Top 5 Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Review 2020

Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Review

It’s the 21st century! Nobody does the hectic manual cleaning anymore. Thanks to the modern vacuum cleaners that now come in various forms, designs, and sizes ranging from the handheld to the stick to the upright to the robotic vacuums, and so on. One salient problem that most vacuums have solved is the problem of dust, pathogens, and dander raised during cleaning, and this is made possible through the use of the HEPA filter system.

Not all vacuums come with the HEPA filter, but those who have, are quite more efficient for air purification. However, selecting a HEPA-activated vacuum for your cleaning purpose could be demanding. Not to worry, this best HEPA vacuum cleaner review answers all your questions about the best HEPA vacuums 2018 – 2020 for allergies on the market.

Hepa vacuum

Why Do You Need HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

Wondering why you need to particularly select a HEPA-activated vacuum? Here is why:

  • To keep dust trapped within the vacuum
  • To prevent pet dander and other airborne pollutants from flying around your apartment
  • To keep allergic people safe from allergens and dust
  • For efficient air purification
  • To kill pathogens and viruses

Best HEPA Vacuum Specification table

WEIGHT4.23 POUNDS19.4 POUNDS15.5 pounds15.5 pounds10.5 pounds
WARRANTY1 YEAR1 YEAR2 years7 years5 years
CLEANING ACCESSORIESLED LIGHTS, 2 x Spinal Brush Roller, wall mountCrevice Tool, Power Adapter, floor nozzle, air flow adjuster.Extension Wand, Hose, Tool BrushTruePet Mini Motorized Brush, extension wand, HoseExtra Brush roll, extra paper bag

Top 5 Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Review

1. Comfyer Cordless Stick Vac (Best HEPA Vacuum for Bare floors)

1. Comfyer Cordless Stick Vac

This amazing Comfyer cordless vacuum is one of the few stick vacuums that can transform into a lightweight handheld HEPA vacuum in the blink of an eye, and still perform optimally. It is designed to reach all parts of your home, thanks to its extension hose and other features. Its highest selling point is that it has good suction and washable anti-allergen filter that makes it suitable for bare hard floors, without scratching the floor surface.

washable anti-allergen filter

Key Features

Strong Suction Power

You want a jack-of-all-floors vacuum that is easy to maneuver? Here is your vacuum! It has a commendable 8kpa suction power that makes it efficient for all kinds of floors spanning tiles, hardwood, linoleum, etc. and bare floors particularly.

Strong Suction Power

Dual Design

In order to give you maximum cleaning performance, this vacuum is designed to function both as a handheld vacuum and a stick vacuum without losing suction. It comes with extension materials such as a wand, hose and other accessories to give you access to areas of your apartment that are difficult to reach.

180° Brush Head plus LED Lights

Another reason why I love this vac is that, when used as a stick vac, it is convenient to handle. Its brush head can rotate 180° to give you enough cleaning. More so, there is an attached LED light that allows you to use it at any time of the day, even in dark corners.

180° Brush Head plus LED Lights

One-Button Dirt Release

Do you hate to touch dirt? I do too. That’s one of the reasons I chose this Comfyer Cordless vac. With its one-button dirt emptying system, you don’t have to touch the dirt bin. Just a push of the button and the dirt bin empties its content by itself.

What We Like
  • Useful for cleaning multiple floors
  • Quite lightweight. So you can use it for prolonged cleaning
  • The time of the day isn’t a factor. The LED light helps you clean anywhere ANYTIME!
  • No cord hassles
  • Has a strong 2200mAh Li-ion battery that lasts long
What We Don't Like
  • Not good for light floor surfaces
  • Its dirt bin of 0.21L is too small for extended cleaning.

2. Vacmaster 8 Gal Vac (Best HEPA Vacuum for Dry and Wet Cleaning)

Vacmaster 8 Gal Vac review

Rightly named, this vacuum is the master of all mess. It is inexpensive, efficient and recommendable for both dry and wet cleaning. Unlike most other vacuums, this HEPA-activated vacuum performs the job of a dry cleaning vacuum and a wet cleaning vacuum at the same time! It is also the best HEPA vacuum for mold.

Vacmaster 8 Gal Vac

Key Features

4-Level Filtration

Very few vacuums come with a multi-filtration system. In addition to the HEPA filter, this wonderful Vacmaster has an exhaust filter, a fine dust filter bag, and a microfiber pre-filter. No dust, substance, dander or particles get a chance to escape!

4-Level Filtration

Dual Cleaning

To get the best of cleaning, this vac allows you to do both dry and wet cleaning with one device. Despite its modest price, it does the job of two different vacs together. Plus, it comes with sufficient accessories for the purpose.

Extra Large Dirt Tank

To cover for its dual cleaning, this vac leaves no stone unturned. You don’t have to empty again and again. It comes with a whooping 8-gallon size dirt tank both for containing dry and wet cleaning. Depending on how frequently you clean, the dirt tank can serve you for about three or more cleaning trips before you have to empty it.

Extra Large Dirt Tank

Two-stage Motor Suction

The Vacmaster has enough suction power for stubborn dirt, sticky stains, liquids, and tough stains, among others. Thanks to its double stage suction level. You can regulate the suction to switch from soft wet cleaning to tough dry cleaning.

Two-stage Motor Suction

What We Like
  • Gives you enough value for your money
  • Does a good job keeping dust away
  • Efficient for tough stains
  • With the size of the dirt tank, you have no worries about emptying again and again.
What We Don't Like
  • Too heavy at over 19 pounds
  • Emptying it could get messy
  • Its accessories are expensive to replace
  • A little difficult to move around

3. NILFISK Canister Vac (Best HEPA vacuum for Deep Carpets)NILFISK Canister Vac

If you are a lover of canister vacuums with a HEPA filtration system, a high cleaning performance, and a low noise level the HILFISK is recommended for you. While you do not often find NILFISK products as top picks, this best HEPA canister vacuum blazes the trail as far as indoor vacuuming is concerned. It is definitely one of the best canister vacuums out there known for strong suctions.

Key Features

Multi-Stage Filtration

For tough cleaning, we must admit that sometimes, HEPA filter isn’t just enough. The NILSFIK canister vac covers up with an extra filtration system involving the paper bag and the foam filter.

Multi Stage Filtration

Sturdy Build for Tough floors

The physical outlook of this vacuum gives you the assurance that it is strong, and that it will last for a good number of years. Thanks to its special large wheels, steel makeup, etc that makes it suitable for cleaning all kinds of floor surfaces especially the hard ones. The wheels particularly make the vacuum ride over deep carpets smoothly.

Suction Power

This master of deep carpets comes with an amazing suction power for cleaning deep carpets and thick rugs. Its 8.7amps battery provides more than sufficient suction to suck up the tiniest dirt in your carpets and rugs. Plus, it never loses suction and has a commendable lifespan.

Suction Power

What We Like
  • It is very strong and durable
  • It produces very little noise because of dB 53
  • It is your go-to vac for cleaning deep carpets
  • Has a sufficient paper bag capacity of about 4 gallons for detailed cleaning
  • Produces very little noise (53dB)
What We Don't Like
  • Close to 17 pounds, the weight is a challenge for many people.
  • Not good for light carpets. You might want to try out another vac for that purpose.

4. Shark Rotator NV 752 (Best for Multiple Floor Surfaces)

Shark Rotator NV 752

For an efficient and strong HEPA vac, your best shot is the Shark Rotator Lift-away NV 752. It is specially built to be used by all classes of persons irrespective of age. It comes with a caddy for rolling, and this gives you the option of rolling it or carrying it yourself. You can also regulate the suction level to suit your cleaning purpose, all with one single button. It is one of the best HEPA vacuums for pet cleaning.

best HEPA vacuums for pet cleaning.

Key Features

Suction Power

The NV752 is known for its improved suction power of 280AW and 1200amp motor which gives you sufficient pressure to clean for about nine minutes at Max suction mode and much more when used in the Low suction mode.

Suction Regulation

Some vacuums with powerful suction like this Shark often have difficulty with low carpets because the suction level is too much. Your Shark rotator gives you options instead. With the aid of a single button, you can switch suction from low to medial to max suction, depending on the floor surface in question.

Suction Regulation

Triple Filter System

In addition to the HEPA filter, you get two more filtration systems, which are the foam filter and Felt Filter. Dust, dirt, and dander have no chance to escape the vacuum back into your home.

Triple Filter System

Swivel Steering plus LED lights

Do you want a vac with LED lights? You just got it. The Shark rotator has lights for cleaning at any time of the day, situated on the brush roll which can also turn about 180° to give you maximum access.

What We Like
  • Good suction for all floor types
  • Suction can be adjusted for adequate control
  • Its indicator light helps you to know when it’s time for a recharge.
  • The extra filter makes it doubly safe to use for people with breathing problems
  • It does much cleaning at a time. Thanks to its wide brush roll.
What We Don't Like
  • A little too weighty
  • It makes a ton of noise

5. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vac (Best HEPA Vacuum for Soft Carpet)

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vac

Vacuuming light and soft carpets could be a nightmare with many other upright vacuums because they leave marks on your carpet, that become more visible over time, causing your carpets to wear off quickly. The solution to this problem lies in the Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum, the best-sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner. It is specially designed to address all stains and dirt on your light carpet.

5. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vac


Key Features

Ultra Soft Brush Roll

Until you actually use this vacuum, you would keep wondering why it stands out as the best vacuum for your light carpets and rugs. The secret lies in its unique soft brush roll. The brush roll is built to be extra soft and supple on your carpet surface. The brush surface plunges deep into your carpets, upholstery, and rugs to dig out hidden particles of dirt. With this type of brush surface, no debris has a chance to stay in your carpets and it doesn’t leave marks on your floor.

Ultra Soft Brush Roll


Full Bag Indicator

The Sonic Soft Carpet Back has an extra touch of sophistication which is usually characteristic of robotic vacuums. With your Sonic Carpet Vacuum, you get to know when the bin bag is full. The vacuum automatically stops working, rather than spilling back the dirt on your floor.

Full Bag Indicator

Power Saver Motor

Another added feature of this vacuum that is uncommon with many other vacuums is that the motor is designed to minimize power consumption. This implies that you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill as far as this vacuum is concerned.

Multi-Speed Sonic Cleaning Tech

Perhaps one of the reasons I’m a big fan of this vacuum is its amazing speed. You just got back home and you find your apartment messy, with the Sonic Soft Carpet Vacuum, you can do a quick grab-and-clean of about five to ten minutes depending on the size of your home. It is super fast!

What We Like
  • It gets your cleaning done in no time
  • Saves the cost of operation
  • For deep carpets and rugs, it is second to none
  • No scratches! The brush is amazingly soft
  • Lightweight and easy to roll at just 10 pounds.
What We Don't Like
  • Could begin to develop technical faults after three to six months of active use.


I personally do not fancy vacuums without the HEPA filter, and I’m sure you don’t too, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this review. HEPA vacuums are your best choice if you have pets that shed a lot of hair with offensive odor, or a room full of dust, or a home with an individual with the slightest breathing difficulty. If you are not sure which one to choose, consider the options discussed already. You could check out the Shark Rotator for multiple cleaning, or the Comfyer cordless stick vacuum for its efficiency and low cost. They will definitely give you the safest and best cleaning outcome. Clean safe!

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