to your requirements because it automatically goes back to the docking station in case of low battery.
  • The Bobsweep plus vacuum has a display screen that shows the current mode and other cleaning functions.
  • The low-quality material decreases the durability of the vacuum.

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Bobsweep vs. Roomba Comparison Table

ProductsBest forTechnology & FeaturesWi-Fi ConnectivitySchedule CleaningCompatible withDimension
Roomba 690Pet HairsAdvance dirt detect, 3-Stage cleaning system, vSLAMYesYes with iRobot Home AppAmazon Alexa & Google Assistant13-inch x 13-inch x 3.6-inch
Roomba 980CarpetTangle-free and edge sweep brushes, Advance dirt detect, AeroForce 3-stage cleaning systemYesYes with iRobot Home AppAmazon Alexa & Google Assistant13.9-inch x 13.9-inch x 3.6-inch
Bobsweep PethairHardwood floorHEPA filter, TurboLift suction, large dustbin NoYes With RemoteNone13.8-inch x 13.8-inch x 3.9-inch
Bobsweep Pethair plusEffective CleaningTurboLift Suction, UV-C filter or light, long brushes & dustbinNoYes With RemoteNone13.8-inch x 13.8-inch x 3.9-inch


As we have established above in the “Which is better” section of Bobsweep vs. Roomba topic, Roomba is tech friendly and Bobsweep is budget friendly. In terms of setup both Bobsweep and Roomba are pretty easy. However, Roomba is just a touch simpler because you don’t need any tools to install its components. But for Bobsweep you will need a screwdriver to install its brushes.

In terms of design, Roomba is much more versatile than Bobsweep because of all the models that feature different technologies. There is a bit of a size difference as well. Bobsweep is bulkier than Roomba because it has larger cleaning bin than its counterpart.  It also takes a lot less time than Roomba when we consider the cleaning cycles.

But with all its models, Roomba lacks in performance department when cleaning hardwood floors and tiles, and Bobsweep outperforms it. However, if we talk about carpets then Roomba’s cleaning performance is far better than Bobsweep’s. Robot cleaners don’t need much maintenance so things are pretty similar between the two brands in this area.

Bobsweep Vs. Roomba

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a robot vacuum go over the threshold dividers in-between rooms?

These cleaners can go over a threshold divider that is up to one inch high. For this reason, all vacuum cleaners have their wheels on springs. If a floor transition is less than half an inch then you robot cleaner can easily go over it. The thresholds that have rounded edges, and are higher than ¾-inch, will cause the cleaner to bounce.

Which one of the two brands is better suited for large homes?

If you have a large home then and most of the rooms feature hardwood and tiles then Bobsweep cleaner is the best option for you. The reason behind that is it provides you with good cleaning performance. Moreover, its battery tends to last for a while and it will easily complete its job in no time because of its large bin. Roomba is a much better option for small homes with more carpeted rooms, here best Roomba review for your reference.

Which one of these cleaners don’t make much noise?

Due to the pump rotation and a combination of brush movements, a robot cleaner can make a very annoying noise that can be as high as a coffee grinder or an alarm clock. If you are looking for a silent robot cleaner then a robotic mop is a good option for you instead of a vacuum. A robotic mop doesn’t use a brush or pump like a vacuum it cleans with the help of a pad for the purpose of sweeping your floors.


The clear winner of this Bobsweep vs. Roomba comparison is Roomba. Roomba is far more versatile in terms of models and you can find different types of cleaners with varying features. Bobsweep offers much better performance results when it comes to finishing the cleaning cycles quickly and being effective on tiles and hardwood floors.

We would say that if you have more carpeted floors then Roomba should be your choice. Moreover, if you spend a good part of your day outside and want to return to a clean home then Roomba should be your choice.  You can easily control it using your smartphone. Bobsweep can’t work like that but is a far better cost-effective option.

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