Top 5 Best Apartment Vacuum Cleaners Review 2020

Best Apartment Vacuum


Are you living in an apartment and looking for the best apartment vacuum? Here we will help you to purchase a compact and budget efficient vacuum for small to medium-sized apartments. Many brands of vacuum are accessible on the market and all are different in terms of price, features, floor type, size, weight, and other accessories.

Additionally, recent vacuums have engineered with enhanced technology of cleaning and digital motors. These innovative vacuums captured small debris to the largest debris. The apartment vacuum cleaner is a great way of cleaning your home because they pull in dirt, dust, pet hairs, and more easily.

Lets more scroll down for more details about the best apartment vacuums for the apartment living.

Best Apartment Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Table

ProductsBest forNoise LevelSuction PowerWeightCup/Bin/Tank CapacityAttachments
Shark Rocket Corded VacuumUltra-Light70 dB12 kPa8 pounds0.42 quarts cupCar details Kit and micro tools
VonHaus Handheld VacuumPortable96.5 dB18 kPa5.6 pounds1.3L tankCrevice tool, small brush, shoulder strap, and adaptor
Black & Decker VacuumCordless91 dB6 kPa6 pounds17 oz. binFloor extension, brush tools, charging base, nozzles,
Dyson Absolute VacuumOverall75 dB10 kPa5.88 pounds0.53L tankCrevice tool, combination tool, V1- digital motor
iRobot Roomba-890 VacuumWireless60 to 70 dB12 kPa8.4 pounds0.76L tankCleaning auto-adjust head, 3-stage cleaning system, brushes, dirt detect sensors

Top 5 Best Apartment Vacuum Products Reviews

1. Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum– Best ultra-light Apartment Vacuum

Shark manufactured the best lightweight vacuum for us. The weight of this vacuum is 8 pounds that allows us to clean our apartments easily. It easily converts into a hand vacuum so; we can get the floor to ceiling cleaning. Additionally, we can use this vacuum for cleaning our car’s interior as well because it comes with a car detail kit. This kit equipped with multiple micro tools that clean the dust also from the smallest space.

Moreover, fingertip control makes it easy to use. We can easily switch it according to our cleaning type. For example, if we want to clean our apartment carpet, we can use that specific tool as well as a hardwood tool for cleaning the hard floor. The best thing about the Shark vacuum is that its compact design makes it easy to store in a dual way. We can store it at the bottom of the bed as well as mount it onto the wall securely.

What We Like
  • It comes with swivel steering that cleans dust around furniture easily.
  • We can store it in two ways such as mount onto the wall and store at the bottom of the bed or anything else.
  • Furthermore, the fingertip controls also us to switch its cleaning mode according to our requirements such as cleaning for carpet or hard floor.
  • It comes with a kit of Car Detail that has multiple micro tools for cleaning tiny particles from small spaces as well.
  • The combination of orange and gray color enhances its look and comes with 25 ft. cord length.
What We Don't Like
  • Poor customer service decreases its value.


Shark manufactured the best lightweight vacuum that uses 4.2 AMP and wattage is 500. We can also use it as a handheld vacuum because it is a convertible vacuum. It comes with 25 ft. cord length, which allows us to clean around the furniture, in the car, and anywhere we want. However, Shark is not providing great customer service that decreases its value.

2. VonHaus Handheld Vacuum– Best Portable Apartment Vacuum

VonHaus manufactured the best handheld vacuum with a user-friendly design that offers 6-metre long and power cord. It has smooth action wheels for effortlessly maneuvering around furniture and corners. Additionally, we can transform it quickly and easily from a vacuum to a handheld vacuum. There is a push button from where we can convert it into a handheld compact model.

Moreover, other plentiful features enhance its functionality and performance. It has highly efficient brushes that clean the floor with the combination of the wheel. In addition, the crevice tools create an airflow that makes it easy to reach on the hard places such as around the furniture and corners. The bag-less design comes with a 1.3L dust tank that makes it easy to empty the chamber.

What We Like
  • It is equipped with an enhanced HEPA filtration system that pickups tiny particles and avoiding them from re-circulating in the region of the room.
  • VonHaus Stick vacuum is small but big on the power that is ideal to clean the apartments quickly and easily.
  • We can convert this stick vacuum into a compact handheld model according to our requirements.
  • The user-friendly design makes it compact and offers a 6-meter long power cord that easily moves around furniture.
  • We can also use multiple accessories such as brush accessories for enhancing the functionality and performance of it.
What We Don't Like
  • VonHaus vacuum heats up quickly that decreases its durability.
  • It does not work properly on the carpets.


VonHaus designed 2 in 1 vacuum that works like a stick and handheld vacuum. The suction power of the stick vacuum is 130 watts and we can extend its handle for our ease. This is ideal to clean our hardwood floors of apartments. Moreover, lightweight construction and HEPA filtration system enhances its durability, reliability, and usage. However, it works great on the hardwood floor but does not pick dust or tiny particles from the carpet.

3. Black & Decker Vacuum– Best Cordless Apartment Vacuum

Black & Decker is one of the most famous and trusted brands that manufactured reliable and innovative products. The lithium-flex stick vacuum is also the best cordless vacuum product that Black & Decker presented for us. Additionally, multiple accessories are accessible from the market that enhances the functionality of it. The ultra-compact design vacuum offers an 18.9-ounce capacity of the dustbowl.

Furthermore, it has 4 ft. the versatile hose that allows it to reach easily on the high shelves, tight spots, and more. We can also change the head of the vacuum to convert it into another model likes a handheld vacuum. The suction power of the Black & Decker vacuum is about 24 AW. Moreover, cyclonic action rotates dirt and dust away to keep the performance maintain from the filter.

What We Like
  • The company uses lithium-Ion battery on the vacuum where cell capacity is 1.5 and the charge duration is 4 hr.
  • It is equipped with multiple components. These components include a crevice tool, filter, charging base, nozzles, and brush tools.
  • The dustbowl and filter are easily washable that keeps our vacuum more durable and reliable.
  • This is best cordless vacuum that comes with an ultra-compact design that offers 4 ft. versatile hose for cleaning high shelves, tight spots, and more.
  • It comes with a charging base where we can charge the vacuum that is ideal to clean stairs, pet hairs, stairs, and other upholstery.
What We Don't Like
  • The charging unit and battery are not working long lasting.
  • The capacity of the dustbowl is very less.


The Black & Decker presents the best cordless vacuum that makes it the ultimate portable vacuum. We can extend the hose according to our cleaning requirements such as high shelves, tight spots. It is equipped with a powerful 20V lithium-Ion battery that extends the vacuum. Due to the washable dustbowl and filter, it is easy to clean and use this multi-functional vacuum.

4. Dyson Absolute Vacuum– Best Overall Apartment Vacuum

Dyson manufactured a more powerful and absolute vacuum that offers plentiful useful features. This versatile designed vacuum test to ASTM F558 and as a result, this is the best cordless stick vacuum on the market. Additionally, Dyson uses Cyclone technology that uses 14-concentric cyclones. It can work for more than 1 hour when it works as a non-motorized tool. It cleans our apartments instantly because it has a powerful battery,

Furthermore, the battery of an absolutely designed vacuum requires 3.5 hours for charging. This best apartment vacuum cleans hardwood floors, high shelves, carpets, stairs, tight spots around furniture, and much more. Because the digital Dyson V10 motor picks up fine and rough dust from multiple floors. In addition, we can transform it into a handheld and stick vacuum according to our cleaning requirements.

What We Like
  • We can use Dyson multi-functional vacuum to clean cars and homes quickly and easily.
  • It has powerful digital V10 motor spins at more than 125000rpm that pick up tiny particles from the hardwood floor, high shelves, and carpets and around the furniture.
  • Dyson vacuum has a drop-in docking station from where we can charge our best apartment vacuum that has more than 1-hour runtime.
  • It has three power modes that you can choose according to the cleaning type such as carpet or floor.
  • The bin capacity of the vacuum is 54 liters where it can keep fine dust as well as large debris.
What We Don't Like
  • This powerful vacuum is the most expensive purchase.


Dyson manufactured the best apartment vacuum that has an innovative filtration system to clean the hardwood floor as well as carpet. We can use it more than 1-hour continues but we should keep one thing in our mind that it requires a minimum of 3.5 hours for charging. Moreover, this is the much expensive purchase for use as compared to other product but it offers plenty of useful features as well.

5. iRobot Roomba-890 Vacuum– Best Wireless Apartment Vacuum

Roomba-890 vacuum by iRobot is the best apartment vacuum that works with the combination of power-lifting suction and three-stage cleaning system. These two powerful elements enhance their performance by picking up large debris from smaller particles. It shows its best performance on the carpet, hard floor, high shelves, cars, and much more.

Moreover, it has engineered with a more efficient filter that captures pollen, micron particles, and 99% of allergens. The best thing about this product is that we can use Google Assistant and Alexa voice command. By using these commands, we can control cleaning through a vacuum with the iRobot Home app. We can also monitor and schedule cleaning sessions.

What We Like
  • It has dirt detect sensor that alerts the vacuum to work hard on the targeted areas of dirt,
  • Roomba vacuum is equipped with dual rubber brushes, which effectively pull in dirt, dust, large debris, and pet hairs without tangling.
  • We can use iRobot Home app in our smartphone for scheduling and monitoring cleaning through Roomba vacuum.
  • The combination of powerful suction and cleaning 3-stage system enhances its performance, reliability, and durability.
  • There is no need to worry about its charging because it automatically goes to the docking station when the battery of the Roomba vacuums low.
What We Don't Like
  • This cordless vacuum connects to a 2GHZ router only and could not connect more than 2GHZ.


iRobot presented the best apartment vacuum because it offers WiFi connectivity. For that reason, we have to install the iRobot Home app in our smartphone for controlling, monitoring, and scheduling cleaning. Nevertheless, we need a 2GHZ router in your home because it only connects with a 2GHZ router and could not connect with more than 2GHZ router.

Our Top Picks for Best Apartment Vacuums

Best ultra-light: Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum

Lightweight vacuum comes with car details & swivel steering”

Best Portable: VonHaus Handheld Vacuum

“Comes with multiple attachments to clean hardwood floors

Best Cordless: Black & Decker Vacuum

“Compact & cordless design enhance its performance”

Best Overall:  Dyson Absolute Vacuum

“Absolute style cleans dust from carpets and hard floors”  

Best Wireless: iRobot Roomba-890 Vacuum

“Premium cleaning system with WiFi connectivity, ideal for carpet, pet hair, and hard floors”

Buying Guide for Picking Best Apartment Vacuums

Vacuums can be a blessing for you if you have kids or pets in your home. If you host a lot of gatherings of family and friends, these appliances can work for you like a charm. Apart from that these appliances are also good very useful if you like to maintain and detail your homes frantically. But there are so many different types of vacuums and a huge number of brands as well. Finding the right one can be very difficult.

Some of them make a lot of noise or are too heavy. Others come with so many or so few accessories. Yet others feature bins that are very troubling to empty. Then, of course, you need to think about the size of your living space as well. If you live in an apartment, a high capacity vacuum is not going to work for you. On the other hand, if you live in a large apartment then buying a compact vacuum would be meaningless. You also have to closely consider the types of floors you have in your living space because there are vacuums for carpets and hard floors as well. Some of them work on both floors too.

Depending on the size and number of rooms or convertible rooms, there are different types of apartments. There are studios/alcove studios, convertibles, flex convertible, triplex/duplex, railroads, and garden apartments. They all vary in sizes and space they have to offer for daily routine activities. For instance, an upright cleaner is going to work very well in a studio or a junior 1 bedroom apartment. IF you have a large-sized apartment then you need to opt for a canister vacuum. If you are looking for a powerful flow rate then a canister vacuum would be a good idea instead of an upright.


The winner of this roundup is iRobot Roomba-890 vacuum. This vacuum offers us WiFi connectivity, which we can control with our smartphones by using iRobot home app. It has dirt detect sensor that automatically captured the dirt from the targeted areas. However, other brands also offer plentiful cleaning features that can pick up large debris to smaller debris from high shelves, cars, hardwood floor, carpets, and more.

We can choose a cord or cordless vacuum according to our requirements. We can also enhance the performance and functionality of the vacuum by purchasing its accessories.

Have you used one of these vacuums for cleaning your home or car? Hope this article will help you more to choose the best apartment vacuum. For further assistance, please feel free to ask by commenting on the below session.

Happy cleaning!

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