Best Roomba Reviews 2020

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There is a reason why every household desire a robot vacuum cleaner. Unlike you, they don’t get tired, distracted or bored. They could clean the same spot time and time again without expressing their distaste or disapproval. That is why a robot vacuums are the synonyms to cleaning.

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner has been around for a very long time and instead of backing down, they seem to be getting better at their job. Roomba robots are capable of spotting pet hairs, little crumbs on the floor, and maintaining room quietness while at it.

Although Roomba cleaners are one of the most expensive robot cleaners on the market, their functionality has never left much to be desired. It can be called the best Roomba vacuum cleaner.

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Why is Called Best Roomba? – Further Reasons


In a world where time is the currency, we need all the time that we can get. The dilemma is even more complicated when your job and children come into the picture. Juggling between tasks in a large home can be chaotic. An investment in one of the best Roomba’s vacuum cleaner saves expensive time and afford you the opportunity to utilize it elsewhere.

Takes disability out of the equation

People with disabilities often spend heavily on housekeeping services. To take care of this, Roomba vacuum cleaners can be set to clean your home without getting out of your seat.

Better efficiency

You can never clean with the same efficiency as a robot. Roomba cleaners can capture pollen, pet hairs, and crumbs in a single sweep.

roomba working at home

Surface detection

Roomba cleaners make use of sensors to navigate through floors, stairs, and walls. This feature helps the robot to detect surfaces without tumbling over.

Automatic recharge

Roomba robots have a charging station where it can be recharged anytime the battery is low.

Boundary wall

The boundary wall setting is a feature that is used to keep your robot in check and out of where it doesn’t belong.

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Roomba robots are built to last. If you are diligent with its cleaning, it will last.

Clean away from home

Roomba cleaners can carry out cleaning task even when you are not present. The robot can be scheduled via an app to clean your home while you are away from home.

Unlimited reach

the small round shape of the Roomba robot offers it the flexibility to reach under pieces of furniture with ease.

The ease at which Roomba robots complete task makes it a force to be reckoned with, however, it is not enough to know that Roomba easily takes care of your cleaning problems. There are certain factors to consider if you want to get the best Roomba vacuum cleaner.

roomba working at home

Best Roomba Outstanding Products Review

Roomba 960

roomba 960

Being a product of the 900 series, Roomba 960 features Wi-Fi connectivity, Smart navigation, Edge-sweeping brush, Self-adjusting cleaning head, and modern dirt detection technology. Roomba 960 is designed with two surface rubber brushes that capture, pet hairs, pollen, and dirt conveniently.

  • Compatible with google assistant
  • Has a recharge and an auto-resume feature
  • The Roomba 960 is referred to as the pet-friendly version. However, it’s fur cleaning ability has not lived up to the name.
  • It has a single virtual wall.


Roomba 960 is an exceptional product, however, it has a weak suction power and doesn’t get rid of pet hairs 100%. Apart from that single default, it makes your home spotless.

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Roomba 980

roomba 980

Just as the name implies, it is an upgraded version of Roomba 960. Although they belong to the same class and series, Roomba 980 performs better on your carpet, has a longer battery life, and suctions dirt with more power.

  • Compatible with a smartphone app, Google assistant, scheduling and voice command.
  • Has a recharge and resume function
  • Has a tangle-free main brush that is angled at a convenient height.
  • It has multiple virtual walls
  • Compared to other models, Roomba 960 makes more noise


Roomba 980 performs better and longer than its 960 counterparts. It is suitable for large homes and has an efficient suction power.

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Roomba 890

Roomba 890

This belongs to the 800 series and was released in 2017. Roomba 890 has a running life of about 90 minutes, has a cliff detection sensor that ensures that it doesn’t tumble off stairs, and is compatible with Google assistant.

  • Has a suction power that is five times greater than the older series.
  • Has a patented dirt sensor for concentrating on dirt areas
  • Smart scheduling away from home via Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Three-stage cleaning system allows the robot to capture dirt and hairs.
  • A bin indicator alerts you when the bin is full
  • keeps noise at a considerable level
  • It is considered to be one of the most expensive Roomba cleaners.


Roomba 890 has a memory mapping feature that enhances navigation and is most suitable for owners with large homes and long pet hairs.

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Roomba i7+

roomba i7 plus

This model was released in 2017 and has had a good run since then. It features an imprint navigation system, a brush extractor, and has an automatic disposal bag. It makes use of a lithium battery and has a battery life of about 90 minutes.

  • Advanced dirt sensor for enhanced performance.
  • Compatible with Google and has Wifi connectivity
  • Features a high-performance filter and mobile app scheduling.
  • It possesses ten times more suction power and allows for three-staged cleaning.
  • It has a small capacity dustbin that has to be emptied frequently.
  • It cannot automatically resume chore after charging.


Roomba i7+ is not suitable for large homes, however, it is highly recommended for small homes and pet owners.

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Roomba 675

roomba 675

Roomba 675 is most popular for the navigating sensors that guide it through obstacles, around and under pieces of furniture and down the stairs. Although it doesn’t cost much, the robot packs enough power to carry out your cleaning wishes. The dust bins are easily accessible and have a runtime of about 90 minutes.

  • Users can control the robot via voice command. It supports the cleaning app and one-time scheduling.
  • It is not so expensive, unlike other Roomba cleaners. It easily feats into the consumer budget.
  • Easy to use
  • Performance and capability do not stand at par with advanced models.
  • Does not detect dirt and debris easily.


Although it doesn’t look much, Roomba 675 offers enough functionality for its price.

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Roomba 690

roomba 690

The sleek design of Roomba 690 compliments the home interior decorations anytime and day. Roomba 690 forms part of the 600 series and supports smart scheduling via mobile app, google voice assistant or other voice controlled devices. It has a three-staged cleaning which handles carpets, tiles, or hardwood diligently.

  • It is not too expensive
  • Has a good suction system and picks up unwanted hair and dirt.
  • Voice control enhances its usability
  • Randomness in its movement discourages use. It often misses important spots and doesn’t change direction easily.


Roomba 690 stands tall among robots in the same series. It has a voice control feature and doesn’t cost much. It delivers quality within its range.

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How to Choose the Best Roomba Vacuum?

The size of your house

Robovacs come in different shapes but differ in size. Evaluate the size of your home and its inhabitants before settling with one. Some robot cleaners work effectively within a limited range while some are designed to function in an extensive environment.

Although Roomba cleaners are suitable for cleaning corners and the underside of furniture, the size of the room will determine how extensive the navigation system should be, and the battery capacity.

Additionally, in-house occupants such as pets determine which Roomba is best for your home. Although Roomba vacuum cleaners are designed to spot pet hairs, some excel at it better than others. Before making the final choice for purchase, ensure that the number of in-house occupants is well accounted for.

The floor type

Different homes have different types of floors. It could either be hardwood, carpet or tiles. Some of Roomba vacuum cleaners are better at cleaning hardwood, carpets, hardwood, and some can clean any type of floor. Only select a Roomba cleaner that is able to cater for your floor need without ruining the floor.

Availability at home

Roomba vacuum cleaners are fabricated with cameras, APP control, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to give room for a hands-off approach to cleaning. The scheduling mode allows you to set the timer for cleaning and control the robot away from home. However, the length of the time varies from one robot to another. Your time away from home will determine the kind of robot vacuum cleaner that is best for you. If you spend more time away from home, it is advisable to get a Roomba vacuum cleaner whose timer lasts longer.

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Your budget

This is the most important factor that influences your choice of a robot vacuum cleaner. The standard price range from about $100-$1000. Lower prices attract lower functionality, and higher prices are heavily linked to better functionality. However, there is always a robot that suits your budget.


Most of the times, the latest robot is an improvement of the last. The battery life of cleaners varies, and so you should look out for robots will a stronger battery and longer battery life.

Since the introduction of Roomba vacuum cleaners in 2002, different series and models have emerged, each a replica of the last in design, but different in functionality.

Essentially, Roomba models are round, about 9 cm high, and 34 cm wide. Most are fitted with an infrared sensor for navigation, a mechanical bumper for distinguishing objects and carrying handle.

Before 2016, Roomba had seven generations, each consisting of a pair of brushes for picking up dirt, squeegee vacuum to direct airflow, and a side spinner for sweeping corners and wall area. Each Roomba is powered by a rechargeable and a removable NiMH battery. The third and fourth generation saw an improvement in the Robot’s optical sensors. This feature allows it to detect small and wide debris. They also included an infrared remote control for human control.

Higher-end series like 500, and 800 come with a boundary wall for restricting the movement of the robots. The Roomba series will be summarized under the following heading to enhance better comprehension:

Infrared sensor technology and camera: most second and third generation Roomba series have in-built acoustic-based dirt sensors while the fourth generation Roomba series have optical sensors. This helps the robots to navigate stairs, detect dirt and distinguish between barriers. The sensors are also used to facilitate human remote control.

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The type of brush on your cleaner will determine the range where the robot can clean Roomba cleaners have two brushes that rotate anti-clockwise and picks up dirt and a brush located on the right side for sweeping walls and corners.

Cleaning Modes

Originally, all it took to operate a Roomba is to press a button, however, the introduction of new series saw the addition of different operating modes. The modes are clean, Spot, Max and Dock. The clean mode initiates the normal cleaning, the spot mode cleans a single area, the max mode keeps cleaning until the end of the battery life, the dock mode directs the robot to recharge.

Best Roomba Conclusion!

The Roomba series deliver quality result for users. Each has its strength, weakness, and carries out cleaning effectively. This is why the Roomba series still remains a force to be reckoned with. People love the best Roomba vacuum!

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