Best Roomba for Hardwood Floors Review 2020

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Hardwood floors can really add that appealing look to your home. However, maintaining that appealing look can be a daunting task. Your simple broom is not going to help you at all when it comes to cleaning your wood floors. The reason behind that is you’ll only be able to push around the dirt and dust here. On the other hand, it will take a lot of time especially if you have plenty of furniture.

But have you thought about a robotic vacuum cleaner for this purpose? Which one is best for you? But don’t worry we can guide you on how to keep those beautiful looking hardwood floors as fresh as ever with the best Roomba vacuums. Well, this is where this guide about the best Roomba for hardwood floors will assist you.

So let’s get on with it!

Roomba for hardwood floors

What Are the Features of the Wood Floor?

One of the best features of hardwood floors is that they really add an appeal to your home. They can make it look both luxurious and beautiful at the same time. But there are other benefits that these wood floors have to offer too.

  • You can sweep as well as steam clean them. Of course, the option of vacuuming is always there.
  • They don’t harbor any environmental hazards such as pet dander or dust mites.
  • These floors are very durable and strong. Surely, you can dent or scratch these floors but the chances are very slim.
  • Apart from making them look good, these floors can add value to your homes as well. Buyers will definitely pay more with a wood floor as compared to carpets.
  • Unlike carpets, these floors keep the air quality as it should be and that is healthy for the residents.
  • The best part is … these floors look good in various décor themes too. In addition to that, you can also do refinishing too.
  • And last but not least, they are effective in improving your home’s acoustics and their color will not fade with time.

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Why Does Roomba Work for Hardwood Floors?

Roomba vacuums are so popular in people’s life. The Roomba vacuum from iRobot can be very beneficial for you cleaning these hardwood floors. There are several benefits that it can offer,

  • It can work independently.
  • It will work when you are not there in your home.
  • The cleaner will automatically make adjustments as per various flooring because it knows where it’s going.
  • It can also make adjustments to its cleaning settings.
  • The cleaner can automatically charge, and it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Roomba work for hardwood floors

Best Roomba for Hardwood Floor Products Review

Roomba 890 – Best Vacuum for Pet Hair on Hardwood Floor

The Roomba 890 vacuum is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that you can easily use it with Alexa and easily automate your cleaning jobs whenever you need them. The 890 Roomba has so much to offer. Its power-lift suction can deliver five times better pick-up performance for quick cleaning.

roomba 890

There is a premium quality three staged cleaning capability that loses, lifts and sucks dust, dirt, and debris very effectively. If you have pets in your home then the 890 Roomba is the best robotic vacuum for you. There are multi-surface dual brushes with rubber in this cleaner. For this reason, it can easily make adjustments to remain in contact with the floor. Furthermore, its highly efficient filter can capture up to 99% of pollen and allergens.

roomba 890 in box

  • The 890 Roomba features a power-lift suction system that can deliver an improved picking power.
  • It has three staged systems that can lose, lift, and suck all the dirt from your floors in no time.
  • The rubber brushes of this vacuum are multi-surfaced. Therefore, they can stay in contact with your hardwood floor for a highly efficient cleaning job.
  • Its sensors are capable to work on high concentrations of dirt.
  • You can easily program and schedule a cleaning job remotely with the help of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • It can also automatically dock and recharge after 90 minutes of operation.
  • With Cliff Detect your Roomba 890- will not fall off stairs or tumble over.
  • It is not that great with tight corners.


Overall, the Roomba 890 is an excellent robot cleaner that will do your cleaning jobs very effectively. Though it is not that good in tight corners it still provides you with plenty of conveniences. By the way, if you are interested to read more Roomba products comparison, you can check Roomba 877 vs. Roomba 890!

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Roomba 960 – Best Vacuum for Tight Corner of Hardwood Floor

The 960 Roomba is another option for you that can deal well with pet hair and is equally good on hard floors and carpets. Slightly expensive than the previous entry, this robotic vacuum also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Hence, it can work with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa.

roomba 960

Like the 890 Roomba iRobot has also equipped this cleaner with power-lift suction. Furthermore, the 960 Roomba has iAdapt 2.0 system for navigation that is backed by vSLAM technology. With this feature, this cleaner can easily clean the entire level of your home with ease. It is only 3.6-inch high which means it can work under your furniture without any issue.

roomba 960 with route

Therefore, the 960 Roomba handles the only deficiency in our previous entry in a very effective manner. The multi-surfaced brushes along with triple staged cleaning also feature in this cleaner. Moreover, it will automatically recharge itself and start working on the job again.

  • This cleaner features iAdapt 2.0 with vSLAM which allows it to navigate effectively even within tight corners.
  • Its power-lift suction system is highly effective for efficient cleaning jobs.
  • The triple staged cleaning and multi-surfaced brushes can work well to get rid of dust, debris, and dirt from your hardwood floors.
  • It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and you can control it remotely using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • The cleaner can automatically recharge and start working on the cleaning job immediately.
  • With only an additional feature the price of 960 Roomba gets higher as compared to the Roomba 860 cleaner.


If you compare it with the Roomba 890 then 960 Roomba has only one extra feature that it can also work in tight corners. However, this extra feature raises the price quite significantly. If handling tight corners is your first priority then the extra price is going to worth it.

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Roomba 690 – Best Reasonable Price Vacuum for Hardwood Floor

This is one of the best options for you if you want a robotic cleaner at a decent price. The design and construction of Roomba 690 are going to compliment your floor and home décor very well. This robotic vacuum features a mode for creating a virtual wall barrier. Hence, it will clean with total control.

Roomba 690

The triple staged cleaning process is in this cleaner as well so it is more of a standard feature. Just like the Roomba 890, this cleaner also has dirt detectors to work more on high dirt concentrations. It will also self-dock and recharge after 90 minutes of operation. The Wi-Fi connectivity will allow you to connect it with your Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa too. Here is still more information about Roomba 690 compare to other Roomba products.

roomba 690 working

  • If you are looking for a better price option then the Roomba 690 is the ideal choice for you.
  • It comes with a standard triple staged cleaning mechanism.
  • The cleaner can self-dock and recharge after 90 minutes.
  • The dirt detectors are highly effective in a high concentration of dirt.
  • It doesn’t come with rubber brushes with a dual-surfaced mechanism so the efficacy of the cleaning process will be slightly affected.
  • It doesn’t work well in tight corners like Roomba 960.


The Roomba 690 is the best choice robotic vacuum for those people who have the price on the top of their priority list. It comes with all the standard features of the Roomba series but doesn’t work well in the tight corners.

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Roomba 880 – Best Small Cleaning Schedule Vacuum for Hardwood Floor

The best thing about the Roomba 880 is that you get to choose whether you want to buy filters along with a replenishment kit with it or not. In terms of features, this cleaner is very close to the Roomba 890. With iAdapt technology, this cleaner can provide you with multi-room coalmining.

Roomba 880

It will easily clean up to 3 rooms in one schedule. There is a virtual wall feature as well. The standard triple staged AeroForce technology makes an appearance here as well. Its tangle-free operation can prevent the clogging of debris and hair with ease.

roomba 880 charging

Here is more information about Roomba 800 series comparison such as Roomba 880 vs. 860 for your reference.

  • You can also buy three extra filters along with a replenishment kit with your cleaner.
  • It comes with AeroForce and iAdapt technologies as well.
  • The cleaner can take care of up to three rooms in a single schedule.
  • There are extractors in this cleaner that can prevent those nasty debris or hair clogs.
  • It is not equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and for this reason, you cannot control it remotely.
  • The cleaner cannot clean an entire level.


If you are looking for a balanced combination between simplicity and sophistication then this is the Roomba that you want to buy. It doesn’t offer you the entire level-cleaning but will do three rooms in one go.

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Buying Guide for Choosing Best Roomba for Hardwood Floor

Now there are different types of Roomba vacuums available on the market. As there are a number of options, choosing the best one becomes an irksome task. However, you need to keep one thing in mind that the high-end Roomba cleaners come with all bells and whistles and for this reason; they will have a high price tag as compared to their low-end counterparts.

Therefore, we have developed a list of some key features that you need to consider before buying your best needed Roomba for the hardwood floor.

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There are different types of Roomba vacuums. There are robotic vacuums, robotic mops, and robotic vacuum mops. In vacuums, there will be a suction system that will suck up the debris or dust. For spills or pet urine robotic mops can be very handy. On the other hand, for taking care of dust, debris and spills robotic vacuum mops will come in handy.

Design & size

Most of these Roomba vacuums match each other in terms of design because they have a round shape. Where they vary from each other is size both with respect to the footprint and the height from the floor. Most of them will have a varying floor height between 3-inch and 4-inch.

The ones that are below 3.5-inch can work their way under your furniture as well. Of course, when it comes to footprint then you need to look for an option that is sizeable. Anywhere between 13-inch and 14-inch will be very useful.

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Intelligent navigation system

Some Roomba vacuums also come with intelligent navigation features. These are very useful if you have a lot of furniture in your home. There are intelligent sensors in these cleaners that allow the vacuum to make its way around or underneath the furniture without any issues.

With some cleaners, you can either program these navigation controls while others come with automated self-navigation capabilities as well.  This feature is going to be very helpful when you need to leave your house for a while and want your cleaner to do the cleaning until you return.

Number of brushes

Most of the Roomba vacuums come with 2 or 3 brushes within their brushing system. The main roller brush is there for lifting the debris and dust towards the suction system. Additionally, there is a side brush that is there to sweep hair and dust along the edges as well as the sides of the main roller brush.

Suction power

This is not an issue at all. If you are using your Roomba cleaner on the hardwood floor then there is enough suction power in all the models to do the cleaning with ease. However, if you want to see the best results then, of course, you need to go for a powerful suction system. If you have children or pets and your floors get very dirty real quick then you will need a high suction power otherwise you can settle for a lower one as well.

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Remote smart control

These days you can easily integrate all most all the appliances in your home with your smartphone. This feature allows you to remotely start the cleaning job if in case you forgot about it when you were home. The programmable feature will come in handy in this scenario as well.


Price has always been one of the keep aspects when buying something and the same goes with your robotic vacuum cleaner. With more features the price increases. Better suction power also contributes a lot in this scenario. The level of smartness also has a huge role to play in determining the price of a robotic cleaner.

The sophistication of programmable and remote controlling features is also there. Some of the cleaners can clean your entire house while others can only do one room. All these factors contribute to determining the price of a robotic vacuum.


To sum it all up, the Roomba 890 is the best Roomba for hardwood floors. It not only comes at a very convenient price but also has some excellent features. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and for this reason, you can control with Alexa too.

If you have pets in your home then this cleaner is best for your hardwood floors. The best part is that it can also work on carpet areas of your home. There are sensors in this cleaner that allow the cleaner to work hard on high traffic area in your home with high concentrations of dirt.

Happy cleaning!

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