Best Central Vacuum System: A Comprehensive Review

Best central vacuum system

Indeed, clean and dust-free homes don’t only look pleasing but also keep you away from health problems. In this modern world, most people do not waste their energies on cleaning and want to invest their time in a productive way.  Of course, taking out ample time for using traditional vacuum might seem an arduous task, particularly in big homes. If you also want to spend your precious time around your family or in a productive way, then installing the best central vacuum system is not a bad idea. It provides full access to you without lugging the conventional vacuum cleaner from one room to another.

Let’s find out more in detail about the top 5 best central vacuum systems.


central vacuum system

You must have heard the names of ducted or built-in vacuum which is similar terms for the central vacuum system. It is basically a handy machine that fits in your house permanently and prevents you from any fuss.

These are the most powerful central vacuums that get power from the central vacuum powerhead or central motor. The motor of the central vacuum systems has a connection with the tube that fits in the walls of your house. In each of the room, the suction port meets the tube ends, which then join with the different accessories.


central vacuum system installation

Although thinking about the installation of the best whole house vacuum appears to be an impossible mission. However, this is not the case as experts install the vacuum system in less time without giving you any hassle.

Furthermore, the installation of best home central vacuum system does not damage the walls of your house. Another feature that makes it worth buying is the power of the vacuum system. These vacuum systems transport ample power taken by power units. You can always trust these best built-in vacuum systems for sucking out the dirt and debris from your home.

Best Central Vacuum System Comparison Table

Central VacuumsBest forWeightHEPA FilterCoverageCFMAir WattsBin capacity
Prolux CV12000Overall30 lbsYes12000 sq. ft.150400Bagless
OVO Vacuumdifficult to reach areas27 lbsNo9000 sq. ft.N/A70035L
NuTone PP500Small areas20 lbsNo4000 sq. ft.N/A50022.7L
HP 9880Versatile surfaces21 lbsYesN/A1005013.7L
VacuMaid Gv50proVersatile cleaning30 lbsYesN/AN/AN/A26.5L

Best Central Vacuum Systems

Prolux CV12000 Review – Best Overall

Prolux CV12000


Prolux is one of the most reliable brands in the market for providing superior quality central vacuum systems. Yet, it is here to offer its customers another improved CV12000 central vacuum power unit.

If you’re living in a big house, don’t worry about getting tires while cleaning the home, this machine will clean the area as large as 12000 sq. ft.

The top of the line feature of this vacuum cleaner is its 3 step filtration method. Below filter is the washable filter it only has. In this way, it eradicates pollutants and allergens from the environment. By the way, the HEPA filtration system filters fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.  If you’re not suffering from allergy then you can remove the filter to get powerful suction.

washable filter

This vacuum cleaner is built-in with the Amtek 2 stage motor with the power of 150 CFM while the exhaust muffler minimizes the household noise. The clear view box allows you to see through the bagless dirt chamber and lets you find how full it is.

You’ll save the cost of filter replacements by washing the filters instead of changing them.

What We Like
  • For making it last for more years, the body is made of steel
  • Covers large area, up to 12000 square feet space.
  • 25 years of warranty in case of wear and tear.
  • 10 years motor warranty.
  • Washable filters.
  • Unlike other vacuum cleaners, it still comes at the nominal price for all the features it provides.
What We Don't Like
  • The air watt of CV12000 power unit is a bit low and not as expected.


All in all, the vacuum power unit is the UL certified and gives off excellent power to catch dirt and debris from your house.

OVO-700ST-35H ReviewBest Central vacuum for large homes

OVO-700ST-35H central vacuum system

Another manufacturer in our list of the best rated central vacuum is OVO. This central vacuum cleaner appears with the powerful 2 stage motor that is able to render 700 air watts and water lift of 14 inches. With a power of 140 inches water lift, this vacuum machine can take on an area of 9000 sq. ft. In this way, it becomes the most suited central vacuum system for homes of 9000 square feet.

In addition, for increasing the longevity up to 20% the soft technology in this OVO-700ST-35H vacuum system.

OVO-700ST-35H powerful central vacuum system

Don’t worry about using it for long hours because it comes with a heat protection feature that will save the motor damage from overheating.

Keep on cleaning unless you see a LED status for full bin capacity. The LED status will tell you when you’re required to take out the machine for maintenance or when you need to change the filter.

The bottom load mechanism allows you to easily clean the 35-liter dust bag. A quieter and efficient motor along with extra padded noise-reducing foam won’t allow the cleaning a nuisance for your child and pets.

quiet central vacuum system

What We Like
  • The hybrid filtration system helps in improving the quality of fresh air in your home.
  • Large bin capacity.
  • You can install the debris canister anywhere on the drum so that you can easily dump it.
  • Quiet operation.
  • With heat protection technique, it reduces the chances of overheating it.
  • Washable filter.
What We Don't Like
  • It lacks proper low voltage wiring.


In short, the quietest central vacuum by OVO allows you to perform household chores without disturbing anyone.  So, if you are looking for such kind of central vacuum system, then it is probably the right option.

NuTone PP500 PurePower Review – Best vacuum for low noise-cleaning

NuTone PP500 PurePower central vacuum system

You can never go wrong with the PP500 unit as its robust yet subtle pure power 500 air watt central vacuum. Not just it is of superior quality, but it also appears with the replaceable bag of 6 gallons. Like other central vacuums, it also possesses a bypass cooling system that does not let the motor seizure happen.

To help you get rid of allergens and unnecessary dirt, there is a potent filtration mechanism. The PP500 can clear up to 4000 square feet of area with its 2 stage motor to produce suction power.

NuTone PP500 PurePower multi-function

The wall mount bracket allows you to easily hang it without the fear of falling down. You won’t need any professional to install this machine.

The low-noise operation with 65dB works without the need for the muffler to control the sound.

What We Like
  • It does not disturb you from its noise since it creates very low acoustic sound.
  • The brand uses promising materials to extend its life span and durability for up to several years.
  • The disposable bag has to be empty after 5-6 months.
  • For protective mounting, this PP500 central vacuum includes a bracket for a wall mount.
What We Don't Like
  • The large debris can clog the filter.


All in all, it is a central vacuum unit with a good build with a strong suction motor. Therefore, PP500 is the machine that everyone wants to buy.

HP Dirt Devil 9880 – Best central vacuum system for RV

HP Dirt Devil 9880 central vacuum system


Looking for the most affordable central vacuum system which also gives all the possible features! You are in the right place because HP Dirt Devil 9880 is another versatile central vacuum system. It not only cleans your house efficiently but also contains an expandable hose of 7 to 35 inches. The extended hose allows you to reach every corner of your room.

Also, the flow rate of the Dirt Devil central vacuum cleaner is up to 100 cubic meters per feet. It also comprises of especial heat protector to ensure the safety of the motor.

HP Dirt Devil 9880 central vacuum system motor

The compact design is made with the intention to serve the space-saving purpose. Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning when you’re on the go because it comes with accessories that include 10-inch rug tool, dusting brush, crevice tools, upholstery tool, and mesh bag.

On top of everything, the company has got you covered with its 5-year warranty program.

What We Like
  • Despite all the spectacular qualities, the HP 9880 is still coming within your budget.
  • This central vacuum system is, no doubt very reliable and durable at the same time.
  • You can get lots of accessories in the package, unlike other vacuum cleaner brands.
  • It is not overly sized vacuum system but has a compact design.
  • Make RV’s life easy
  • No need to buy a separate muffler for noise reduction.
What We Don't Like
  • It might be a bad idea to opt this for small houses.


Without any doubt, from the construction to motor power, it is one of the most versatile central vacuum systems. So, it is the right time to choose the right thing for you.

VacuMaid GV50PRO – Best central vacuum system for garage

  VacuMaid GV50PRO central vacuum system

It works on the same principle as any clothes dryer. For a reason, it segregates the heavy particles to secure the suction motor and engulf the debris. In comparison with other central vacuum units, Ametek lamb motor is hefty, which ranges 5.7 inches.

The use of steel and Galvannealed steel makes the body rust-resistant and free from corrosion for a lifetime. With its 7-gallon capacity bin, you can go on and on to clean all your home, your car and your garage without the need of emptying the dust bin.

  VacuMaid GV50PRO central vacuum system cleaner

Through the use of its 5-layer filtration system, it picks up to 99.98% of fine dust particles.
Thanks to its innovative design, you can mount it over the wall easily without the fear of tipping over.

Various accessories like a 50-inch hose, caddy, dusting brush, hanger, and upholstery/floor tools make the cleaning easy. Rest assured your product is covered under the 5-year warranty program.

  VacuMaid GV50PRO multi-tools

What We Like
  • Extended motor life up to 5000 hours.
  • 7 color options to choose from.
  • Cutting- edge technology makes the air quality better.
  • The dirt storing drum is of large capacity so that you do not have to empty it quite often.
  • For adding more convenience to clean your home, it comes with hanger bracket that installs easily.
What We Don't Like
  • The size of the engine is small, and at times, do not work efficiently.


Keeping everything in view, we can say it the worth buying central vacuum system because of the top-notch quality it offers. Additionally, you can get everything you want in one vacuum cleaner by Vacumaid.




The question of choosing the central vacuum or the normal vacuum cleaners might also pop in your mind. Therefore, we are here to resolve this discrepancy as to make it easy for you to select the one. In this regard, the first thing that helps you in making the right decision is the budget that you have set. Again, it depends upon the requirements and your comfort.

The central cleaners help in preventing the recirculation of dust particles that is nearly impossible for the normal vacuum cleaners. In this way, you do not have to worry about filth resting around the house.

central vacuum system convenient cleaning

Another world of a difference you can notice is the power that strongest central vacuum offers and normal vacuum system do not.

Often the top central vacuum systems have the capability to capture 5 times more dirt than that of the normal one. On the other side, central vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly more convenient option than traditional vacuum cleaners.

For a fact, it saves you from unnecessary fuss. Also, it is a safe way to clean. Besides this, the central vacuums comprise of filters that you can wash and replace when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Else I Need to Buy Together with the Central Vacuum Unit?

There are a variety of accessories you require just like the traditional vacuum cleaner which serves different purposes. The tools that you can buy to improve the performance of the best central vacuum includes upholstery brushes, floor, and dust cleaning kits.

The first category is the hard floor accessories that you may want to pair up with the central vacuum cleaner. For cleaning carpets or stairs, the top central vacuum can combine with the mini electric vacuum.

How long does central vacuum last?

The life expectancy of the central vacuum depends upon how you handle or use it and which brand you buy. The average life of the best rated central vacuum systems is almost 30 years. The most important aspect to remember is to repair any part of the central vacuum cleaner as soon as possible.

If you notice anything wrong in the vacuum cleaner, call the experts to fix the issue for you. You can also maintain its longevity by changing the belt whenever it’s broken. Another point to mention is to unclog the hose of the vacuum cleaner whenever there is a need.


 Method for separating dirt:

In central vacuum cleaners, you will find two dust separation techniques, which include cyclonic and filtered ways. The convection vacuums also have these kinds of dirt separation methods. In the cyclonic method of separating debris, there is no use of filters instead at high-speed machine rotates the air. In this way, dirt particles get free from the clean air. On the contrary, the former filtered method has a container or bag attached that store the debris.

Check the house size:

Yes, it is also another factor that you have to choose rightly to get the best central vacuum. The central vacuum cleaners come in various sizes to fit in a specific range of houses. Thereupon, for selecting the appropriate vacuum size have a look at the suction inlets, powerheads, and the amount of power generation.

According to the experts’ advice for a home of 3000 square foot, you require at least 3 suction inlets. If you have 2 inlets on each floor, then there is no need to have a suction inlet in each room. In addition, the motor of this type of vacuum cleaner must have powerful suction to prey all the dirt particles effectively.

house size

Price of the central vacuum cleaner:

There is a common misperception that the cheap central vacuum system does not perform their job well. However, this is not the criteria in the selection of the central vacuum cleaner. As the worthy option for you must be dependent upon the top-notch features, it offers rather than the price of it.


After reading this write-up, we are sure that now you will not find it difficult to make a suitable decision. Obviously, it is a matter of choice when you have to get the best vacuum cleaner, and you have various options. As discussed earlier, the central vacuum systems can make your household chores easier and the most useful machine.

In our view, the Prolux CV12000 stands first in the top 5 central vacuum systems. We are saying this because it is appropriate for all good reasons. This brand makes sure whether it is the build or the speed of the motor; it elevates your cleaning experience.

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