About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Trunks, one of the founders of Homedorks and I’d like to say thank you for dropping by. Having graduated from a technologically oriented university, I together with my friends develop a great interest in high-tech things. In all our spare time – when not working for corporate bosses in coding – we blogs, reviews, and digests all things home robotics.

Like most consumers, I always pay attention to reviews before buying something especially the product is worth more than a hundred dollars, I’m pretty sure a lot of you do the same thing. With the development of high-tech, my interest about high-tech vacuums, electric-toothbrush etc are growing and in order to save you time looking for different products for the different purpose, that’s why I build this site with my friends. Homedroks is a new site for new industries which are gradually changing the living style of us. It was created to fill the void of information, quality reviews, and industry news analysis that existed within the niche area of high-tech vacuums. As an emerging consumer market, Homedorks is frequently jumbled in with new technology. It is dedicated exclusively to different appliancation for personal use. We aim to be the number one source to guide customers who are looking for the latest relevant information about home.

How can we help you find the right household product?

Actually, there are a number of sites out there present things in an easy-to-digest form to the customers so that there is no need to waste time reading hundreds of pages worth of reviews on different sites.

However, some of them like ConsumerSearch and TopTenReviews which are the top ones don’t focus on one product niche, if you are looking for something specific or comparisons and review of something similar you may find that it helps a little even though they write reviews on a broad range of products and even services.

Well, what makes us different from the two above is that we focus on popular household products in the market, I’ll feature the most famous type found in the market here. Looking for something for a specific need? Like vacuum cleaners for pet hair, hard floor, upholstery or stairs and so on, we’ve got you covered.

All the detailed reviews, no matter positive or negative are from verified buyers sharing both the strengths and weaknesses of the product after using that will help a lot to a potential buyer. You may curious how the process accomplished, well the first step is going to Amazon to gather the top rated products then narrow it down according to popularity and average rating. The product has to have more reviews than others. After that, I combine the most similar two or three to do comparisons. Then write down individual product reviews basing on the combination of factors – usability, build quality, battery life, charge time, warranty, consumer rating, customer service, and price. So the strengths and weaknesses of each household product can be carefully dissected, from there help customers make a decision on which is better for them.

In here you’ll find comparison charts for the needs listed above that lists the features side by side along with the warranty so you don’t need hit the back button often to compare.

Last but not least

We hope to create an ultimate guide for household products that will help you choose the right product that will fit your needs. We would be honored if you became a fan of our site, shared it with your friends, and followed us however you prefer.